Love Poems About Deer or Deer Love Poems
by Anthony Biaanco |
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Running Scar

Here lies a grave,
a conglomerate headstone
without a name.
weeds and cobwebs 
wrapped tight around the heartless edge.
Caretaker rides his rusty deer
pretending he's a nascar stud
waking the dead and stirring mud.
He take's his lunch beneath a tree,
eating twinkies with green fingertips...
For his love he'll steal a wreath,
and place it gently on her grave.
That bears a scar called, 'long forgotten"
A grave he's coined"no name".

by David Shawn Dodson |
Categories: appreciation, fathers day,

Thoughts of the Day

We have a laugh, and drink a beer,
Play some golf, and hunt for deer.

Your patience and wisdom, is without test,
Your confidence and clarity, is at its best.

Mentor and Dad, is what you are,
Saved and glad, your faith will go far.

I’m thankful and blessed, with a father like you,
Proud at its best, for the little things that you do.

Love and care, are words that I say,
Friendship to share, on Happy Father’s Day!

To: “Pop”

by Eve Roper |
Categories: environment, love, rain, weather, winter,

I Love My State of Oregon

Oregon’s, wildlife, mountains, lakes, and bogs
Fields of green, awaken refreshed at dawn
Where salmon runs the rivers blue to spawn
Drawn wandering above the sea of fog   

Black-tailed and mule deer birth their newborn fawns
Where shaggy mane elks labor their spring calves 
Rustle sounds while they graze off open paths  
Wander under the full moon of predawn

Sea of umbrellas on rainy season
Fireplace frames warm sputtering ember flames
Snow cold, in fella’s embrace with no shame
Turning me into shades of pink  crimson  

Savoring the earth's nurturing labor 
Giving my heart to the verdant nature


My home for 36 years

by Mustapha Mohammed |
Categories: beauty, creation, nature,

God In Creation

Who flames the lilies of the field?
And the silver gladsome stars
Or puts a blanket,towering shield
 From heaven's meteor darts.

Who grace the air in alluring sweetness?
And rivers above the expanse
Who clothes them all in retreatness?
To shout,to praise,to dance!

Who gives the rose the purest love   
And the dews its silver -white
Or the blushing trees with arms above
That shakes within the light.

From regions far,to oceans near
Our God he smiles his beauty
From perfumed larks,to the leaping deer
Creation wields his duty!

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: cute love, dedication, destiny, devotion, humorous, love, wisdom,

A Headlight On My Deer

There is no right way...
there are only wrong
ways – there is no 
Luke-warm love, for
love is not a portion
nor temperature...not
a two-step – but a toward
You Step. And we know love
when we see it...let it 
happen~yes, free it!

Too often we flee it;
failures leave a lasting
mark – making us Leary
of future spark – once a 
flame ignited, and then
smothered out, can leave
a nasty ash; better to make
the dash~yes, run. Before
the heart is barbecued~ 

But no one has ever won
if not a wager on the board
of life – just ask my very
wise wife – who made a purse
out of a sow's ear...her headlight
on my deer.

by Elena Mihalachi |
Categories: faith, love,

Love Me

Love me 
when you hear the lips parting the silence 
And the soul of the night is unraveling 
In the vapor of light 
I'm just a child 
who torments the dawn stretching 
My thoughts on the bleeding strings! 
Love me,
Upon being hidden from the eternal with astonished steps 
Walking the shells under the eyelids. 
Trees that break their eyelashes. 
Giving into the shade. . . 
I'm nothing else than a grass stubble, 
White passions return to the panhandles of birds! 
Love me, 
We're close to the heaven: 
Me, you, the yellowish leaf, 
The deer, the desert licked up the warm windows.

by Tahera Mannan |
Categories: faith


Far away when the smiling day tiredly smiles
The evening bride spreads her dress for miles
My thoughts their twilight keep
When tiny lamps awake half asleep
Your image when suddenly appears and stops
Like a deer grazing on dewy wet crop
Then this heart flutters alone
As the river runs on stones
Lusts for love’s glory
Shouts loud the sad story
Morning and night falls the tears
They are watered with horrid fears
But He moves in amazing ways
When end is near and no ray
He’ll shower his blessings on the head
Love will gather and diminish dread

by Thomas Martin |
Categories: betrayal, christian, class, horror, native american,

