Love Poems About Dinosaur or Dinosaur Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
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Since Andreasnackosaur ate more than double the food of its weight, it had stored so much fat that it kept warm when that Ice Age hit. To die last was its fate! (haiku) forlorn in its cave Andreasnackosaur finds only popsicles By Andrea Dietrich * I feel compelled to add: I am NOT this dinosaur. hahaha. I love food, but I am a good dino who watches her calories and works out. IF, however, I were to be a dinosaur, I would indeed be the snackosaur variety!! PD's Contest DINOSAUR-QUEST (1 limerick) (1 haiku)

by Irene Rozenberg |
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Moon Swoon

There once was a dinosaur who lived on the moon.
He met a cute alien and started to swoon.
The dinosaur blew her a kiss
And asked "what's your name, miss?"
But little miss alien had to leave soon.

She turned around and fell into a crater,
So the dinosaur went to save her
But when he peeked into the hole,
He himself started to roll.
In here, his chances of love were greater.

Although it was dark,
He felt a romantic spark,
But alas, little miss alien was gone,
which left the dinosaur withdrawn.
"I'll never find love on the moon," he liked to remark.

by Steven Kopko |
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A Unicorn Poem

Beauty in its essence
A silhouette in the midst
Stands a magical beast
Whose horn points to the east
Its wonderful radiant heart
Filled with the purest of mythical art
In a landscape so beautiful
Plentiful to say the least
Color so soft
Like the delicate silver sea
The gentle soul can be felt in its presence 
The wonder of it all
Is its true grace
That will leave you in awe
This is not a fantasy, newborn or a dinosaur
It is the one and only 
Loving unicorn

by Vera Duggan |
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Dora My Dinosaur

Dora was my dinosaur
I'd walk her every day
But as I walked the streets with her
All the folk would run away

Oh, she looked so very scary
With teeth real sharp and great big claws
And yet, you know, she's such a baby
And her I really do adore

How she loves to play and dance
And tricks, well they are just her style
When I play around with her
Folk come to watch us all the while

Well me, I would not be without her
She'll always be my favourite pet
Dogs or cats could not replace her
I'm so glad that her I met

Just a little poem for the kiddies.

by Rob Dadley |
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From the day you arrived we fell in love
Little did we know the boy you'd become
From first word to first steps
A bright future is what we expect

Riding along on your motorbike
Reading the Hairy toe a million times
You and your sister are so alike

That smile
That glint in your eye
That giggle
That Mr Grumpy face

Our little champ
Our dinosaur
Our juggernaut
The final piece of our jigsaw

by Confetti Of Flesh |
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The Dinosaur

Scorched like gauze
Moving slowely and surefooted

A path no longer blazed yet
Bridges behind still burn

An opening,
A thousand eyes turn to stare
Fruitless in its search,
Faces no longer there

Disgruntled and aged
Grown shorter in its decline

The Dinosaur walks out of the 
Onto the edge of time.

by Gina Young |
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Searching every photo.
Analyzing every word.
Looking for some reminder of the life we once had.
I know that we will never find our way back,
  and there is nothing that looks like you in the life I have now.
My wine dreams and 
  overheated prophecies are wearing thin.
And my life has become a dinosaur of love and where we lived before.
I will stay there.
I will live here.
I will not speak your name,
  when the sun goes down.

by David Smith |
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I Still Write Letters

Call me a dinosaur,
Call me square,
I don't care, 
Letters to write I dare.

They are something I love to share,
Even if others stare,
I don't care,
Letters to write I dare.

Reply's they come from afar,
To bring the writer nearer.
I do care, 
Letters to write I dare.

Thoughts on paper,
Never truer,
I do care,
And I do dare,

It's Christmas time of year,
From you I would like to  hear,
In a letter, if you dare,
While your memory is still clear.

A stamp I attach here,
On an envelope with my name yet to appear,
I know for truth you care,
So a letter to write you should dare.

by Kim Rodrigues |
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Head To Head


tête-à-tête, Rita and I
two heads are better than one
in praise’n prayer
melodic lips of kin
our moms in heaven
their lullaby assist
our hopes in cradled arms

we worship in different sects
but today we’re linked—
part of the extended army
no chinks in God’s armor

my people pray
carry me on my way
no demonic-dinosaur
no rattling dragon
nor human-pittance
comes in our way

they’d be destroyed
with just one thought
of hate
we love—
one heart, one Lord,
our neighbors

our differences deposited at the door
we share a smile
our gospel feet
smell rather sweet


by Angel Prall |
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My Little Dinosaur

You stomp around 
Roaring like a dinosaur 
Making my heart whole 
With your beautiful smile.
You have changed my life
In so many ways. 
More then your 
Ever know 
My little dinosaur
I love you

by Jeanie Bennett |
Categories: emotions, inspirational, introspection, uplifting,

Love All

I love vegetables
unless they're people then that's sad
I love flowers
with their silent powers
over us
I love clouds
here then gone
imaginations of
animals in the fluffs and puffs
first a dinosaur then blink
now a dog then blink
and gone
I love people
as many shapes and sizes
and colors
just as clouds
and who doesn't love clouds

by John Lawless |
Categories: childhood, granddaughter, grandson, joy, love,

How Long Will This Innocence Last

I ponder
How long will this innocence last.
As I watch him play….take leave
Of our world
And become a dinosaur,
Roar and stomp and laugh
And mispronounce their names.

