Love Poems About Equestrian or Equestrian Love Poems
by jay del fierro |
Categories: adventure, imagination, love,

Riding the air,to my lady fair....

As I gallup my steed
amongst towering elm and snowy birch
jump hurdle like equestrian
over fallen cedar and trickleling brook
in urgency I ride return
bursts of wind the sod does fly
'neath thundering hoofs from spurred flanks
my hard charger senses my determination

My lady fair,why do I think of you so
why does yesterday crowd my mind
my heart does so ache with expectation
I ride blood rushing madly
oblivious of such dangerous travel
thoughts of you like vision mirage
dangling in front of me
the faster I ride,the faster you run
my head lowered on windblown mane
behind the snorting steam of steed....

I ride my fair maiden