Love Poems About Elephant or Elephant Love Poems
by Tim Smith |
Categories: friendship, love,


You said age's only a number, beauty's skin deep
Wise words to live by, now if I could only sleep
Humor never can be taken away, have no regrets
Live like there's no tomorrow, an elephant never forgets

Since the day we met, things have been so right
Thankful for our meeting, making spirits bright
No more feeling lonely, no more feeling stressed
Friendships have started, I am feeling blessed

Not a day has passed without a smile on my face
Feeling happy has now become commonplace
Brought together by chance or was it by fate
Any way you put it, my friend, you are truly great

by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: life

Who I Am

My Inventory:

high-performance yo-yo
poetry books
fishing poles
ice-fishing hut
pocket knife
sharpening stones
life's artifacts
Grandpa's Fishing Hat
hope and joy
Guardian Angel
wooden snow-sleds
more poetry books
camping gear
Babar, the Stuffed-Elephant
McCoy Cookie Jars
nature field-guides
ties I don't wear
family heirloom recipes
suits I try not to wear
treasured photographs
170 poems
antique lamps
my Children's love

......and You

       my Savior

           ....... Jesus Christ

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: metaphor, poetry,

- Wings On An Elephant -

You can try

yes you can

putting wings on an elephant

yes I know you can

Poesi without love

is impossible

13.03.2015 A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

- Everyone who writes poetry leaves a bit of their soul and heart -

by Bl Devnath |
Categories: love hurts, mother,

In All Mothr's Heart Speaks


ant lives in its particular style
elephant and human in other styles
definition of love remains the same
in all mothers' heart speak the same

By BL Devnath

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: animal,

Baby Love the Elephant

Baby love
So ready to play
Trumpets happy attitude
Mother not far off
Ready to rescue
If he gets into any trouble
There are dangers
A lion maybe
She lets him think he's independent
Keeping close enough to save him
At the first sign of danger
Baby elephant plays
Delighted he is free

by Rico Leffanta |
Categories: corruption, culture, health, leadership, patriotic, political, women,

The White Elephant

Attention all voters
Who love a great scam
The Republican Party
Now welcomes flimflam

Republican healthcare
Fell apart at the seams
Through an absence of facts
And a surplus of dreams

Republican planning
Takes a decade or two 
To discover what's missing
Is an average IQ

American healthcare
(Most expensive on earth)
Will not save your life
But destroy your net worth

So enlist in a Party
Where the money rolls in 
And believe those in Congress
Can spend it like sin

No pilgrim had healthcare
Play the cards that you've got
For, "I am the President,
and you are naught!

by Jerry Swana |
Categories: art, beautiful, care,

Green Is Yellow Mixed With Blue

Through the corner of my eye I see the bride and the groom,
Slowly our corneas make contact I'm the elephant in the room.

A drunken night.
Sex combined with spite.
Makes a tainted marriage,
a fractured life.

"Speak now" said the priest, "or forever hold your peace."
The best man raised his hand and dropped to one knee.

"I can't let you take what is mine, I fell in love with her first
to me she's more than a bride. She's what keeps my hearts beating, she's whats make the sunshine, the air keeping me breathing"

The woman dressed in white looked down than looked right,
at the man dressed in regret, the man with green eyes.

by Neldy Jolo |
Categories: adventure, anger, anxiety, bullying, career, conflict, fire,

Bashful Warrior

Why afraid of war
When you have fearless gear  
Attacking like the brave
Sending lives to the grave

Brave warriors to the ants
Mimosa pudica to elephant
You are loving peace
While killing innocents

You want to win the battle
When you do the bombing
You don’t fight the mountain
But only from the mole hill

I love you peace. Let’s sail together. Layag Sug
Purple Coach, City of Widow
12 April 2015. 3:41PM.

by Ryan Emerald |
Categories: war

Agent Arkansas 90766 Beta (Part 3)

[90766 Log 003]

