Love Poems About Damselfly or Damselfly Love Poems
by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: love, nature,

Scottish Damselfly


loch-studded moorland

bogs and runnels

and o'er the Highland Pass

antennae alert
I'll twist the wind


by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: garden,

Garden Secrets

Damselfly breeze floats on a summers’ day
Carefree with love and delight in her way

Monarch butterfly arrives soon after
Ruffled marigolds hear tiny laughter

Grasshopper, not sure if he’s invited
Queen of faeries says I’ll make you knighted

Bumblebee diligently pollinates
The garden is alive for goodness sakes

Coneflower sways to robin’s melody
A fallen petal blows away carefree

Human enters the garden from the right
The mystical fey scurry out of sight

Woman looks around feeling something new
Sh! It’s a secret between me and you!