Love Poems About Egret or Egret Love Poems
by Kingsley Awoh |
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In those days when national service
Conscripted me for a necessary chore
In in the tap root of Amachara
I abode
At dusk, strange hands lacerate my flesh
At dawn, your girls dragged me into drudgery
Today, weights of reminiscent garrison my thoughts
Amachara, are you still the egret that drums in my auditory?
Is your tail longer-than Mbaise?
Perhaps your cousin Ezeleke
Will let me proof the weight of my love for her.

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by the river Seine
a girl of sixteen summers
opened her blue eyes

the tulip opened
to speak out love but the bee
carried the last dew

a wrinkle in time
puckered the curtain of her
certain diffidence

the distant thunder
to wake  the quick and the dead
smashed in the window
the sun cascaded 
over the back of egret
to give birth to dawn

nimble fingers curl
plaits of creepers wedded in
moonlit slumber dew

mittens of rabbits
galloped in yellow forest 
gamboling skippers

succubus laid eggs
hatched clone in gray and blue suits
on some other world

by Jimmy Anderson |
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Love Came Down Through Marriage

M-e and you agree to this union of Holy M-atrimony.
A-ll you need to know is I will always A-dore you.
R-egardless what happens we will have a healthy R-elationship.
R-emember all birthdays and anniversaries or you'll R-egret it.
I-n all ways, I will always show how I-mportant you are to me.
A-ll my A-ttention in the world you have.
G-ive of yourself freely, G-oing the full monty.
E-ach person makes E-veryday count.

by Jennifer Cahill |
Categories: allusion, august, beautiful,

A Haiku Triad: A New Love Song, within a New Morn'

A half- moon is punched 
into the sky washed with sea 
tints this August morn'.

The wings of a young 
snow- white egret are spread,
as he hovers, and dips

into the water-
fall. The deep robicund land
surrounds the river.

by john sensele |
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Questions Bereft of Answers

I ask why I live in a flask
To hide my pride 
To chide and deride every task
Better to stem my indifference tide.

I ask why I feed on crumbs
To lead a life lost in poverty
To bite and fight my own thumbs
When in style I can bask in novelty.

I ask why I love in secret
To osculate in dark corners
To communicate like an egret
To conceal my amity antennas.

I ask why I earn peanuts
To eke out a meagre living
To metamorphose friends into butts
Of my banter when I need forgiving.

by John lawless |
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Do Fish Wonder

I imagine
The fish wonder.
“will that guy be back?”
A gnarled old pickerel
Comments: “yeah,
he’ll probably get me
on the same stupid mousey thing.”
“I know it’s comin’ but
I just can’t resist it.”
An old frog chimes in:
“Yeah, he got me with that once.”
“chewy, with a hint of garlic.”
A mud crusted Muskrat laughed.
“Man, I love it when he gets snagged
in the trees.  Boy does he know
some very spicy words and phrases.”
“First time I ever saw a Beaver blush”
added an Egret.

They know I’m coming!!!
And I know they can’t resist
My “Mouse - E- Tongue” lure.
Let the games begin.

John G. Lawless