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by John Gondolf |
Categories: lonely, lost love,

Sadly Musing Life and Love

I sit alone as evening claims the day,
with common crow my only confidant.
I watch the sun sink slowly in the bay
while musing life and love so nonchalant.

As night descends upon my humble soul,
my furtive feelings ponder kinship lost.
I’m missing precious love that makes me whole;
my dearest darling gone at such a cost.

And woe I say, why did she go away,
and leave my heavy heart in agony;
behind, my shallow spirit here to stay;
she cast our love away so damnably.

Alas, I rue thee, my ascetic life,
and long to lance my heart with wretched knife.

January 17, 2018
Poem of the Day - January 18, 2018

by Jane Doe |
Categories: love, sun,

Break of Dawn

It was so dark and cold
I felt alone in the dark of night
It seemed as if the pitch black 
Would never go away
That the sun would never come
That no one would be the light
To outshine the darkness

But then you came
Your beams of light shown 
And away the dark was blown
You filled the sky with light
And caused the roosters
To crow with joy
You filled my heart with happiness
And my eyes were filled
With tears of joy
You were the rising sun
The darkness and pain was gone
And only the joy will remain
You were my break of dawn


by Elaine George |
Categories: spring,


So close to death in Winter's cold embrace
Within a frozen dream I lie below
A pristine eiderdown of  fallen snow
Where ice has formed in patterns of white lace
That hold me  now suspended in this place
Until again I hear the water flow
When dawn is broken by a Rooster's crow
As your warm breath is felt upon my face

When you dear Spring arrive on Angel's wings
And melt this spell that Winter has on me 
Than I, your Mother Earth, will rise again
Revitalized by all the love you bring
To bloom in all the glory I can be
A sea of blossoms drenched in heaven's rain

Author:  Elaine Cecelia George

by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: death, life, love, high school,

Death - Reborn - Balassi Stanza

As I take my last breath
The pathway to my death
Is the Arc of a Rainbow

In Darkness, unforeseen 
With a Soul, so unclean
As a Raven’s or a Crow

I can feel this new Life
Sounds of bagpipes and fife
An Eternity, to Grow 

Inspired by Dr. Ram Mehta’s Contest
              “ Balassi Stanza “

Author’s Note : Dr. Ram has Taught me more English
Than my Jr. & Sr. High School Teachers : Combined

by David Rombo |
Categories: confusion, life,


I will not be 
ruled by my 
Thus I shan’t 
I can’t hate,
I won’t live,
I shall 
Like spoken 
word with no 
You and I are 
no duplicate,
My body shall 
be a suitcase,
Organs packed 
like folded 
Just like an 
open shoe you 
see the toes,
Thus no friends 
and many are 
No happiness 
only woes,
Because that’s 
the way the 
robot goes,
Neither smile 
nor tear must 
Not a fright 
when appears a 
At full power 
alone do my 
eyes glow,
To get no love 
and give none 
To obey, serve,
To torture my 
And smother my 
For everyone 
else? For 

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: romantic, sad,

On Mountain Cold

He wed his fate on mountain cold, Where now she kneels on blood-stained snow. He journeyed far, his love to hold. He wed his fate on mountain cold, their moments - gems - seemed hundredfold. . . before the cawing of the crow. He wed his fate on mountain cold, Where now she kneels on blood-stained snow. Sept. 24, 2016 for Nicola Byrne's Movie Mania - Romance Poetry Contest Inspired by a moving scene in one of my favorite romantic movies Cold Mountain See "About Poem" to view part of the sad scene this is based on. Also see the beautiful love scene where they kiss!

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: angel, care, friend, heaven, home, love, spiritual,

On Sunny Street

My special angel, you are watching over me,
In the days of holly, or when it is blossomy.
A secret friend, following me through my days,
Though others may go, your love remains always.

Whenever trouble comes, your might is revealed,
As a hidden garden where beauty's been concealed.
An everloving heart, and knowing mystical eyes,
Your address lies in heaven, as the crow flies!

by Roy Jerden |
Categories: love, magic, valentines day,

The Virgin Witch of Moulineaux

Three fennel seeds upon the snow
she sows upon St. Valentine's,
the virgin witch of Moulineaux.

A magic spell that love shall grow
in blood fresh pricked from rose's spines,
three fennel seeds upon the snow.

A kiss beneath the mistletoe,
on Yuletide eve his arm entwines
the virgin witch of Moulineaux.

