Love Poems About Enchantment or Enchantment Love Poems
by Lu Loo |
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Secrets of Passion

The sheets beneath the shadow lights a spark, for whence we laid down he nestled his head. Our enchantment lights magic in the dark, but so much is spoken with words unsaid. For love can be given without a sound, and received within the silence of night. Freely nurturing with touching, profound, nevertheless understood without sight. Let us keep the secrets of passion calm, yet exalt beyond the whisper of breeze. Free from apprehension and busy qualm, longing for our souls to be hushed with ease. For as long as we remain free from sound, our mystical romance will be unbound. ~28 April 2016~

by Nicholas Windle |
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Summer of Enchantment

Warm evenings have that lazy feel,
As the sun sets upon the day.
An orange ball suspended,
As all cares now swept away.
The exotic smells in the perfumed air,
That lies heavy all around.
Mimosa now that in full bloom,
As its branches drape the ground.
Do you ever look at the sky?
As the stars come out at night.
When you’re held by that someone specials arms,
And don’t want to say goodnight.
Though no spoken word is  uttered,
As eyes gaze into eyes
It’s said there windows to the soul,
Mere feelings can’t disguise.
Love can just be fleeting,
With precious thoughts we steal.
And in that brief encounter,
We know that it’s for real.

by Linda-Marie Sweetheart |
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"Enchantment - Duo-Rhyme" brilliant beams of Sunlight cascade to orange aura marmalade enhancing love while blooming new beneath cream skies of patent blue sprinkling words sweet as dawning's dew two turtledoves in wings which coo fond melodies caress adieu' in magic moments rendezvous frolicked in fields of heather's hue fake hearts faded to vapor's view soft silver stars shed tears parade enchanted moonlight mist charade'. *For Andrea Dietrich's Duo-Rhyme Contest

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: angel, beautiful, beauty, blessing, emotions, feelings, love,

Enchanting Whispers

Enchantment of this soul 
breathing inside the magic aroma.
Under the hawthorn bush a fragrance lingers 
appearing out of thin air my dream 

Lunar circle turning over earthern thoughts
a strawberry cream moon softly whispers 
Under the green turf you are held solid diamond 
the beauty of midnight tolls 

Growing all over the castle walls ivy emotions
gripping feelings cotton soft slippers hold a print 
Embracing cold stone warmly clinging onto chambers walls 
Transforming kisses tenderly inside the heart and soul

by Sally Eslinger |
Categories: desire, imagery, light, love, moon, music,

Spring Enchantment a love poem

Spring Enchantment (a love poem)

As wisps of clouds creeped
overhead before a storm moving quickly east,
the moon lay down his vanilla beams 
to dispel the darkness hiding our bared feet — 
set side by side — romantically
touching for warmth, for love, for eternity,
hopefully, to envelop us, like the coming rain
in our lives’ thundering, combined heartbeats
…joined into those duets passion will release
all about from the great springs of yearning.

(c) s.y. Eslinger 3/2024
Thanks be to God——

by Mohammad Yamin |
Categories: love, passion, night, night,

I Love You

In summer night when the sky is blue
When in hearts passions ignite
When the clouds shower a sprinkle or two
When desires brighten the darkness of night

When in the skies the stars wink
When butterflies sleep and night bird’s awake
When fountains flow with serenity’s drink
When the sound of breathing, the silence break

When thoughts are dressed in colorful gowns
When the breeze is pregnant with love’s fragrance
When the time in the lake of enchantment drowns
When in ecstasy the whirling Sufis dance

When my soul in agony of despair writhes
When swords of loneliness are out of sheaths
I care not whether false or true
Whisper in my ears, “I love you”

by Nancy Jones |
Categories: love, nature, peace, time,

When Time Stands Still

Leaping in barefoot abandon
Soaring every which way from Sunday
Laughter effortlessly exhaling cool breezes.

