Love Poems About Falcon or Falcon Love Poems
by Rollo West |
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A Rose

A red rose whispers of enchantment And the white rose reveals the depth of love O, the red rose is like that of a falcon, And the white rose is symbolic of the dove. But I send you a cream-white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For our love that is purest and sweetest Has a kiss of desire on our lips.

by Arthur Vaso |
Categories: art, christian, philosophy, religious, spiritual, wisdom,

Victor Buhagiar

a man of wisdom
strong and with love
soft words
have reached me
a man
to be listened too

The archer murdered
The Maltese falcon born
take care of all

by Tony Bush |
Categories: life, loss, lost love, love, universe,

You-Shaped Hole

There is a you-shaped hole in my life,
And nothing I can do to fill it;
She sits as a cardboard cut-out in the room,
Black as space, twinkling critical stars
Studded, blinking in her outline.
A peregrine falcon flies across the sun,
And is gone,
As that sun implodes, turning black
In the fabric of time,
Comets trail-blaze and die out
Beyond the visible frame.
The you-shaped hole just sits with
An eyeless stare, full of emptiness,
Infinite cosmos of useless parallels,
Universes impotent with saturnine debris.
It speaks in volumes of silence,
Wastelands of verbiage,
And in the end as I look
Becomes my own reflection.

by Maureen Mcgreavy |
Categories: appreciation, bird, poetry,

Haiku, I Love U

raven falcon dove
                      inks on the wing plumed unplucked
                                   alight on the page


Composed for James Edward Lee Sr's
Haiku, I Love U

by Mike Martin |
Categories: conflict, daughter, destiny, emotions, goodbye, leaving, life,

Let It Go

Show your love and let it go
Show your ego and confine it
For your love it shall return
For the latter not so likely

Like the falcon on my arm
The swing out in the park
Just like a sailing boomerang
Or a cradle in the dark

When the hare outruns the fox
The cubs don't get to feed
Like a fortune to a fool
Driven only by his greed

Like the clouds release the rain
Like the tree, its seed to grow
Like the bird on fallen wing
Show your love and let it go

by Diana Bosa |
Categories: beauty, love, magic, romantic, true love, words, write,

Fragment From a Russian Fairy Tale

No word can tell, no pen can describe the
beauty of my one true love, 
Finist the Falcon.

by Lara Wash |
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The Hooptie King

My Dad gave us a car that was
Clean, clean, clean
Yeah it was old but it drove
Like a Cadillac and had a shine like over pressed slacks

We always had wheels to go to and fro
Because the Hooptie King kept us out of the cold

Our cars weren’t new
But four wheels
Beat two shoes

We had a convertible, a Studebaker with
Continental doors
Moms drove a little white Ford Falcon

Pops was a roadrunner and I guess 
He figured we’d be one too
So he provided us with love, a house 
And plenty transportation
To do what we had to do

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: nature

Thinking of a Face

lover number one thinking of a face my love reaches great heights .... I am the falcon lover number two bowed in purity my ceremony of tea I give willingly there is peace to the falcon as he sleeps upon my breast ***The face of whom lover number one speaks can not be visualized by the reader. Rather only by the two lovers, who know what she looks like. So, it remains a haiku within a haiku, an enigma somewhat. Mar 4 2011 for Debbie’s haiku/tanka contest

by Robert James Liguori |
Categories: appreciation,

Captain America's Team

A man with a star on his chest and a star on his shield...
Is he fictionous or is he for real?

He goes on missions with his friend Bucky
They fight for our freedom and always get lucky.

Their nemesis is the evil Red Skull
Experiences with him never are dull.

Coming to aid is the brave Falcon,
Fighting with cap all of the seasons.

Then there is agent 13; the lovely Sharon Carter
She's the love interest of Cap, and a little bit smarter.

And the leading agent is the colonel Nicholas Fury
He's always up for adventure and part of the story.

So many people, all part of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Real or not, they are all part of the deal.

by Jason Williams |
Categories: cute love, engagement, love, marriage, nature, proposal,

Rolling Hills and Winding Road

Rolling Hills and Winding Road
by Jason Williams

A year ago you brought me here.
On tippy-toes I kissed your ear.
We laughed and played, and in the sun,
you took my hands, we danced and spun.

We laid together, side by side.
We watched a falcon way up high.
It was our favorite place to go,
the rolling hills and winding road.

The calmness and serenity;
this place is home for you and me.
A year ago you brought me here.
A year ago I held you dear.

