Love Poems About Ekphrasis (Ecphrasis) or Ekphrasis (Ecphrasis) Love Poems
by John Watt |
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Que Seurat, Seurat

Like a Seurat painting
I view my life up close
and see a million tiny colored dots:
       eating breakfast
       driving to work
       writing a poem
       watching television
       playing a game
       singing a song
       going to the park on a Sunday afternoon

You view these dots 
from the proper distance,
blend them together 
with kind, generous eyes
and you see art

(an ekphrasis poem after the pointillism painting "A Sunday Afternoon 
on the Island of La Grande Jatte", by Georges Seurat, 1886)

by Joanna Daniel |
Categories: appreciation, art, music,

Girl Playing Lyre

GIRL PLAYING LYRE - by Tadeusz Styka I'm a sweet girl, Playing my lyre, Music does whirl, Quenching heart fire, Hair flying free, Eyes lost in dream, Lyre defines me, Sad strains soft scream, Song of the lyre Calls out to you, Hands do inspire Melody blue, I look for you, As hands thrum tune, And implore you, Hear my soul croon, Lyre chords haunt you, Fingers strum slow, Love notes taunt you, Air set aglow!
25th March 2023

by Michael Jordan |
Categories: death, family, health, history, life, loss, lost love, love, natural disasters

Black Sunday {personification In Couplet Form}

I was as high as the eyes could see
A giant dark cloud of pure misery

I seemed to roll as one with the wind
A giant black wall that had no end

I stripped the land and left it bare
Of the lives I destroyed, I didn’t care

Those who stayed I covered in dust
As their children died I broke their trust

From my hell many families did flee
Left to wander homeless in misery

I changed the word these words are true 
Black Sunday brought darkness on you

I didn't see any direct link but just goggle
pictures of the dust bowl and you will see
what i have written for Brian's Contest.
The Dust Bowl - Alexandre Hogue - 1937

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: nature, new year,

Ekphrasis 12 Line Max

New Year’s Eve

I need to feel the trade winds blow
To know they have my heart in tow,

Here in the twilight of this hour
I feel the grandeur of God’s power.

The Sun, a ball of golden fire
Rises with my heart’s desire

That this New Year will offer love
As Sol begins to rise above.

How wonderful, the winter sky—
With mist filled clouds that float on by.

Sweet birds of beauty on the wing,
Portends the gifts New Year will bring.

© Connie Marcum Wong

My Muse is the New Year
Contest: Ekphrasis 12 Line Max
Sponsored by Rick Parise

by Raul Moreno |
Categories: art, education

If I Knew Picasso

If I knew Picasso,
I’d say Pablo come and see.
Bring your canvass here,
And capture this beauty. 

I’d ask him as he painted,
The things he’s thinking of.
If painting brought him peace,
As he paints a painted love.

I‘d watch as he stroked,
The canvass from his soul.
It would leave me in awe,
If I knew Picasso.

by John Watt |
Categories: art, depression, night, sky, stars,

Unheralded Prince

Upwards you gazed, poignantly painting me
like no one had before, nor has done since.
Concentric white and yellow circles. Free
of any common bearing or pretense.

I'd seen idyllic villages before -
The steepled church in sacred echo of
the cypress, looking down in fond rapport,
as olive trees embrace the town with love.

But never have I seen hills so inflamed,
nor moon so agitated and insane,
nor indigo sky eddies so untamed;
grappling to find the answers to life's pain.

Vincent, you were art's unheralded prince,
Like no one was before, nor has been since.

(an ekphrasis of Vincent Van Gogh's "The Starry Night")

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, lost love

Natural Garlands

Her innocence in daisy plaits ,displayed
Such naievty was so soon betrayed,
Touching romance' nettle brought much pain
When discarded,by his disdain,
Tears welled upon her pillow,
Forsaken love long wears the willow-
A broken heart,no words could save,
Death's red poppy,petals her grave.

Inspired by Ophelia by John Everett Millais

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, tribute,

Prb Visual Vanities

beauty acclaimed
  of love locked out
palettes in 
   meretricious effect
      the sensual
with intense
ethereal brilliance

   singleness of heart
in the truth
   beauty &symmetry
a gilded tapestry

image of woman
  a creative

         arts sake
in epic

by Ashley Conte |
Categories: dance, sorrow,

Ballet of Sorrow

Her movements express a sadness
As she dances to lost love
The center-stage reeling of emotion
While the orchestra throbs on;
And the ballet maiden weaves a lift
Though no one sees hidden tears--
Except a performance for art's glory
Unaware that her eyes can't see
The audience's waved ovation.