But now where is her wayward beau?
Her hope lies there before the pines:
three fennel seeds upon the snow.

With lifted arms to call the Crow
she kneels to pray and make the signs,
the virgin witch of Moulineaux.

To win his love or it forego,
the stars shall judge how she aligns
three fennel seeds upon the snow,
the virgin witch of Moulineaux.

by Patrick Cornwall |
Categories: desire,


Dig the hole and like a mole

Can't see you now am blinded

Digging fast to forget our past

Will bury it beside me

Will keep it there 

With love and care 

Till needed it reminds me

I'll pour it out 

Until it sprouts

And plant the seedlings around me

Memories will come 

Forget the sum

I'll pay my dues directly

We meet each night 

I hold you tight

Till rooster crow and wake me

Never forget 

Our love was spent

Will plant you directly

by arthur vaso |
Categories: art, death, funeral, jesus, psychological, seasons,

Father Arthur

Dear Son
even I am long gone
dead and buried
please son take heed
the good lord will plead
good deeds do matter
sin will land you in the hereafter
down under where the co!cks and roosters crow
now in hell fire's, son, please I wish you not to go
travel light my son, carry a heart of love
beware those, friends that make you less
I am looking up from above
no more disgraces
or shadow traces
chat not with
ham or pork 
in teeth
I see all
be kind
in the sky

by Femi Adebayo |
Categories: death, grief, loss, pain, sorrow, women, summer, autumn, summer,

The Obscure Love

The cash and carry of love
Which summer doth requisite
When will thou birth me a dove?
Soon autumn will bid for hunt-		5
To gratify winter’s drudge
Oh! Far is the sight of spring
None can pacify better
For season flies without wings
And quick does it charm scald beauty
 Of whose time shall be pleaded?	10
As vaguely summer doth leave
Crow beckons with a caw
The womb that is long barren
Whom for eon is not loved
And in earth’s hate it joy is lost		15
Quick drains life off it victim

by Markus Fleischmann |
Categories: beautiful, first love, for her, love, relationship,

True Love

A rite of passage
A privilege
One's soul takes in reason
When the heart is of season
A state of mind
A fuller being
Action of will
Cast from devotion
Resolve and emotion
A Contract of heart
Binding and evolving
A deeper resolution of
One's souls evolution
Life's revolution
Lovers constitution
Free of persecution
Restitution and prosecution
A Limitless landscape
Unchained, untamed
Love is absolute
Love is true
My love is you.
( Crow Cries)

by Sandison Jumbo |
Categories: true love,

A single act of love

A single pebble,
dropped into calm waters,
I watched the ripples grow.

The sound could only be a treble,
it's still heard across many waters,
by sailors, even as they row.

I cease to be a rebel,
like clay in the hands of master potters,
I appoint you the baker and I'll be your dough

With your love so strong, I tremble,
though among the poorest of paupers,
an eagle I've become, instead of a crow.

by Lei Strauss |
Categories: sad love,

Bad Cheater

Is it for real worse or for better?
Left her naked with a white letter
Did he just regret when they had love?
This is so bad coz’ she’s just in love.

He sweetly said that he loves her much
Gentle kisses and sensual chill touch
She wanted him till crow turns to white
Left her in room without purest light.

Is it for real worse or for better?
It’s odd coz' they’re never together
Did he just feel the same way she feels?
I don’t know that it’s such a big deal!

Why she can’t get any good lesson?
Just in love for one stupid reason
Hope that she’ll find the finely one
Man won’t deceive him like perfect one.

by Sunshine Smile |
Categories: animal, evil, garden,

- Intensive Colon Cleanse -

                                     Crows are scavengers

                     ... they eat dog poop in my garden every day

                     When I bring my shovel and bag they scream :
                                ... "we want more .... more" ...

                                          ... they love it

                                               A crow

                               will fight over a dead man's flesh

                                But, stay away from my garden

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by Jerry Swana |
Categories: art, beautiful, beauty, body, love, spiritual, spring,

A Spring Love Affair

A grew.
A seed embedded beneath the soil.
Daisy,roses,violets are blue,
Lily of the valley, spring has renewed.

Faintly birds chirp before my eyes have awaken,
roosters crow, while grandsons are raking,
Cows are milked, playgrounds are built,
Swing into spring, flowers are racing.

Who will be the first to announce it's presence
Pollen drops from above seasonal changes progressing.

Lust is everywhere,
while love is in the air.
dress basically bare,
floor covered underwear.