Native American Boarding Schools

shocked, as hair cut short
buckskins burned
in the darkness for rescue
all our gods forsaking us

pics of Him in pain
Teacher demanded belief
after all
died for our sins

what is sin?
A bright girl asks
later teach replies

now forgetting gods
of earth and fire 
and dressed up in 
lies of white man

kind lady
with love in heart
circles my neck
with crucifix

all our gods
are one

still praying
to great spirit
the one with
wild deer playing
in her heart

by Edward Ebbs |
Categories: animal, home, life, love, wife,

Who You Are

With big blue eyes
the way you look
and look at me
makes me smile
when you talk
your voice comforts
the things you share 
involves trust
friendship and love
they set me free
watching you care 
for others
like family
your friendships
feeding the birds
caring for a deer
dogs and cats 
a raccoon family
once even a skunk
the place we live
a sanctuary 
for all creatures
all that breathe
for this I smile 
you love me
I know this
I love you
for who you are

Edward J. Ebbs - October 24, 2015

by Hgarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: love, nature, beauty, beauty,

I Miss - 2

The Soothing Voice of the babbling brook
The Albino deer hiding in a forest knook
The Humming bird zipping from flower to flower
The colorful change of nature from hour to hour
The Beauty of Sunrise, melting mountain dew
The Beauty of Sunset, with Rainbows of hue

by Sharon Gulley |
Categories: christmas, december, holiday, seasons,


December is a wonderful month to remember
the streets are all covered in snow.
Children in their hats and gloves with visions 
of where they want to go.

Simple decorations all lit up with love,
Santa and his rain deer on every roof
top above. 
The smell of cinnamon dances in the air with
hopes that Christmas touches everyone, every

The decorated Christmas tree in town square
is shared by everyone who enjoys the Holiday's 
cheerful care.
Come all Yea faithful will echo through the night
sending out hopes and dreams to all who loves
the meaning of Christmas and it's true plight.

by Paloma P |
Categories: break up, emotions, goodbye, heartbroken, jealousy, lost love, parody,

Stench of Betrayal

Her fake perfume smelled of cheap musk,
             tobacco and passion flowers,
    the stench of betrayal lingered long
                after she had shiftily backpedaled  

Musk is a class of aromatic substances commonly used as base notes in perfumery. They include glandular secretions from animals such as the musk deer, numerous plants emitting similar fragrances, and artificial substances with similar odors.    Ewwww.....who knew?  No wonder. 

Wikipedia of course.

by D. C. Jordan |
Categories: beauty, love, lust,


Freya, Maria, Gaia, Sofia
Isis, Astarte
Kali and Parvati

Always it seems
They haunt my dreams
Staring like tigers in my night

With demanding love
And no expectation 
But to see Her

They walk in light
Hip-switching across the Earth
A woman, a deer, a flying leaf

Her flaming sword 
Could spin my head off  
But She kisses my soul and I'm safe

Every day I see Her 
Magic paralyzing eyes
Outlined in black

Golden eyelids smiling
Startingly clearly brown or blue
I know lust and peace at once

The world turns over
And the world burns
And the Goddess lives forever

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: adventure, animal, anxiety, longing,

Wild Mountain Lion Kills and Eats Deer

WILD MOUNTAIN Lion KILLS AND EATS DEER unfriendly hearts love shall a female, weak deer skips whilst watching the lake bright place for watching a small, menacing deer runs beyond the lorry Highest bitter mount when mountain lion eating after kills eats deer

by James Rasmusson |
Categories: philosophy, places


M ishigama my love,
I nto your water wonderland of brook trout and deer I
C an hear the cherubic song of chirping robin and rustling pine.
H eavenly harbors and pristine beaches shape a welcoming hand
I nfused with indigo lakes and teeming streams while three
G reat lakes enshroud to form a kirlian aura of rippling verve.
A live for but a flicker of time, my Michigan home away from Home
N urtures and readies me for the final cruise to the Wonderland of Love.

Note: The word ‘Michigan’ is a Frenchification of the Ojibwe word ‘Mishigama’ which 
means ‘large water’.

by Katherine Stella |
Categories: adventure, art, childhood, education, children, funny, history, imagination, inspirational, places, seasons, uplifting, visionary,

You Little Stinker Devil's Echo

In forest you'll hear squak squak squak
May capture bears play
Or foxes ****-eyed walk walk walk
Down by waters bay

High in trees you'll hear owls owls owls
Just more feathered friends
But I love water fowls fowls fowls
So let's not this end

Miss Hood cried big bad wolf wolf wolf
I just stared and laughed
Seeing deer prints from hoofs hoofs hoofs
Think she's needs skunks bath

As many stanzas as you like.The last 3 words of each 8 syllable line are the same, to create the echo. These can be 1 or 2 syllable words, so long as the line is 8 syllables long. Syllable Count...... etc.
Rhyming Sequence.......a.b.a.b. c.d.c.d. e.f.e.f. etc.

by Annabelle Jane |
Categories: animals, imagination, love,

Dear Love, Deer Heart

My doe eyes are taken by yours,
I fawn over your gaze, transfixed,
A deer in the headlights.
You, my white stag, king
Crowned with bone and velvet.
You, my red hart. I am your hind.

