Love Poems About Donkey or Donkey Love Poems
by Caren Krutsinger |
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Running Out of Ideas Is Impossible

Running out of ideas?
That is impossible if you have a:
TV set
toilet paper
drum set
spiders web
grand child
space aliens

by Arturo Michael |
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Who's That Man On the Cross

Who’s on the Cross

And why did he die

Who's that Man who caste out demons 

Brought Lazarus alive 

What name did you say

I’m a little deaf today

Who rode a donkey 

Palm Sunday in Jerusalem

And was greeted as the King

By the people of Israel

Who did you say

Say it louder I can't hear

Who's the son of God 

Born in Bethlehem

To whom the Virgin Mary

Angel Gabriel was sent

What did you say

Is JESUS here today...

by Arthur Vaso |
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Olive Branches

Olive Branches

The scorching sun descends
Upon withered lands with no rain
Some trees are old and brittle
When the olive branch is cut and proffered
Open arms and take a new path
Never be a destroyer
Of dreams and new ways
It is often offered only once
Never lose those golden chances
When a poet rides on donkey under palms
Heed the words and the psalms
Humanity is better with one heart
Than none at all

Note: Inspired by the Rio2016 Olympics, when the Lebanon’s team
refused to get on the same bus as the Israeli team. Sadly
a wasted opportunity, I am sure those athletes had more in 
common than what divides.

by Red Fiery |
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Cry of a Donkey

Hi, this is Donkey !
an animal with no complain
either you love me or disdain
I am sad
but not mad
as you think of me
and you dont want to be
called by my name
for you its a shame !
how cruel is your approach
yet you will encroach
upon my world 
to carry the loads
of your dirty clothes
this is the irony 
of my agony
that I am born like this
wish I could be a fish
of your pond
but alas ! I am just an animal
with an ugly sound !
as I am not strong
so you will prolong 
the insult on my community
cant i live with dignity?????????????????????????????
delete poem

this is not a donkey's perpective but i relate myself with this animal too...sorry again!

by Ovidiu Bocsa |
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Donkey of Each Night

Starved, the wild donkey of each night
Still carries so incredible much light,
On his back, in old tattered sacks,
With sweat dreams of hay stacks;
Sometimes, they hard tempt him to stop
But, never had he turned his head to crop.
Many wonder how he can resist a day.
But, in a hurry he goes on his way 
Making a path to the old mountain:
His eyes, like a summer-dried fountain,
Rest in the shadow, while on his back
The light is still flowing from the sack.

by Don Johnson |
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Don Quixote

Francine Roberts Contest Name Write me a Lightfoot Poem Don Quixote Don Quixote spiked the windmill, Sancho Panza surely frowned, Just then the wind began to billow, Blades dehorsed him, slapped Quixote down, Back upon his faithful mount, With Sancho getting up to speed, for the love of Dulcinea Will she marry him indeed. Riding on his mule is Sancho Panza, Squire of the Don is he, Like the Aussie soldier Digger, Rode behind a pommy General, see, Depriving him of dignity… (Don Quixote…Gordon Lightfoot) WW1 soldier rode his donkey, the Digger was also wearing a monocole like the officer, right behind a visiting mounted English General, who was not amused…. Don Johnson

by Chipepo Lwele |
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I Love Nature 1

Everest,Kilimanjaro,Nanga Parbat
Red Sea,Mediterranen Sea
Pembrokeshire coast park
Victoria Falls
Lochinvar hot springs

chipepo lwele
PS;the reminder of the natural world around us.
     the poem about animals, plants,rivers,lakes
     ,mountains,seas ,waterfalls and hot spring.

by Jeremy Street |
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Camel Calls, She Saw Hee Haw

....My *itch ?
Now, whether you believe
It or not ? Your *** is mine how ironic
Peter piper this ancient viper: playing it's hand
Spinning numbers in a foreign land ? Iconic super phonic 
Hypnotized mesmerized robotic time on a mission from prince pillar
Their cyber space thriller blowing out these candles is everybody, here ?
Rent the tent her species his flee shes kong's balls inside love's stall a donkey.

by Jean Murray |
Categories: appreciation, childhood, missing you,

Donkey Donkey

Finding a cassette tape from 1962,
  Gave me the idea of rerecording it for you.
    Hearing our melodic childhood voices soar,
       I wept as magical memories came to the fore.
          Just sharing with you makes me love him more.

by Atef Ayadi |
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I Am the Donkey

If I am a donkey.
I think I am
When I am 
Drunk and dull.
I eat the slow motion thoughts
And make my drink
Out of my fast imagination.

by April Lee |
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Jenky Donkey

My donkey is Jenky 

I knew from the start. 

I tried not to love him 

but he stole my heart. 

Every morning he smile, 

Gently kiss my forehead. 

Coming rite back,

Every morning he said. 

An hour'd pass by,

Then maybe two. 

No sign of my donkey,

Do what do I do?

I look out my window, text donkeys phone.

No sign of my donkey, could donkey be gone?

He gave me his word,

No reason to lie. 

But donkey don't show,

N ape starts to cry. 

My donkey Is Jenky,

He tells me sweet lies. 

Forever I'll love him. 

Til the day donkey dies.

by Neelam Sangwai |
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Work With Love

A work not done by heart is equal to scarlet thing. 
Ornament adored corpse, life doesn't bring.