And now were back, I’m on my knee,
and asking you to marry me.

by V P Mahur |
Categories: imagery, lost love, love, love hurts, sad love, sorrow,

What You Do

You come into my eyes 
Like a dream of angels
You drop from my eyelids
Like the leaves of orchids

You come into my lips
Like the song of chirps
You drop from my rhymes
Like the tyranny’s regimes

You bacon me from the horizon
Like the voice of a baby falcon
You steal me of my deep breath
Like an earthquake’s hot wrath

What you do is beyond limits
Like the sun ray’s gold splits
What you create is out of reach
Like a wise man’s new preach

by Robert Coles |
Categories: death, faith, life, love

They Wait To Consume You

I see it in you, waning, in broken pieces everyday,
That fall away and you let them,
Sun soaked diamond chips
Like broken chimes on a marble floor. 
This silence produces an ominous screaming,
A falcon circling in the dry desert sun
Gliding on imaginary air
Screaming the anticipation forth,
As the last piece delicately falls
He dives to his prey.
You cannot hold yourself together.
Pray that I will.

by Tim Smith |
Categories: freedom, love,

To Yearn

Long, how the warm winds blow
Entwined in rich almond tusks
Goodness sets her gaze
Nuzzled amongst the cherry blossom
And early morning's blaze

Known, a free flown falcon
Rising without the clouds
Abreast to the horizon's
Daring red feathered chest 

Yearn and I shall yearn
Melt, for fierce passions burn

by Maureen Mcgreavy |
Categories: bird, giving, perspective,

I Can'T Help Falcon In Love With You

severed pigeon wing
                                       at my door

                                   gift from above

(true story)

by Jacob Smith |
Categories: emotions, girlfriend, love, together,

I Know a Girl

I know a girl. 
A girl with a head of golden fire, 
And eyes like silvered sapphire.
Her smile is shining,
Her laugh is lightening.

I know a girl. 
A girl wild as the storm, 
A mote of smoldering passion. 
She will never conform, 
Her heart soars like a falcon.

I know a girl that's captured my heart, 
I know a girl I'll never part.

by Patrycjusz Kopec |
Categories: fantasy,

Essence of Wonder

The nest of rods of light grows through celestial abyss
Their love can only be compared to love of mother giving a child her kiss
They are theory of everything they are bliss
Grown to the heavens from primordial sup that they do reminisce

Final is the essence of the soul
And contradiction of this statement makes it grow beyond control
Beyond divine is the soul
It is not judged and inspires all and whole

The orb of light 
In that spirit is delight
Like falcon in flight
Depth and immortality of that spirit makes the celestial mist shine bright

by Justin Debrosse |
Categories: art, love,

Lover's Dance

My citadel of commerce
Composed for pleasure
Is prudent in every weather

Archetypes of romance prance
Through billowy meadows together
Absorbing sunlight to roam
Like a rainbow summer day

You are outstretched to believe
Filling verdant memory
And lucrative thought
Our bastion ever engrossed

This is how we fell to us
You, incapable of rust
I was brave enough to reach
Stormy banks on fuming seas

Praying with the mantis
Animals advance knowing threshold
While admiring your migrant beads

Come back to the palace
A feast prepared thoroughly
Sacred for the falcon evening
Grateful we bow and eat

by Johnette Loefgren |
Categories: love, passion, universe, , cute,

Obession Is Your Name

I used to be so wonderful

of golden hair and eye,

an eagle or a falcon 

was not comelier than I,

  I often flew to foreign lands

on wings of colored light,

I used to execute my plans,

and always make things right,

but now the universe has sworn

to break my heart in half,

I gave you night and early morn,

and still I hear you laugh.

what will it take to make you mine

and stop this burning pain?

I drown it all in dregs of wine,

obsession is your name!

by Stephen Frazier |
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Cupid's Fallen Arrow

In just a few seconds it was supposed to hit. 

Flying gracefully in the air sure not to miss. 

It's heart shaped tip sent spiraling through the air,

causing much love to the couple it hits,

rendering them into an endless paradise, 

where only that couple exists. 

Allowing them to experience the endless joys of love. 

Except this time something went wrong. 

Cupid's arrow just plain dropped.

Dropped out of the air like a falcon on a dive, 

and hit the ground like a bomb from the sky. 

Just short of the couple that the arrow was supposed to hit. 

Yes, that's right cupid's arrow does miss.

by Debra Moss |
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Love Is Like a Rose












by David Drowley |
Categories: animal, bird, death, fate, food, life, sky,


I love my diet, rich in protein,
Of snakes, squirrels, doves, and rabbits most lean.
I tell you this, and I am on the square,
Furry mammals delight beyond compare.

The swiftest, sleekest raptor in the sky,
I soar wide, circling with the sharpest eye.
As feathered death I swooped upon my prey,
But the rat found a hole and got away.

As Taloned Fate I still search and survey,
For careless critters to feast on today.

by Chantelle Cooke |
Categories: adventure,

Wild Wisdom Roars

The lioness prances as a falcon capturing prized family prey blood mists as melting rose petals royal caramel true love her heart a ruby clock her darling dance dreams clouds clap through trees beating night mighty queen King blazing liquid light passionate paws scythe fangs knife claws the lion glides as a ghost stars and full moon hush through cool night protecting his constellation cubs strutting lion crowned by jeweled forest March 23rd 2024