Love Poems About Disregard or Disregard Love Poems
by Brenda Rose |
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A Prayer for the Elderly

I prayed today for the elderly
They long to hear for you to say
Words of love and words of praise
With acts of kindness they once gave.

And if you’re going by their way
They’d like for you to stop and pay
A visit where you both can play
Disregard what you may.

Before their heads they shall lay
At night before the sun and it’s ray
When they bow their heads as they pray
Praying you and everyone will be okay.

Brenda Elizabeth Rose

by Angela Crabtree |
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The Final Essay

Flawless imperfections without divine words of remorse
saturated the light within my fractured soul
a situation transcending as silence took its course
upon awaited trepidation I hand to you the scroll

Lawless obligations pack the pages of the script
within lies the endless content of my reasoning
misapplication and disregard is the theme you slowly flip
as the ink drips on the floor forever bleeding

by Loyda Navarro |
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Dialogue of the soul

In his stern deep expression
and his tender caring gestures
When he is in silence, also in solitude.

He concealed the mystery of love,
beauty, and the experiences 
that he had encountered in life.

He reasons as he walks,
and contemplates every epiphany
that had happened in his past and present time.

He laughs and keep walking 
as he shakes his head
then retreats as his heart races
panic and fear as his past comes alive.

He ask himself; is it all this true? 
What’s going on?
Why are these ridiculous feelings?
He wants to disregard his emotions, but he can not.

Finally …. In his enlighten self debate
He, surrender down at his feet
Astonish at his finding.

by David Smith |
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Love is as close as you choose it to be

In the beginning there was Love,
And when it comes to the end Love will be there
In all its glory, with forgiveness by its side.
And Hate will find no existence in even a single memory.

It is only in the middle years that we might think Love lost,
Never to return.
Oh how foolish are those who disregard Love when it comes calling,
To brighten their days.
And give their hearts a less blackened appearance.


by Shane Cooper |
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Break Not A Flower Nor Inscribe A Stone - a collaboration with Anne-Lise

I feel it so strongly deep inside the cry of your heart
It but echoes my souls endless fear of being apart
Use your strength to go on with life even though it is hard
Where is life’s joy when treated with such reckless disregard?
I wonder can I ever free you from this endless pain?
My body and soul are laden with such cold heavy chain
Lead me through the maze of your mind, let me break down the wall
The donjon has been built of adamant and shall not fall!

I will rend the dark veil and bright starlight will fill your soul
The battlements long secure crumble, your love makes me whole!  


by Dana Smith |
Categories: depression, family, forgiveness, friendship, lost love, people, sad, love,

Three Times Betrayal

Hopes and dreams been ripped away, Along with friends who weren't so true. Some kinds of love just cannot stay In hearts whose vision's over-due. I've said, "Really, you don't treat me well and you've truly hurt my heart." Asking, simply, for a sorry, Before our friendship's torn apart. I hope I musn't step aside, And disregard our lovely past. . But it seems as if their choice is pride, And they'd rather that our love not last. What shallow 'motion in their souls, And hardened cold sincerity. A friendship once had burned with fire, Now nothing but some crackling coals It now has shown so clear to me.

by Valerie Staton |
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Heart Versus Flesh

It’s tearing me apart
that you disregard my heart
but yearn for my flesh

by Whitley Fields |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, beautiful, betrayal, community, malayalam,


Don't back down,
swinging and fighting, 
is not the only way to go down.

disregard the hurt, 
and look for love,
it's hard to know,
that you can find someone to truly love.
you've tried so many times before,
but is this so bad,
you've given up,
and that's why you're mad.

you should change,
which takes some time,
evaluate the inside,
and forget the mind.

don't you remember, 
that you are all that you have,
no one will love you,
the way that you have,

please give it some thought,
before you give up,
this is your fortune, 
Not just your luck. 

love Whitley R. Fields

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: conflict, forgiveness, friendship love, silence, silly, spoken word, time,


take a minute
to catch my breath
bite my tongue
cast the past behind
silly things that
don’t mean much
yet flaunt blatant disregard
let the dust settle
let moods subside
i need not say something
we’ll both regret

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Posted on January 6, 2019

by mitchell eadie |
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Energy and passion,
excitement breeds attraction;
a brilliant work, a masterpiece
explored in true love fashion.

Traversing plots with disregard
for clear-cut truths,
it must be hard
to take.

Our cartoon minds
can’t comprehend
the words she spins,
the twist; the end.

So calmly,
I walk out the door
and know my thoughts mean
nothing more,
than love.

by Stephen Parker |
Categories: holiday, love, parody

Fabricated Charm

Token love tendered with a cheap card
Bartered lyric from a trite bard
Gilded, fabricated charm
Brokered, pretentious smarm
Words, symbols to treasure then disregard

by Patrice Trice Jackson |
Categories: best friend, black african american, blessing, inspirational, mother, mother daughter,


Mama a strong black sister
doesn't take any mess from no one
she thought me self-respect
was my father and mother

never complain when times got hard
inspired me to be the woman I am
inspired me to follow my dreams 
inspired me to be independent 

thought me to never disregard who you are
love yourself
never settle 
inspired me to never be a lifeless woman

by Sizo Hlophe |
Categories: bereavement, betrayal, bird, crush, heart, how i feel, i love you,


Why has the love gone in shreds,
A mayhem curse. 

Invited birds of the night on my pad,
A wild man's pet.

She flaunts her feathers in his sleep, 
A sacred spell on damning dreams.

Tucks her wings and flaunts her wig.
She would soon weep as she feeds,
On every piece till he bleeds
Disregard his celebrated medallion pads.