Brian Strand Contest 247
Dec 12, 2016

by Mark Toney |
Categories: art, love, pain, perspective,

Munch On This - 'Love and Pain' 1895

At first glance ...
Amid turbulent strokes
and vivid hues,
eyes mesmerized by
maiden's molten-red mane—
Love and Pain

Gently kissing
her lover's nape
in tender embrace,
while Pain's
lurking specter
overshadows their
intimate space,
threatening Love's
fragile grace

Second glance ...
Gent's deathlike pallor
portrays a chilling
alternative motif.
Is love really her goal, or
is she nosferatu feasting
on a submissive soul?
Dark eyes reflect the
lurking specter's desire—

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, love, people

Clashing Symbols

and cuddles-
the drama of
in glided
of silver and
I thought this might be an appropriate sequel to my poem and Christie's original inspiration.

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art,


ciphers of the unknown * A MIRO EKPHRASIS

 red dots,
a frog
a violet fish
    in the deep blue
 rain falls
 in  black
  & love with rainbows
 spiral down
  to  caress
blue velvet
  yellow butterflies
& poppies grow
&a red carnation
  then smiles
at the crescent
 a drop of dew
    upon the shadow
of a spiders web
the firmament

by Elaine George |
Categories: love

A Prince

There in the midst
Of those ashes I see
A flame of humanity
Burning so brightly 
Fuelled by love
There on bended knee
The fireman 
Who risked his
Life to save
A dog and her
Five babies
Is Knighted a Prince
With a grateful lick
So tenderly.  

For:  Joyce Johnson’s contest - Doggy Gratitude
Inspired by the picture

Awarded:  First Place

by Iolanda Scripca |
Categories: art, depression, life

Transgender Secret

Female lips that don’t belong on me
Can anybody sense those colors are not mine?
I cry in blue, red , yellow twirls
just mutilating  body that doesn’t belong to Soul

Incarcerated in a breathing mask
I look at  YOU begging to see ME
As pupils burst the deepest love
Eyelashes can not  flutter free

So gracious Nymph approaching silent me
Those candid, open  lips Do belong on you
I grab my hands protective of the unknown
I’m just a paper mache… melting in the rain … 

copyright 2011
iolanda scripca

by Amy Green |
Categories: art, devotion, , cute,

The Sleep of Endymion

The Sleep of Endymion

Endymion, a simple title I must impose upon
He, son of Zeus, fell in love with Huntress Diana
Goddess of the Moon,  nightly she swooned 
about him and bathed him in her light,
She went to Zeus, asking for his immortality- her plight
And thus Zeus granted her wish- for Diana to
adore Endymion every eve, he will be in eternal sleep.

His beauty, this simple shepherd, mythic
Diana's love- nightly shone from Olympus.

The Sleep of Endymion immortalized by a painter
Sits in the Louvre, for all to view
Anne Louis Girodet de Roussy-Trioson
Executed perfection in 1791-
The Maiden Moon and her lover
Forever as one.


by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, people, , memorial,

Art Ekphrasis 3-Klimt and Chagall-Recited

A fantasist,alive upon canvas,surreal
and very real his love-for her-
not concealed.There..floating for all
to see..childlike, innocence his lady
in white,for us to wonder..and delight

Inspired by Chagall’s ‘Lady in White’
A kiss,Klimt’s symbol of love nouveau,
suggestive rather than descriptive,yet
of time immemorial.Love upon a cloud
of gold,lost in that moment where time
does not exist.One with the other,alone
and yet..desire..and need in love’s power
then to exist.

Inspired by Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’

Listen to me recite these ekphrasis on youtube under my pen name ichthyschiro

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: bird, farm, life,

Crows In the Wheatfield

The country road split the wheat field in half A murder of crows seemed to prefer the right Hope they leave some to winnow from the chaff Crows seem but wavey lines against the night A spectacular sight in the twilight Fields of wheat in the final golden stage Ready for the harvesters to earn their wage Golden grains that hungry men have desired This art lifts up some memories to engage Remember the dirt road our love once required
Artful work: Crows In The Wheatfield by Vincent Van Gogh Written: February 11, 2023

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: family, love,

Love Will Triumph

Songlike, melodious was her voice
Awestruck was he with her gentle beauty
In her love alone he could rejoice
Forgetting about his gentleman's duty