I watch her pirouette
Turn cartwheels
Dance to a tune only she hears
Tumble to the floor….. laughing.

I struggle to protect them
To shield them from
The righteousness of authoritarianism 
To permit them to be themselves.

It is not my job to mold them
Shape them, compel them
But to provide them a safe place
To discover their uniqueness
To explore, to dare to be
A dinosaur, a ballerina
A child.

John G. Lawless

by Caren Krutsinger |
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My Bath Is Not the Same

My relaxing baths are not the same 
Because I am not the same
I know when I get down into a tub, 
I might not be able to get back up out of it now 

How rapidly I changed from a little girl
To an old woman
Not realizing what it meant
Age did not sneak up, I blinked and she was here. 
She slapped me in the face

I used to love a bath!
The more bubbles the better
I cannot have bubbles anymore because of my asthma
I worry when I get down low I cannot get out of this tub. 
When did I transmogrify from a young girl to a dinosaur?
I growl with fierceness and make my own bubbles.

by Jim Tidd |
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J and C

My boys are playing, sabers aloft,
I hope that their strikes are a bit soft,
good thing its not real, no damage done,
bit of that and, they’re off on the run.

I love to watch them climb and play,
to chat with friends, catch every ray,
to cuddle in movie or have Chinese,
often I’ll do whatever they please.

Joey as dinosaur for half the game!
Chimo hangs in, not the least bit tame.
The eldest one never likes to lose,
younger one bugs him until he stews.

For me they never fail to amaze,
while they are asleep or during the days,
Chimo, a quip that comes with a smile,
Joey, a hug that holds me for a while.

by Terry Hillen |
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Repair Shop

Repair shop

Worms and dinosaur blood, toil and fuel,
Doors I’ll hold for you.
Pure, old as moonlight, the marbled
Cloister of your pleasance I’ll affirm

They will come for your museums, my love.
They will come for your big, fine Cadillacs…
choke-weed and cottonmouths infesting gardens.
So what?  A fish bait fate this birth hook?

Before thought, beyond need, freed
Because of you, because love is thicker.
Tired of tending?  Offering?  Hoping a bite?
Nectar, somewhere, prevalent as air?

Seen it?  Have you?
The world, the worm turning?

by Mark Hansen |
Categories: death, life, lost love, philosophy, sympathy,

Dinosaur Away

Minds conform daily.
No yeilding of traveling beauty,
The fine wine of reading.
Ink existance,
Fading path,
Entering dinosaur's domain.
Cable television,
How does the mind live?
No reading oxygen to breathe.
Lost art,
My friend.
As for me,
Blank screen TV,
Into the reading.

by Johnette Loefgren |
Categories: hope, nostalgia, time,

Still Here

that the highway is unbroken
and the words of love unspoken
say the past was just a token
if at all .

cannot speed the broken hours
screams are muffled
by the powers
inch by inch
through acid showers
I must crawl,

like a dinosaur in winter
frozen out ,
I cannot enter
not a student nor a mentor
still I scrawl..........

my reflections on the mirror
as I see me getting clearer,
and  the future 's ever dearer,
through it all.

by Caren Krutsinger |
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Dougie the Dinosaur Catcher

Dougie the dinosaur catcher is a magnet for owls and dolphins too.
He has two dwellings – one in the forest, and one in the ocean blue.
He has caught sixty-eight dinosaurs, who refuse to shoo.
They live in his houses though their dismissal is long overdue. 

They love him so much. He is like animal magnet glue.
They have moved in an owl, a cat, and a dolphin named Lou.
He has stopped catching dinosaurs, but now has a cow named Moo.
What do you bet that bovine will refuse to leave too?

by Terry Ireland |
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Evening Dressed

She laughed when I 
Wore my dinosaur tie
And played her a tune 
Under that moon
When we made love 
With just sky above
Cooed with delight
All through that night
Till we both went 
Into my tent
And snuggled up deep 
For much need sleep
Next day in the rain
She caught her train
And I waved goodbye
In my dinosaur tie

by Charlotte Cooper |
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There’s glue in my plug sockets
Chewed pasta in my pockets

Lollipops always stuck under my shelf
Oh my love, you are a naughty little elf

Crayons and paint colour the dogs bed
And again, today, another bruise on your head

Where, this time, have you put my other shoe?
And please stop throwing the lid for the glue

Yet again, there’s a dinosaur in your potty
And why is your face constantly snotty?

The rubbish bins will never be your toys
Oh my gosh, the wonderful wildness of boys

Bending down one more time, will mean I won’t get up
Oh my darling, you are a mucky little pup

by C.W. Bryan |
Categories: love,

Grocery Poem Xx

The last page of my notebook was filled

One last scratch on its timeless pages

watermelon radish
spicy water
dinosaur kale
dragonfruit (?)

all scrawled in a quick, cursive hand
& I fell in love with her
    all over again.