 A donkey bathed with holy water wise it will not be
Decorated abandoned house happy it will not be

Patted food over stomach will not satisfy hunger  
Wax statues, body replica, not the power of thinker 

Fresh water added vodka a potion for drowsing
A work not done by heart is equal to scarlet thing

by Robert Pettit |
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Titania Loves Bottom

Oberon orders Puck to pick a purple flower. This solitary blossom has a unique power. Cupid's misguided arrow hit this specimen of botany. It makes anyone fall in love with the first creature they see. Bottom becomes a victim of Puck's chicanery. The impish little fairy gives Bottom the head of a donkey. Awakening Titania has the flower's nectar in her eyes. She falls in love with Bottom despite his disguise. This is Oberon's way of getting even with his queen. So many other comical situations will be seen. Based on the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare

by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
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Twelve Abc Beautiful Qualities of a Husband

Accepts wife as she is even when not a beautiful flower
Bold in character, strong in body and will
Compromising and the altar of forgiving
Dreams with you same beautiful dreams
Enjoys humor; he may be a cinema hall of amusement
Firm, just and a good smartphone
Gentle in handling thorns of life
Hard working for family progress; he is a joyful donkey
Intelligent, mentally alert and a Solomon for the home
Joyful giver and a Good Samaritan
Keen for paradise and holds wife along the journey
Little or no alcohol lover- not a man of the bottle

by Samantha Farley |
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Sad Life 10

Pequa, my love, the only comfort I have
a tiny plush donkey i take everywhere
at school he is found
at home, taken away
i haven't seen him since

by Catherine Deslippe |
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Thank You Dear Jesus

The torture the pain you endured.
Was not fair, dear Jesus.
Yet every day I pray,
thanking you for saving our sins.

Today the day we celebrate Psalm Sunday.
As you rode on a donkey,
a journey I could not imagine 
one to take.

The time you spent,
on a wooden cross.
All of this for one to believe.
In our Lord and our Saviour

Rising from death.
Showing us what everyone should believe.
That God our father is real in every way.
I’m so sorry for all the pain.

I will always love you deeply.
Thanking you in every way I can.
For when we celebrate Easter.
It’s our way to say thank you, dear Jesus.

by Jagdish Bajantri |
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I don't know why god created 
dream why we run like wheel 
behind fun donkey monkey have 
a kid dog and ***** tangle when 
they meet fish and butterflies 
never meet hrose 
Ride the giraffe print of leapord 
lead the jungle why trees never 
walk  it is gross when I think 
About your kiss because 
I will cry for more 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

by Jagdish Bajantri |
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Street Dogs

Street dogs 

Indian food served to 
Dogs they are smart 
Like Indian state governments 
Bark at night to disturb like 
**** eat cowdunk like face 
On mcd people 
Make there population 
More than a each second born 
Street dogs like Indian **** feint 
When will be india improve 
We wait like donkey
Because we believe in monkey 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

by Jan Hansen |
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Beast of Burden

The beast of burden 
And the donkey said to itself, a man came to the fence today gave 
me a slice of bread looked me in the eye as to see if I had an inner life
What did he expect to find a scientist? For heaven`s sake 
I`m a donkey who has been conditioned to love humanity, and for
a slice of bread, I kiss his face with my smacking lips. 
This makes this lonely man so happy that he scratches my ear 
where I can never reach.
There is a small farm nearby the farmer has two donkeys and
 a small blue tractor, sometimes he uses one of the beasts to 
plough a few furrows he says it is because it saves on diesel, 
I think he is a sentimental old fool.

by Darlene De Beaulieu |
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The Petting Zoo At a Farm

Children like the farm
They have a small zoo
A small petting zoo
All the animals are out
For the children enjoyment
For all ages to enjoy
They are able to feed
As well as pet them
The cows in the pasturesand roostere
To touch and feed them
Look at hens and rooster
Pet a rabbit or a pony
Or a donkey that is fenced in
If they like to feed a goat.
All children enjoy this 
The children enjoy this
They love the animals
It gives them pleasure

by Renee Bobbitt |
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Fire Pants

his house has 3 extra bedrooms
the queen's parlor would be for me 

see-through showers 
fresh-cut flowers
just for the smell of it 

he'd lick my pedals
run the fire sprinkler 
in the hall 
just for the hell of it 

he would ride his white stallion by day 
my donkey by night 

three cars we'd have 
two foreighn 
one for the kids to borrow 

we'd spend summers 
on his boat 
with 3 engines

he'd be perfect 
to help me untwist 
my extensions

the part he forgot to mention 
his wife 
owned half
of everything he swore he had

by Charles Coon |
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Stones Shouting

Stones Shouting

there is a Sameness
in the many colorful
expressions of Grace..
within and as Grace come
the man on the donkey
the sounds of shouting
the voices of caution
and the quiet stones..
Grace as your Wholeness

See Luke:19

by Chinedum Ekwobi |
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Pure Love Sex and Hate

Pure Love is to Sex Superior
And Hate to The Two Inferior:
Love to Sex Ever The Senior
And Hate to The Two “A Junior
To both of them just losing out;
By the Referee counted out …

Because Hate is ‘A Full Monster’,
Sex some of the time ‘Half Monster’
And Pure Love, Lord God’s Endorsed Star …

Sex might be to love A Donkey
But to it Hate is a Monkey!

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Proof I Am Alive Today

smells of lilac and roses
taste of cinnamon and lemon
love for my grandchildren

feeling velvet, silk, and scratchy lace
my best friend laughing like a donkey
proof of life

by Eric Ashford |
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Prayers for the Stupid

My mission for today
is to be kind to stupid people,

by which I mean, not the uneducated,
but 'woke' teachers, professors,
all self-serving experts, and miscellaneous
radical eggheads.

They need a donkey to care for,
for donkeys are smart
and like dogs
they will offer them life lessons.

If the donkey occasionally kicks them,
out of an excess of love,
then I would not laugh,

just smile, and hopefully,
not in any condescending way.