Dramatic was the scene when her father
Swiftly appeared, vivid his displeasure
Brave young man who held it altogether
His strength of character one could treasure

Mother lovely gentle emissary
But father stands huge, angry protective
Will mom's love restrain the adversary
Will her people skills be most effective

Love will triumph, youth will win his gold prize
Father will give to him his daughter as bride  

Sponsor: Isaiah Zerbst
Contest: Charles Haigh Wood
Written: August 31, 2013

by Margaret Okubo |
Categories: uplifting,

Mommy Dearest

He looks into her eyes 
  Twinkling stars above him 
 lift him upon a cloud

 Tiny buds open up
to taste the breath of life
Milk and honey  sugar and spice

Light, tender, fluttering 
 Love imprisons a little heart
as mommy's  kiss lingers on his lips.

 "Give Mommy Some Sugar."
                                                Painting by Tom McKinny.

by Benjamin Amsden |
Categories: love, nature

Bed's Spring

I am the dawning man                        
The waking limb                                    
An unbowed willow                      

You are the dusken girl
The tangled sheet     
A dewed down meadow

We are sown seeds
Folded into the earth
Whose roots weave
And cannot be unpicked

We are green leaves
Laced with silk
In whose curl
Transformation sleeps

We are a chrysalis!

Love seen in a Rorschach!

A dog eared page of poetry
That is sealed with glue

by Jillian Veitenheimer |
Categories: art, fantasy,


Rooted to the Earth 
Your stare unmoving 
Infatuated with mirrored beauty 
That ignores your worship 
Cursed to your destined place 
Paralyzed by desire 
Loneliness engulfs the heart 
Punishment for those you broke 
Sculptured resemblance alongside 
A hand gripping your psyche 
Dissolving similar to your physique 
Fractured egg ventilates your ego 
There a flower blooms 
Lesson imparted by the gods 
Conceited are not blessed with love 
Thus the metamorphosis of Narcissus 
Poem based of painting by 
Metamorphosis of Narcissus (1937). Salvador Dalí

by Niki Lekkas |
Categories: confusion, lost love

A Night On the Town

We drive and we sit and we think-talk
And talk-think
The wind blows words out of our mouths before we can
And through our satanic smoke rings
We see:
A small section of the Athenian catastrophe.
Unfolding with the falsely spreading lights…
Our microcosm
(Our safe-house)

You roll the windows up 
And the top down
And we cloud gaze..
Out cocoon of heat is a shelter
From everything we are,
And everything we are scared to be...

Only a short while now.

Our cigarettes will run out, 
And we will too
Back home?
Eyelash wishes won’t save anything now…
You’ll never understand
Naïve little boy.

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: places

Chapel of St. Francis

Oh thou tattered robe.
Lying folded neatly by the cross.
Thou dost cry and yearn for loss 
of thy master.
He is no more.
Immortalized, canonized in rapture.

Doves so love his likeness, the cold statue
calls and they answer. 
Cooing and preening their feathers in vain contradiction
to his teachings.  
Attaining solace by placing their nests 
within the cold likeness of St. Francis.

As thou pass him to the rose garden,
before the chapel,
See him in thy minds eye.
Fleeing from temptation, ordering redemption,
cast himself, naked amongst the rose.
The martyrs blood flowing red, and warm,
which forever removed their thorn.

For Brian’s Ekphrasis contest

by Jeanette Jones |
Categories: appreciation, beautiful, rose, solitude, uplifting,

Hidden Among the Roses Based On Portrait No 10, Thistle In a Field, By Fidelia Bridges 1875

by Jeanette Jones based on Portrait No 10, 
Thistle in a Field, by Fidelia Bridges 1875


This field full of roses, 
what a vision. 

Rows of primary and secondary 
colors, streaming, at least a mile. 

Among them the  solitary thistle. 

Beauty is the rose, 
its spikes as the thistle, 
that bows to hands that caress 
it with love, along the way. 

In this field of thorny ones, 
though never chosen, 
it receives a lot of love. 

Charming in contentment 
is the thistle among the roses.

by Rick Parise |
Categories: art, hope, love, passion

An Intimate Craving of a Masterpiece

Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer 1   

(part one) 

Generous expanses of gold and silver 
thy lady ''Adele'' sing your song of a fleeting love
ornate thy garb of eligence worn in a celestial dream
eyes of thy suspect float thy gown searching in disarray
overlapping hands guard a heart of unknowing passion
a calm hope bleeds a woman of intrigue and of lust....

A Painting by Gustav Klimt