7/18     20:12

Nate-- Touchdown! The crowd goes wild!
Agent-- So your going back to the outpost now?
Nate-- Yeah, Forest is my home. The outpost there is too.
Agent-- O.K. I'll stop by and see you soon.
Nate-- I'll be there. I'll play your song on the way home.
It's still "Say Anything" by Cartel right?
Agent-- You got it. I love that song.
Nate-- Memory like an elephant...
Agent-- Body of a Tiger?
Nate-- yup.
Agent-- Stay safe out there.
Nate-- you too...

by Frances King |
Categories: animals, children, funny


Those Floridans, the manatees
Love playing in the surf … 

First cousins to the elephant – 
The only ones on Earth!

by James Horn |
Categories: analogy,

Terrific Tour With Much Allure

God took me on terrific a tour
Of today that had much allure;
Singing birds with still flowers;
Ringing bells from His powers.

We watched a football game;
Lion in zoo who was tame;
While an elephant did trump;
Camel on sand with a hump.

People were in pleasant parish;
Loved priest who we do cherish;
When we heard it when virtual,
His ideas Biblical and neutral.

Will do what God did command;
Bring love and peace on the land;
Always be leader and a guide;
Punish all those who have lied.

Things are back to normal again;
God would free us from each sin;
We were nice and will behave;
From temptation sure to save.

by Chipepo Lwele |
Categories: allegory, nature,

I Love Nature 1

Everest,Kilimanjaro,Nanga Parbat
Red Sea,Mediterranen Sea
Pembrokeshire coast park
Victoria Falls
Lochinvar hot springs

chipepo lwele
PS;the reminder of the natural world around us.
     the poem about animals, plants,rivers,lakes
     ,mountains,seas ,waterfalls and hot spring.

by Gail Debole |
Categories: animal, friendship, friendship love, fun, nature, sweet,

Hi-Five Hug

Written by Gail DeBole on
March 10, 2020

An elephant in Zimbabwe
Hi-fived with a soft trunky sway.
Then wanting to play
She continued her day
With a hug for the human who waved.

by Joe Flach |
Categories: song-

A Bucket List For Two

See a play
On Broadway
Spend a day
In old Bombay
Riding on an elephant

Fly up high
In the sky
Birds pass by
As we hang-glide
Falling in love on our descent

Take a tour
And explore
A little more
From the floor
In the Louvre of Gay Paris

Bare it all
In a waterfall
Lovebirds call
And we guffaw
On the big isle of Hawai’i

Spend two nights
And delight
In the sights
Of Northern Lights
Up in the cold and Arctic North

Take a cruise
Sip some booze
Throw our shoes
At the alarm clock snooze
As we go sailing forth

These are the things I want to do
And I want to do them all with you
I am sure that you already knew
It would be my dreams all coming true

by Bl Devnath |
Categories: love, nature,

Kid Is Walking

Mother elephant
                                         kid is walking along with
                                                we happily smile

For contest: Sponsored by Debbie Guzzi
Written by: bldevnath
Date: 20/11/2011

by Bl Devnath |
Categories: god, love, wisdom, universe,

Nothing Can Stop Love

unleash from ego
                                    soul's love to be duded up
                                       beautify life's world 

                                         ant to elephant
                                      elephant to universe 
                                      love's purest wisdom

                                   God's the best language
                                 nature's speaking under sky 
                                     nothing can stop love

by Deb M |
Categories: fun, humor,

The Mushroom

It’s time to address the elephant in the room
Time to talk about the controversial “Mushroom”

A vegetable you either love or hate
An acquired taste there is no mistake

Being a fungi doesn’t enhance the mushrooms case
Along with a rubbery texture many don’t embrace!

It’s been said that the mushroom tastes just like dirt
When did eating dirt ever hurt?!!

Such a wide variety of mushrooms to ingest
Though haters say s**t -ake  describes mushrooms best!!

I love Mushrooms……!

by Zin Lim |
Categories: feelings, heart, longing, love, missing, poetry, teen, words, writing,


Blue above and 

Blue below,
Clumps of clouds,

Falling slow.

Airplanes surge but do not move.

The elephant passes in the room.

I try to sleep, 

to turn away,

Turning pages

yet the story stays


I look everywhere except at you.

