Love Poems About Cougar or Cougar Love Poems
by Wilma Neels |
Categories: fantasyme,

'cougar Effect'

C aution to the wind 
O  lder me and a younger you 
U ndeniable attraction 
G rasping the chance to explore 
A nd never thinking about 
R egrets or the age gap 

E njoying all the dubious 
F aces probably wondering 
F or the life of them, what does he see in her?
E specially when we
C uddle and you kiss me in public
T angible expression of our love

Contest Name : Cougar Effect
Name : Wilma N. Neels


6th Place

by James Sessions |
Categories: brother, lost love, truth,

The Dream

In slumber I lay on white sheets in the barn.
	Sweet thoughts of a lover from which I am torn.
	I can still smell the scent of her soft fragrant hair.
	To my side I find that my Cougar is there.
	Calmly he paces.
	He claws at my arm to warn me, beware!
The ghost that is floating just feet in the air!
	I leap to my feet, my lover is gone, the sorrow I feel will forever live on.
	I run to the woods and I turn to see that the ghost is closing in on me!
	I stop.
	Only a face, just mouth, just eyes.
	But calmness comes over me as I realize,
	The ghost is my brother
	How is this so?
	Perhaps it is love he is trying to show.

by Jack Horne |
Categories: love

My Wife the Cougar

my wife the cougar
Sue was forty when we met
I was twenty three

By Jack Horne for Dr Ram’s Cougar Effect contest

by Brian Moore |
Categories: betrayal, break up, feelings, heartbreak, lost love, marriage, sad love,

Ode To a Cougar

Beautiful woman by my side 
Soul and body coincide 
I love you way too much sometimes 
Or perhaps it's not enough 

Back when you were my blushing bride 
We both were sorely terrified 
The kids, the house and minivan
The years flew by in a flash 

Then came the day when you walked out 
For another your love poured out 
Shelter elsewhere you would seek 
In the arms of a younger man

I rise up early in my bed
Music playing in my head 
What was the tune you used to sing?
So sweetly to my ears

"I would never love another 
'Cuz you're the Dad and I'm the Mother"
But your heart was turned astray
By the face of a younger man

by Mike Dailey |
Categories: childhood, fantasy, love, passion, romance

Cougar and Cub

There once was this gal – much older
And I being young but bolder
Took hold of her hand
Said I am your man
But she gave me the old cold shoulder

Now I – being not a quitter
Thought how am I going to get her
I must make her mine
The very next time
My parents get a baby sitter

Written - 	6/19/11 by mdailey
For Dr. Mehta's contest - Cougar Effect

by Johnny Sumler |
Categories: loveold, love, old,

My Elder Love

Madame, thou art mature and must I say...
Thy wine is old and pleasing to the taste
The love you give to me no one could weigh
Yet eyes eavesdrop on evenings we embrace
Your years above my age is their distaste

For you came like a cougar in the night
Desires upon my flesh you did delight
After our lips would play and kiss with tongue
We lay in love and looking in the light
You would say I was old and she was young

Johnny Sumler

by John Monteblanco |
Categories: confusion, loveme, old, me, old,


I'm fire and you're ice.
Saw your frozen heart, so I did what I do best- I set it on fire.
You told me you could drive no parent needed.
You told me we could be friends and never have to tell anybody.
You lied to me when you said you were twice my age, but at least now I know I'm not 
dating a 28-year old woman.
How old are you? Nineteen, twenty, twenty-one?
You're eighteen with a body of a Greek goddess and lips as full as the night's moon.
I'm still young, but so are you. How is this going to work out?
Is this true love or the Cougar Effect?

John Monteblanco
Cougar Effect

by Stephanie Hanvey |
Categories: beautiful, change, journey, romantic, sensual, sexy, woman,


I am a lonely middle aged woman looking for love, I open my heart and yet I get shoved, I dabble in lust, I keep my kind soul hidden with trust, I am hoping to find true love, since my first has gone above, I now feel consumed with loneliness, my heart tormented by an iron fist, I am not being true to myself, it seems that I have become someone else, I forgot who I use to be, my sinful pleasures are overpowering me, my sexual desires testing me, I am a cougar, let me out of this cage and set me free.

by Kash Poet |
Categories: funny, wedding

Chemistry Is the Factor

He was much younger she caught him in love-net, though her History was older the stage perfectly set. Geography and Chemistry they must had studied well, they were in a love spree married life never failed. So let it be Cougar age not so important, Chemistry is the factor for marriage fulfilment. © kashinath karmakar ( 24th June 2011) =============00=============== Placement: 4th ;(July 2011) Sponsor:Dr. Ram Mehta by:kashinath karmakar Contest:Cougar Effect

by Jack Reed |
Categories: confusion, life, love, mystery, passion, fantasy,

As My Lovers Scream

As my lovers screams my heart always shatter. 
Eye's turned red holding back crystal's of a spatter.
As she is willing to never listen to reason. 
Always defensive thinking of a treason. 
As the full moon rise then the gravity pulls. 
Crashing waves of high tide the hatefulness unfolds. 
The Illumination of the moonlight sparks do shine.
As lovers greed we eventually start grinding.
Like the magic cougar when I stalk my pray. 
Soon there will be nothing for me to love away.
Confusion in my head always needing to be free. 
The only way out is my personal poetry. 
Sex and fantasy has always been overrated. 
When fantasy comes it is always has been forsaken.