Lounging on nature’s lush carpet
Silhouette illumined by carefree serenity 
Lapping up rays and shining them back

Licorice sticks and crackers and brie
Sweet plumpness of kiwi and mango and peach 
Licking ripe juices off contented grin

Long luscious showers in waterfall glory
Swirling delightfully playfully pure
Lingering loving caresses of freshness 

Last blush of daylight’s electrical charge
Sunset yields gracefully generously kind
Lights flicker syntax where space enfolds meaning

Lay here beside me
Savor my dream
Let my enchantment touch yours

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: baptism, beautiful, flower, heart, love, magic, star,

Bounces Over and Back Sweet Music Sings

Thee sweetest lily and flower of Eden’s garden growing wild and free 
held under this enchantment where the daises circles around gold 

Flower of hearts where there shades of apple blossoms pink 
dazzling the night under the teardrops of angels deeply unfold petals 

Within a black satin velvet sky twinkling centre of stars your beauty outshines 
with piercing diamond light inside a halo you are crowned perfectly regal 

Princess of the starlight gaze faraway holding a dream enveloping an echo
enchanted by the magic you spell one in a thousand whispers

by Eve Roper |
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Pleasures of Tender Love

Pleasures Of Tender Love confection for the sweet a taste of delight if only I could show you the pleasures of tender love that shines like golden honey caramel apples aureate strewn across the heavens of cotton candy on ole buttermilk sky set it free from its trap in the terminal enchantment blanket of pea soup fog into the clean crystal clear wet river and quench the thirst to the taste and pleasures of deep warm, tender love like wealth of blushing candy apple red and rainbow colored flowers seasons of warm and cold like silken sheets as they drape and cling tightly to our embrace 7/25/2015

by Minerva Ochoa |
Categories: allegory, devotion, love, passion, song-

A Lament

Your cold lips,
Your frozen Figure...a sad emotion you expelled.
I touch your shape, trembling at the source.
Modeling away to my cheeks.
At sunrise we slept,
At midnight we loved.
The stars and the clouds draw us layouts of dreams,
an enchantment,
our elixir of love.
Hands slept in our grave, a singing hymn.
We drank each other's memories.
We danced until the moon was put to sleep.
Covered ourselves with petals of Rose, 
Bare to the despair, the sun presented.
Decaying, and never growing old.
We fulfill these lavender caresses everyday.
Immortals, will will always love.
We will always be together...
Lovers in time.
Vampires in a dream,
A reality to me coming true.

by Paul Callus |
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A Moment In Time

When true love comes unexpected
Knocking gently on the door
And I open, then you enter
I stand spellbound on the floor
There is light that blinks and flickers 
While the shadows dance around
Every heartbeat rhythmic music
Every breath heavenly sound.
Should I move or break the silence
Take your hands, look in your eyes?
I dare not disturb the moment
Where profound enchantment lies.

Sponsor: Rhonda Johnson-Saunders 
Contest: Name Your Most Romantic Poem of 2014
Placed: 3rd  

Contest: Men Only (April 2014)
Sponsor: Kelly Deschler
Placed: 4th

[Published in Kavya Kishor, Bangladesh ~ 25 April 2023]

by Courtney Courtney |
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total enchantment
 the time I shared with you
 long past the times, few

by Sukmawati Komala |
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One Drop

One Drop

to a melancholic heart
one drop of love 
are blooming roses
arouse enthusiasm
sing thousands heart’s desire

in silent decending
of its sparking beauty
lay away veiled senses
imply enduring tranquillity

glorious fragrance
exclusive enchantment 
benign smile

one drop 
to reach life’ s abundance

wish i could just have
my only one

one drop of love

Sukmawati komala 
04 February 2013

by Rick Parise |
Categories: adventure, faith, inspirational, life, love, nature, uplifting,

Atop the Mountain

_ __ ___ Overwhelmed in webs of silken light with crystal dew dripping beneath each hue of azure, emerald and citrine melt amongst the tree's For worry, has now gone, replaced with colored strands surreal breaths of enchantment, as I reach for felicities hand A soul of liberation, a thought to ponder within.... for my poetic song I have abandoned, to fly silent across the land ___ __ _

by Star Light |
Categories: heart, inspirational, love,

Loves First Kiss'

Precious times.. 
of each moment... to moment
Grasping.. True Love unfolds... 

Times... Treasures of Love
Sweet First Kiss' beholds
as so shall our Hearts speak 
deeply unto each other
"I will be yours.. will You be mine?"

Precious moments... beholds
Enchantment Heart-lights.. 
True Love.. Grasps
Bonded forever 
since.. Loves' "First kiss"

Yes… my Darling.. 
"I will be Yours.. will You be mine?"

by Rollo West |
Categories: love, rose, red, rose,

A Rose

A red rose whispers of enchantment And the white rose reveals the depth of love O, the red rose is like that of a falcon, And the white rose is symbolic of the dove. But I send you a cream-white rosebud With a flush on its petal tips; For our love that is purest and sweetest Has a kiss of desire on our lips.

by Padmore Agbemabiese |
Categories: loss, lost love, love,

After You Were Gone

after you were gone
your presence manacled my soul and lingered
long on the streets of my conscience

caught on desolate fields of loneliness
silence and tears remembered
the beauty you created

your absence was felt on the breast
of my memory and the air I breathed
jammed at its doorways 
and death looked me in the face
and my eyes wept for your return

in the hearth of desires
your enchantment remained a lingering shadow
in every whisper on steep slopes of hope and I cried

every lip prays for the resurrection of our souls
and at the village square 
steps wait to see us walk our chiefly walk again

by Jay Del Fierro |
Categories: adventure, life, love,

Only a Moment....