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: natureurdu, blue, love,

Place At the Lake

there lies in lovely mountain glen
protected from the harsh north wind
meadows of such gentleness speak
volumes of love from those therein

provide life with abundant scope
promising peaceful love and hope
cradled beneath snow covered peak
food for bird, man and antelope

the Fraser fir, long is its shade
among the trees deer parade
hidden beyond a pristine shore
lies this protected alpine glade

the call of whippoorwill and dove
perfect blue of blue sky above
a home among all this and more
I’m sure, also filled with His love

© Apr 17 2011 For John's contest

by Regina Mcintosh |
Categories: love,

Whispers of Love

The mist lies across the river bank
Sheltering the wild deer as they drink
Creating vague shadows in the distance
Of emerald pines and moss covered beds
Where the rabbits and squirrels make their home
And crisp, falling leaves carpet the floor
Of a forest where the mist creates a haven of hope
Whispering through the trees with assurance of love

©2014 by Regina Riddle
Nette onclaud’s Through the Mist Poetry Contest
August 24, 2014

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: allegory, fantasy, life, love, passion, romance,

I Want a Deer of Gold - Original By Rabindranath Tagore

I want a deer of gold I want her anyway!
No matter you are who or whatever you say!
I want her who steals my mind but then runs away!

She becomes startled, runs away, no one can capture her!
If I have chance to touch her she goes away further!
Whether I will get her or not I will chase her!

You buy the things that are available in the market!
Whereas I hanker after the thing that no one can get!

I have lost everything I had for my yearnings for her!
My capital is running short but it doesn’t matter!
I have no sorrow in my heart and I smile forever!

by Anita Sharma |
Categories: beauty, blessing, care, deep, devotion, first love, romance,

The Boy Front Door An Admirer

he said Come,
stay with me.
be my girlfriend,

we shall dance and sing,,,
will give you flower ring
will fly high with soar wings

will sit upon rocks,
Seeing birds in flocks,
walk by shallow rivers,
ooh watch valleys hills and fields,
woods, groves and mountain yields,

nightingale singing melodies,
peacock dancing wings open,
squirrels giggling kissing,
deer hunting lover down.

will make flower bed,
million fragrant roses,
a gown made of Fuchsia,
pink blue slippers for cold,
a necklace of diamond gold,

he said Come
stay with me,
be my girlfriend.

by Veronica Joseph |
Categories: lost love

He Sobs

he sobs 
hidden in the back lot beyond the woodpile
many days he has listlessly searched for her
wedding wing
thrown as she declared her
or rather
that she never loved him


dark soil and trampled gardens marked by deer
he is alone here
but nothing shines to guide him
nothing shines in the dirt
if only he could find it he'd have something
to show her

now her eyes are cast down
she drives away 
nothing shining.

by Ioan Rusu |
Categories: life, love, nature,


With an ice aye

I'm looking over woods

when winter comes.

Leaves, as bloody tears

are crying an paths.

Lonely, trees are shivering

under a cold sky.

Somewhere, in the mountains

I see a deer pairs

with ice hearts,

but I know that their warmly love

will cross over this cold winter.

by Dennis Cardiff |
Categories: lost love,

Timid Eyes

Timid eyes
From the forest
Beckon; yet hold back,
Wanting to love;
Afraid to trust. 

Lithe body
Like a deer
Ready to spring
At the first sign
Of danger. 

Delicate features
Worthy of infinite contemplation,
Ready to colour
At the slightest provocation. 

I want to coax her
From the forest,
Show her
There is nothing to fear,
Yet; I know there is. 

So, from a distance
I watch
The timid gentle creature,
All I can give her 
Is freedom.

by K.M North |
Categories: beach,

The Bridle Coo

My brother liked to steal my cloze
I said I like too wear my socks two

He had a girlfriend named rose
That he'd bring home when our parents were aweigh

He'd say to her "I love you deer"
And give her a flour or to

One day I said "I want a girl that listens to medal"
He laughed and told me I was cereal

But I mustard up the courage without mintsing words
And i said to his girlfriend "you should merry me"

She said "yes" and my brother could only grown
But he'll be my best man when me and her get married at the beech

He'll be wearing socks and sandals by the see
And I'll be sockless but merrying rose happily