One night stands
True love romance
kiss between lips
loves tangled dance

by Sara Kendrick |
Categories: imagination, life, nature,

The Hiding Sun

As the sun hides behind thick clouds The roosters try to crow it out But that sun is not very proud As the sun hides behind thick clouds The Doves coo a love song aloud Try to coax it without a doubt As the sun hides behind gray clouds The roosters try to crow it out

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: life, love,

Caw Like A Crow

Life's a bowl of cherries as the old saying goes So flap those ears and wiggle your nose Laugh at the bad stuff Giggle at the glad stuff Stick out your chest and caw like a crow © Jack Ellison 2015

by Sizo Hlophe |
Categories: bereavement, betrayal, bird, crush, heart, how i feel, i love you,


Why has the love gone in shreds,
A mayhem curse. 

Invited birds of the night on my pad,
A wild man's pet.

She flaunts her feathers in his sleep, 
A sacred spell on damning dreams.

Tucks her wings and flaunts her wig.
She would soon weep as she feeds,
On every piece till he bleeds
Disregard his celebrated medallion pads.

by Surajit Dahal |
Categories: heartbreak, heartbroken, loneliness, lonely, lost love, love hurts,


Whoz standing besides me?
None, neither God nor she.
Am I a solitary human
I don't have a single friend.

I stand still, but your tears kill
None holding me, with no skill
No life to live, still lot to find
Neither front nor hind..

Alone I walk the journey
Amidst joy and sorrow
As the thirsty crow
Collecting the scattered ferny.

Categories: loveme, me,

why thou should leave?

why thou must reject me merciless now
when the sun has not yet denied her place,
for the **** of the village can still crow,
when the sky has always been a perfect grace?
why thou must hate me with intense hatred,
for the world springs water they have still bled,
when the moon not so dark, still has her ray,
for the pious in the superbeing still pray?
why thou, my dear love, must send me a way
when the rain on earth is still pattering,
for the dogs and cats are not gone astray
why thou should leave, when plants are flowering?
can't you stay with me till the trees wither,
till when the birds have refused to twitter?

by Alex Perry |
Categories: addiction, break up, love, sick, suicide,

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry
For all the words that I said
When I claimed I wanted you dead
This runs through my head
I want to be dead

I'm sorry
For all the things I did
All my scars I hid
How you I tried to get rid
I acted like a kid

I'm sorry
For the lies I told
The grudge I tried to hold
How I pushed and pushed 'til you did fold
I never meant to be so cold

I'm sorry
For denying your love
As you called gentle as a dove
I answered with push and shove
When the truth.. I don't feel worthy to be your belove

I'm sorry
More than you will ever know
For I have to go
And follow the crow
Straight into the White Glow

I will always love you, even from the other side.

by Angela Yousef |
Categories: imaginationdark, dark, love,

Dark Side

Dark poets reunite and we share our poems
online. As far as I know we are doing really well
without the fuss or the bad that the people think
we do. Like a bat with rabies that is on the verge
of coming after anybody or whoever moves.
Wow, what a scary situation! Dark are the posses
of the gothic clothing. Any songs you wanna sing makes 
the Dark Side an illusional concept in rock n roll.
However, a bad day comes and it brings you down,
write a story, a song, or even a poem, to bring your mood 
from down to radiant. Feel as wonderful as a free flying
black crow. A love for music makes anyone happy.
Just like the love for poetry that has different sides to it.

by Victor Chavez |
Categories: lost love,

Ruined heart

You haunt my soul
and left a hole
to foster death
within my chest.

Why came I to love you so?
you became my obsession
and my heart's suppression.
Ne'er again love's seeds I'll sow

for you became a rotten crow tree within my heart
whose unremovable rotted roots became my cark.

A corpse herein lies
who buries your lies
with which was caved in

by the weight of your sin.
His failed attempts to hate
the slaver causing craze
of his mind, the poor slave.

by Anthony Onyeka |
Categories: lost love

Lonely mind

I am falling slowly
just like a falling snow
deep down into an ocean
clouded with love
if only i have a love
i would take it to the cloud
in the heart of the moon
just like rain drop
slowly ad heavily
so will my love grow

I need some one to call honey
so i could spend my money
before thee **** crow
i am cool ding out in loneliness
speechless night
full of so many strange sound
cool ding my soul away
ticking away my heart
like the air on the wings of the wind
uneasy like the head that wears the crown
just before the **** crow
there was a lighting that brighten my soul.