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Your venom is contagious
Spoken words outrageous
Your attitude...ungracious
Not part of your society
I guard you quietly
Curious of when you would notice me
I go through the motions
Of being your love potion
I sacrifice it all
Just for a notion
I forgive your disrespect
I disregard your neglect
Your dismissal of me
It’s all suspect
Baby Mamma
Brought so much drama
Emotional wombs caused trauma
Where there should be a period
There is a comma
Let me be your intoxication
Falling in love would be our motivation
We have to rectify the situation
By letting go of yesterday’s lesson

by Joshua Luebke |
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There is a string from my heart to yours.
Once strong as steel, now dwindled down
to feeble wool.
Eroded into something so simple,
so intricately delicate
that mere proximity can bring torment or alleviation.
Every inch of distance between us
brings my heart to whimper
of the string pulling it from its place in my chest.
Yet our languid disregard for what has become so agonizingly painful 
keeps us moving farther away in search of “things”.
Things which can only bring pain.
This pain which, someday, will summon us back together;
Or snap,
Like a too tight rubber band

by cortney bartholomew |
Categories: faith, forgiveness, love,

Snowball Affect

Lets tackle this now before it gets any bigger,
lets not disregard this as small before this garbage becomes litter,
some feelings may be the worst indicators of truth,
but lets be realistic, they affect what you do,
instead of turning your head to it, lets face it head on,
because if not, we give the misconception the right to go on,
it will lull and dull itself into reality,
and by the time you want to explain, it will be way past self-explanatory,
it will be one excuse on top of another,
and it won't take minutes to fix, but hours upon hours,
and then we sit back and wonder why,
with no honesty, there's no trust, and then the loyalty dies...

by manel gunatillake |
Categories: absence, care, sad,


Clad in a white cloth and jacket
Spotless clean, wonder what magic she does 
To keep so clean, 
In a cluttered Pavement.    
Wrinkled face elegantly attired with a smile
Eyes rise up to every passer by
Pleading but no cry uttered
Need not waste her words, as
Her stare is loud and clear
For many ears to stop by
Who can disregard her eyes that talk?

Mother, haven’t you had any one to call you “Love”?
Or you haven’t called any one “My love”?

by Michael Warner |
Categories: america, arabic, corruption, military, war,

The Middle East

Are the mother’s cries less bleak, 
In a language we don’t speak?
Why does the pain not translate?
When we speak of love but do in hate
Is it their freedom we are fighting for?
It seems to be a foot in the door
We make them pay for our small toil
And steal and pillage all their oil
We say we have a better life
But all our green and silver is built on red
We ignore and disregard the natives’ strife
And pretend to care when they pile their dead
But we do not care and we never will,
So the lives of millions must pay our gas bill.

by Lisa Lawler |
Categories: love, truth,

Decaying Crimson

Decaying crimson overpowers my words and thoughts 
Shy and scared
Silently sitting in the dark
        	Your overwhelming blue terrifies me most
                    	Apathetic and
                    	Your eyes disregard your carelessness
        	Mysteries turn us purple
                    	We want to know the truth, yet we sit in silence
                    	Until crimson has decayed to the most luminescent yellow.  

by Joseph Silva |
Categories: confusion, lost love, sad,

it gorges upon itself

Weightless feeling, remembrance of something new
Total disregard for pain receptors, a tangled wire
A recaptured moment in time, a retaken picture
A rescind into misery, but it is okay. It’s normal
Applause for the inner vacuum, devouring entirely
A recap on events that have yet to take place
Some call it seeing into the future. “Prophecies” 
But the truth of the matter is, history repeats itself

by Seema Ali |
Categories: philosophy


Life is like a cluster of weeds
It keeps tangling on and on
Some-times it unwinds 
Because of a twist in fate
At-times is washed away
Due to un-fateful days!

We must try to make life
A blend of love and harmony
Happiness and sorrow
Peace which keeps
Mixing into tomorrow

Only then will we be able to
Face every tomorrow with 
A light heart and can then
Be able to face each 
Disappointment with a
Sweet disregard!

by jay del fierro |
Categories: lost love, nature, heart, heart,

Collective Disregard....

Got caught...hoodwinked
only a moment,don't blink
cesspool...full of fools
disregarding golden rule
playing games are the lame
crying shame...pointing blame
poison tipped are the spears
tongues sharp gouging ears

Catatonic catastrophe
blinded minds now hard too see
being led further along
away,away...from our heart of heart song.....

by Kelli White |
Categories: allusion, passion,

Swept Away

I touch your skin you touch my soul
My breathing deepens we are one
In unison as if connected we rise
A beautiful surge of aura and love
Heat and fire lust and desire
I wish to hold you forever
In my realm of perpetual pleasure
No limitation no disregard 
Tensions released time and again
Souls' desire is never an end

by Alex Brown |
Categories: happiness, lovelonging,

Adore You...

I see my life fly by
As I'm swimming in your eyes
A longing stare
We share

And I feel my soul smile
Been flying high for miles

Vital signs spring to action
Been cold-skinned for so long
But now I feel on top of the world
Nothing going wrong

Casting away my cares with a shrug
And running to your arms with a smile and a hug

Let's dance in the rain,
Disregard the world's pain

Don't look at the world, 
Just look into my eyes,
For as long as you love me,
I will stand by your side.

by Laura Mckenzie |
Categories: recovery from..., uplifting, visionary

A ray of hope

Deep beneath this cover of mortality
There are flicker demons battling with me
They wait patiently for my impuissant side 
But a fighter stands on the wings of evil
Once held back by a taunting past
Of abuse and disregard 
Hidden away waits a torrid woman 
Of fluid flesh and bone
Heart and soul 
Rendering love and kindness 
With a lasting yearning to succeed 
Now the wounds have since long ago healed 
But their affects periodical linger 
I have learned much from my own pain 
And the strength and courage I’ve acquired instill radiance 
That will radiate in my light of hope