Love Poems About Feelings or Feelings Love Poems
by Jai Garg |
Categories: art

Fried Egg

On the pan she cracks on the edges
Flows in her white gold love rashes;
Wet to oil, bottoms turn up in fumes
Sigh, sizzles to burns in her top cues.
Hot as roasted, spiced in cheekiness,
Crusts within the silky ceramic lust:
Fingers feel cling to the push shove
Tongue melts into lick, flip; lip sucks.  

Molds fold with in the hardness cuts.
Aroma breaks the churning of beats,
Touches to heap and urge the squeals 
Lifts and drops akin to the greasy eel.

Life is passion in word promises
Beauty in metaphors is my trust.

by Tom Quigley |
Categories: america, political,

A Greased Eel In a Vat of Astroglide

Slipperier than a Greased Eel In a Vat of Astroglide
That Hillary’s sociopathic streak is a mile wide
In case you haven’t noticed, the fix is in
But her followers love her even if she’s guilty as sin
We all think she should be a woman of greater convictions 
Both moral and criminal, given her total lack of friction
She’s got a layer of Teflon thicker than Gotti
And to the Secret Service, a mouth full of potty
She looks crookeder than even a barrel of snakes will
Phonier than A William Jefferson Clinton three dollar bill

© By Author
For Contest: Create An Idiom
Sponsor: Jesse Day

by Anitha Jayasankar |
Categories: romance,


Stars I gaze, all night - as if in a reverie, 
Under the sky as I stand, yearning to be
Near you and admire the blue-black velvet and
Feel the breath of silence, so serene - to be
Lost in the warmth of a dream-like enchanting moment;
Oceans apart, now, still our souls merge
When the universe in unison tunes a melody, 
Entranced by the lustrous stars in the quiet of the night, 
Reflecting the charm of our love, as I gape at the
Same star you stare at from a distant land. 

Date: 05/26/2021
Submitted for: Sunflower Poetry Contest
Sponsor: Malabika Ray Choudhury

by Casarah Nance |
Categories: funny, words,


Words can hurt and taste like dirt,
but I'm a worm in a polka dot shirt. 

Words can be muddy, dirty to feel,
but I swim right by like an electric eel.

Words can be ugly and hard as stone,
but I end them like an unwanted call on my phone.

Words can pierce like daggers and blades,
but I bury them in my garden with rakes and spades.

Words can be pretty when given the sun,
and I mold them like playdough because it's fun.

Words can be whatever the letter sounds say
and the words I love the most are ones that play.

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: analogy, anniversary, anxiety, appreciation, confusion, life,

Life Purpose

Every single individual has an expectation. We are blinded by our greed and deception. We expect one leader to set the pace. Every single day, the hunt seems to advance. We find what is true in our quest block. It zaps us with an electric eel-like shock. It's not the one in charge of our social life. Between friends or family, we evade strife. Love and friendship are what we seek. Or a hill that we must soar to the peak. We grasp our vitality from the love we feel. Our freedom is driven in portion by this deal. If we're lucky, our youth will be sans fear. We'll dance in the green forests all year.
Written: July 24, 2022

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: sad love,

The Chasm

I knew I’d offended you, your smile
of hurt, the one reserved for whipped
spaniels; you use it too.

We didn’t speak as we strolled through
the woodland park , picking up acorns,
dropped by passing tree top squirrels

And when my hand brushed yours, you
pulled away, like a nervous electric eel, 
stranded in the rainless mud

I knew I’d offended you.

by Chris Matt |
Categories: funny, nature

Desert Dreams

It grows in the desert on cacti. 
It needs the heat and colorful sky. 
Adventurers love what it brings. 
Its a plant that can make you see things.

You feel like you are dancing with a star,
but you have no clue where you are. 
They open up your mind to new dreams,
but they can also open up your screams. 

Time will slow down and you'll wonder if this is real. 
Then you might move around like an electric eel. 
This brings more than just a hallucinogen, 
it can bring you something called zen. 
When you are out there, beware of the coyote, 
because he might ask you for some of your peyote.

by Hebert Logerie |
Categories: abuse, betrayal, funny love, hurt, lost love, pain, relationship,

Everything Bores and Bothers You

Roses, flowers and bouquets
Love, Honor, Peace and Respect
Verses, poems and literature
Spring, wind and nature
You are psychologically ill
You are as violent as an eel.

Everything bores you in the Everglades
Or nothing seems easy in this deleterious
And lysergic exosphere. Everything bores
You : kisses, hugs, balls and nightly serenades
Hymns, chants and songs and choruses
How sad, this season, you’re worse.