I'm always close.....
.......i'm always near
no need to fear,my darling dear
even as I ride on seperate continents
long distance's just a matter of geography
just know...
that the farther apart we may seem to be
more space is now clear for you to feel free
my sacrifice for you to assure safety and peace
hopefully,one day,i'll be rewarded release
but in the mean time,I battle,for your love is true
security for the whole,lady fair,is what we do

A moments passing,only a moment
everlasting will be our delights enchantment.....

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: hope, i love you, longing, relationship, voice,

I Do I Will

I’ll wait an eternity to hear
The simple words ‘I love you’
But don’t ask me to live a day
Without the warmth of your eyes
The tenderness of your touch
The sweetness of your lips
The enchantment of your voice

March, 2018

by Star Light |
Categories: inspirational, love, love,

As Love Whispers ---- I Love You

As in times
Love comes softly
Whispering my name
Sweet softness 
Of Beauty to behold

Love melodies 
hearts engage
Never grows old
Stays always Strong

Wanting more Time 
to hold-on
Making Moments Long
Love lives Forever 

grasping hold
treasures unfold
Times truth... Prevails
Enchantment... set sails

Love encounters
Entwines never fails
Two hearts… 
Two souls... binds

Man & Woman
True Love endures
Love Whispers words
             “I Love You”

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: celebration, joy, moon, romance, summer, sunshine, vacation,

Inner Joy

Varicolored smoke bombs, at a three generation celebration,
Splendors, rest and excitement, on a sun drenched vacation,
A heart bursting with song, love following wherever you go;
And the return to raptures, beneath a multicolored rainbow!
Fragrant flowers opening wide, their petals to gold summer,
And a moonlit tango enchantment, on ebony edges of slumber.

Written on 6/5/2021
For: ALL YOURS (Jun 7) Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Brian Strand

by Brian Strand |
Categories: poetry, word play,

Quatorzain the Name

on the verge of love,
mutual discovery unveiled
in their secret world;
lips to lips ,sealed,
hearts in passion pound
ardour's whispers sound;
need unchains desire,
pleasure's fever fans a fire,
each flame thrusting higher;
in duet's crescendo choir
realisation exceeds hope,
promise, with trust elope;

enchantment metamorphose
as love,sublime,grows 

a quatorzain is a stanza or poem of fourteen lines

by Michele Fermanis-Winward |
Categories: addiction, emotions, love,



Love is not the opposite of hate
that fiery passion
which turns against our heart
like a python through the blood
constricting life

love is what we yearn for
to create delicious selves
the flavouring in our lives
it is a thief that creeps upon us
or steals us from the start

of all the humours
love believes itself supreme
the drug we cannot do without
we are joyful in its midst
or a victim of its curse.

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: dark, introspection, light, love, moon, sorrow, wisdom,

I Sat Alone

I sat alone 
with the moon
last night – in
the deep dark;
till the dim light
and then
the morrow;

I spoke of Love's enchantment...
of Love's joys, and of loveless

I asked, had she also counted – 
with the happy hours – 
the many unrequited tears?

Had she kept a few of my own?

For joy and sorrow, does Her Light
show different tone? Or for Her,
is it all the same moan?

by Lena Townsend |
Categories: fantasy, happiness, imagination, love, nature, passion

Lovers Utopia

Magical crescent moon
Shining on the path below
Lighting the way for lovers
Together as they stroll

Exploring the enchantment
Of the animals and the trees
Finding their own Utopia
Beneath natures canopy

Together they may hear
A love birds sweet melody
As the crickets and a bullfrog
Seem to join in harmony

Sparkling stars and dewdrops
Fireflies dance about merrily
As winds song within the leaves
Plays a lovers symphony

The smell of jasmine in the air
Rose and chamomile so sweet
With just a soft hint of patchouli
A lovers perfume as they meet

The mystery and excitement
Passionate kisses, perfect date
These two lovers souls connect 
In this mesmerizing place