I see nothing, except for you.

by Elisa Christensen |
Categories: absence, angst, cry, heartbreak, loneliness, lost love, love hurts,

The Here and Now

The Here and Now

I sit here alone, once again.
The cold winds of this valley howl at me,
Making fun of me, mocking all I live for.
“There you sit, you stupid girl!
Waiting once more.”

For the man who said he loved me.
For the one I trusted above all others.
Waiting.?For the pain to subside.
Because he’s not coming home, he lied.

Was it really that hard to see?
If he wasn’t there with you,
Where was he?
With whom?
Just not seeing the elephant in the room.

I wish I had never known him,
Never felt his touch,
Never smelled his scent,
Because this, this has ruined me.
I’ll never love again. Not ever.

by Zsuzsanna Snarey |
Categories: animals

The Elephant

A slow moving gentle creature
With a long trunk and wrinkled skin.
Strange, ridiculous and ugly
and yet he draws us to love him.

He seems to know and understand
has empathy with us humans,
but can also rage if angered
and kill a man by trampling him.

Elephants have a matriarch
and keep together for safety.
The young stay close to their mother,
while the males are solitary.

by Lacey Petty |
Categories: angst, friendship, introspection, love, teen,


Heartbeat trumpeting in my throat,
Her presence,
It does that to me, sometimes,
I force myself to
To neutrality, absurdity, mask,
We talk,
I remain, the elephant in the room,
I talk,
No one mentions that I am the elephant in the room,
I remain,
Iron cored neutrality,
Masked girl,
Forever masquerade,
Questions set me grasping for straws at the end,
Each day,
Best friends, always,
My heart still beating in its cage.

by Seren Roberts |
Categories: animal, words,

If I Were An Elephant

If I was an elephant
I would lift my head
Send the sound of trumpets worldwide
Acclaiming peace in the land.

My trumpeting sound would attract
My young friends to come and sit with me
Tell me their troubles and thoughts
Knowing my wise old head would steer them 

To be as I am
I tread carefully, so as not too destroy
I remember words of command to do my duty
To love and forgive, make the world a better place
To be able to sit and relax, reflecting all.

I remember that size doesn’t matter
The feelings inside you do
Love the world, help others to do so
This is how I would be…..if I was an elephant

penned 9/12/2016

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

Dilbert Dung Beetles Delicacy

Mr. Camel is fascinated by his friend Dilbert Dung Beetle’s diet.
He thinks eating up excrement, feces and manure is a riot.
It is tasty! Delicious! You should try a salty elephant pie!
Dilbert Dung Beetle says. You would love it if you gave it a try!

Mr. Camel watches Dilbert dig in, gulping down gobs of the stuff.
He thinks it must have a weird smell, but Dilbert can’t get enough.
You might sample a tiny bit Dilbert says, it is delicious you see!
Mr. Camel shakes his head and says “Sorry, it does not appeal to me.”

by Vidya Raghunathan |
Categories: animal, class, courage, love hurts,


She was a tigress but not cruel
Her long uniform stripes to some distasteful
She chose to display it grandly
For to such a life she was grateful.
She chased her prey in play
She also preyed to kill
Her stripes never changed colour
But some thought one day it will.
In her life there was good and evil.
Let me rewind to what had come to pass
Her cubs she fed to their fill
Each day a new flavour till one day...
She left them at the dead elephant carcass
Before the mid-morning heat she was gone
At water's edge the cubs kept playing till dawn
Many players came there thirst drawn
Amongst them the cubs learnt to carry on.
For she was a tigress of wilderness not culture born.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: children,

Dancing Elephants

Twas the funniest sight
Saw an elephant dance
Wearing a frilly green dress
Without any pants

A crowd gathered round
To take in the sight
Some squirrels and penguins
And hippos on bikes

A bunch of silly monkeys
Wearing polka dot ties
Were joking with tigers
Who wore shades for disguise

What a glorious scene
They were all having fun
Taught us fa great lesson 
To love everyone

No matter our colour
Or the size of our brawn
Everyone's our brother
So let's all get along

Saw the happiest thing
At a party last night
All the creatures were happy
What a beautiful sight!

©Jack Ellison 2012