Love Poems About Dodoitsu or Dodoitsu Love Poems
by Constance La France |
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Days the son stayed by the bed
and with his hand on his dads
heart, he felt the last flutter-
       love is forever.

January 12, 2016

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It's a Dodo Kinda Day
Francine Roberts

by Arturo Michael |
Categories: bird, life, love, relationship,

Who's fooling who

Some birdies really...

Can be so unkind

All day pecking 

Only gripes and whines

It's not hot enough 

So she ups and flies

Down to Miami beach via South Carolina skies

She probably thinks... Oh Lord 

I’m a Dodo bird 

Maybe it's a secret lover, tell me, have you heard

Whoever it is...don't say 

I don't bother mind 

Blue Jay’s staying over and it’s tweeting time 

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Love's Longing

we cruise the road by late noon
as winter roses greet us,
their petals yearning for sunlight
like our love's despair

Contest: It's a DoDo kind of Day
9 May 2017

by Effie Blake |
Categories: imagination, life, philosophy, visionary, universe,

My Dream

my universe would be heading
toward the infinite and not the finite -- 
no entropy of matter
nor degradation of order.

life would be filled
with random acts of kindness
not selfish acts of malice --
a perpetual motion machine of altruism.

hate would become like the dodo, 
and love would be for all and worn by all --
an ageless style.

the environment would be esteemed
and maintained --
a precious stone.

disease and sickness 
would be cured 
and good health would be the standard.

earth, air, water and fire
are concrete; and my dream
is idealistic. however,  it's the ideas
that form before the reality,
so I'll dream on....

by Maureen McGreavy |
Categories: earth, love,


If I could
this world
I would 
set it free
bring back
the Dodo
Passenger Pigeon
and replant 
every tree

by Kendall Dyer |
Categories: childhood, children, funny, happiness, love,

Babies (written by 9 year old girl)

I am a baby
I am only three
I 'll be four on my birthday
And I like acting like a baby
Because you get to suck your thumb
And your Mommy gives you baby food
And your Mommy is a dodo booty head

by Probir Gupta |
Categories: day, life, love, morning, strength,

In the Dew

A cockcrow at the daybreak The girl opens her tea stall A yolk comes out of egg shell Our love in the dew ________________________________________ April 21, 2017 it's a DoDo kinda day - Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Francine Roberts

by lawrence lewis |
Categories: emotions, prejudice,

Girls and trcks

A womans lies,
can't help but believe if you try,
your so madly in love,
you want to give her dove,
but yet she lies through her teeth,
squeezing you of every  breath,
does she know what she wants,
or does she just want to taunt,
why not be honest,
because she can't be the strongest,
so the games of the mind,
is what makes you blind,
i am not prejudice,
 but some dodo this