Copyright © June 2022, Hébert Logerie, All rights reserved
Hébert Logerie is the author of several collections of poems.

by Austin Alfano |
Categories: loveme,


For you my love, I've a great desire.
Like a kindling forest fire.

Do you feel the same way i feel for you?
Please say yes, say that it's true.

I have deep feelings for you,
yet you eat them and continue to chew.

You know how I feel,
but still shocked me like an eel.

Nothing can stop my burning desire,
It will never grow old or tired.

Though in time you have eased up,
It's just the start of my luck.

I see your eyes now when you see me,
I see the desire, your full of glee.

Now your mine, you see how I feel.
The shock is gone from the eel.

Now that I'm happy and you are too.
We can live peacefully, just me and you.

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: allusion,

If Only

Aim apt ask
Bring bright bask

Charm clear chance
Dare dream dance

Etch each eel
Frame fine feel
Gain grips grill

High hopes hire
Inch ink ire

Jazz joy jock
Kind keep knocks
Love lifts lock

Move mad moose
Niche nude noose
Old oomph ooze

Prize proud pest
Quit quote quest

Rich rules rip
Stiff spread sleeps
Trust tough trip 

Unzip urge
Voice vain verge

Word works west
aXe eXpress
Yield yokes yes
Zeal zooms zest

Leon Enriquez
17 September 2018

by Maxwell Collier |
Categories: art,

Loves Forest

love is just a fantasy, it isn't for real, everywhere i go, im asking what is the deal? i have the strongest mind, but i am not made of steel, i just hate the way i live, and also every lonely meal. no one can relate, to the way i really feel, i just put myself on ice, and my mind begins to peel, i do live under water, im electric like an eel, i live in my kingdom, but i know ill never kneel. everybody swims away, while i try to turn the wheel, every weirdo look i get, yes it makes me want to keel, oh and please just give me space, so my heart can try to heal, the king has sent a letter, but i haven't broke the seal.

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Feel Free To Express Your Emotion

F-eel free to express your emotion, 
R-elease it from every eye; 
E-xpound whatever sentiment, 
D-ay five in warm July.

S-ay your passion willingly, 
A-llow it to come from deep inside; 
Q-uest for peaceful mind
U-ntil you retrieve your pride.
I-ntimate, easy, and hard, 
D-o it only with limitation; 
O-ne show of love, anger or fear, feel free to express your emotion.

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Feel the Love Deep Inside

F-eel the love deep inside, 
A-pril twenty-sixth Wednesday; 
Y-our birthday has come, 
E-vening chill fades away.

H-eart feels the love deep inside, 
E-vading the animosity; 
R-emain in pure fondness, 
R-efrain from hostility.
E-nmity, grudge, and rancor
R-eally make the gap so wide; 
A-llow the amity to glow, feel the love deep inside.

by Kaveh Afrasiabi |
Categories: absence,

Heart's Belonging

I don't belong to my heart
sings a different tune,
stranger to me.
Bemused, my heart is broken
from me, like a caged bird
that wants to fly away
and that's when I feel
the pinch and heartache
visiting like an eel in a cave
swimming in darkness.
I don't belong to my heart
crying for love that's never
there, and the emptiness
I know something about.
You better know I'm not happy
screams my heart to my 
deaf ears, glued to the ceiling
and the stubborn fly that 
wizzes around.

by Jeff Kyser |
Categories: silly, song,

Scuba Love Song

dive, have fit, hand got bit: that's a moray eel

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

I Like Oatmeal He Eats Veal

I like oatmeal and he eats veal.
Neither of us consume seal or eel.
We both like to keep things real.
Laughter from us is a hearty peel.
His ideas are hard as steel.
Mine are more imaginary and surreal.
I sometimes pray after a hearty kneel.
Thanks that God sent me the real deal.
I like orange and red, he likes gray and teal.
But together we are an even keel.
In no way is he ever a cad or a heel.
I love the way he makes me feel.
We do disagree on almost every meal.
I like oatmeal and he eats veal.

by Bernard F. Asuncion |
Categories: birthday,

Once In Every Day

F-eel the love once in a day, 
L-et it dwell in your heart; 
O-bliterate the anger, 
R-age and hate must depart.
E-nhance your faith every day, 
L-et it get firm and strong; 
Y-ou must stay in the right path, 
N-ever let your life go wrong.

B-eautiful dawn has broken, 
O-ctober first Sunday; 
B-e patient and hopeful, 
O-nce in every day.