by Terry Flood |
Categories: age, birthday, funny love, humor,


You can’t iron something that’s wrinkled
She’s lived ninety years in this skin
She’d popped in her teeth and she’d tinkled
This birthday she ain’t staying in

Her gout and arthritis were giving her grief
But tonight she intended to flirt
Doc Martens and knickers a long way from brief
Fish nets and a very short skirt

She went to a bar full of pushing and shoving
And eyed a young guy in the queue
She winked and she said if you’re after some loving
I’d whip off my bloomers for you

27 November 2020
For: Make Me Laugh With Some Humour contest
Sponsor: Tania Kitchin

by Janet Bingham |
Categories: best friend, death, farewell, friendship, hope, relationship, true love,

Unrequited Love


She was a virgin,
forgotten by 
the eyes of men.
He noticed her smile.
He never asked where she'd been.
They remained friends
until the last leaf.
They knew love's beauty;
its longing, sorrow, and grief.
Decay stalks the dead
like a cougar proud and lean
while under snow in the forest,
they dream imaginative dreams.
A cold wind blows leaves
over their caskets dim;
and then there is silence
in remembrance of them.
Unrequited love
does not perish all alone.
It whispers through the forest:
"I love you.  You are my own."

Janet Marie Bingham

by Jamfox Rock |
Categories: abuse, addiction, america, anger, angst,

Vanity Is a Bouquet of Roses

i feel sick. 

the things i don't want to do, i do, 
and the things i want to do, i do them, but with much delay. 

i looked you in the eye with pain, 
but you turned my emotions away for personal gain, 
forcing yourself upon me like a cougar to it's prey. 

i'll love you, 
i love you, 
i Loved you. 

we can play hide and seek forever, 
or i can give myself away, 
but if i do not eat, i hunger. 
and so, i hunger.

how could i ever compare my beauty to a rose?

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: humorous,

Lyn Goes After Scarlet the Harlot

Scarlet the Harlot teases and torments matador man name of Lyn.
A stuck bull is less wild, but he ignores the advice of friends and kin,
You cannot be serious, they say, she is a cougar and teases us all.
Lyn cannot help it, he loves who he loves, and he loves Scarlet doll.

So, he chases and flirts, but she stays conveniently out of reach.
The bloom is off the lily, she is conniving and nasty, no innocent peach.
Love has nothing to do with it, he tells his kin and his friends with advice.
She is not much, but she is all I can get, even if she is not at all nice.

by Paul Beadnall |
Categories: love

Cougar Effect

Love is what it is no matter what
                 take no notice of what people have got
                  to say `cos if they do mind
                    their eyes are wide shut and totally blind

by Ryan Stokes |
Categories: forgiveness, thank you,

Das Wonderlewis

he has the moves that could stop a moving cougar,

i love him more than life,

let me witness him in my boosem,

and sleep on my cheast

by Mario Perez |
Categories: epic

Classic Love

This cougar is about 5"4.
Everytime she leaves, I want more.
Before I can open my mouth she is out the door.
She is older than my mother.
Make me feel like no other.
I'm scared to lose my best lover.
I don't care about the age because its just a number.
She is only in town for the summer.
I'm falling for her everytime and I feel dumber..
I guess I'm addicted to older women.
Thank you Jesus Amen-Mario Perez

by Karen Jones |
Categories: conflict, love,

Not a Cougar

What is it about me that attracts
Men so much younger than I am
I have no desire to be that sugar mama
Am well beyond drama
I am the eccentric poetic type
Not real flashy with brown eyes
I pray that fate is kind
that my soul mate inspires divine
For a year and two months 
he professes his love
Even though I won’t give it up
What he says is terribly sweet
Somehow he loves the inside of me
I pray this young man find another
I am ten years too old to be his lover.

by Melani Udaeta |
Categories: political

More Than Money

Some things are more than 
Some stuff sparkles more than 

A joyous dolphin in  a clean 
the sight of a cougar, 
thought to be extinct

the thunder of peace
invading the  anger of war

A patient in pain and ill
getting better fast;
They don't fear a bill

Two people making a 
commitment to one another, 
And all that matters is their 
love for each other 

 Some stuff sparkles more than 
Some things are more than