Love Poems About Cobra or Cobra Love Poems
by Laura Breidenthal |
Categories: adventure, anxiety, cute love, emotions, feelings, imagery, kiss,

Love Strike

Upon shy reach,
His fingers touch mine—
Quickly though, they move away from me… 

I bite his lips,
Crushing his coiling coy
And snatch his hands back onto me

I am a cobra…
I dance to the beat of his anxious worship

by Adeniji Toluwalope Gideon |
Categories: evil, humanity, life, vanity,

The Race of Mankind

The black night turns red
Wolves consume the gentle doves
Upon the hole of the cobra
The whole world in disarray

Male and female, he created them
In peace and love they dwell time –pass 
Upon the light aperture of a poisonous snake
The waves dashed into boat
And became submerged

Downturn in event we see as
Males become females with feminine accessories
Females become males with masculine accessories
The whole world becomes blind
Dwelling under the vine of a mere snake
And under its fig tree

by ilene bauer |
Categories: animal, winter,

Cold Day at the Zoo

The ring-tailed lemurs swished their stripes;
The tortoises perambled.
Rhinoceroses munched on hay;
The seals caroused and gamboled.

A winter day with snow on tap
Was perfect for the zoo.
The humans seemed to stay away
So visitors were few.

The cobra swayed from side to side;
The dart frogs were exquisite.
A cold and dismal afternoon’s
The time I love to visit.

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: children, life, love, passion, romance,

Loves abracadabra

I have spelled out love’s abracadabra 
To take the gem from head of a cobra
I am playing the pipe to make her dance
I am dancing with her in wild romance
I have broken her fang to tame her now
She has become as good as a pet cow
I have touched her head with my magic wand
In order to make real my sweet dreamland
Thus I have turned her into a woman
Now she has become my favorite fan

by Margi Spurgeon |
Categories: addiction, betrayal,


My heart is broken again
Can't breathe; stomach tightens
Another discovery of your deed
that can't be understood

Cold, dark, empty eyes
Can often dance with love
Evil is present with but
A twinge of guilt

Influences; Temptation
Draw you in - take you away
Your children's eyes are hopeful
Waiting up for you again

You show love in many ways
But secrets lie behind it
Cobra in wait, ready to strike
We never see it coming

Family bonds should be unbroken
But again you tore it down
No where to turn - we stand here,
Your smile resumes

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: life, lost love, sad, song-me,

Love was like walking through the valley of death

Love was such a hard game to play
All my hopes were carried away
I realized from the first day
It might lead my heart to ashtray

Love was like a cobra guarding treasure
I would have to take risk to have pleasure
But it bit me again and again
Now I am dying of endless pain

Love was like walking through the valley of death
I wished I would see you before my last breath

Love was like a giant that made you slave
I wanted to free you but dug my grave
He has caged me in a lonely land
It was a mistake I understand

by Andrey Fisht |
Categories: imagination

One Legend.

She was the proud 
Her beauty was so 
Her eyes of fire 
Be ready to this 
She wasnt just a 
simple snake,
Her name was a 
Nobody could her 
rest brake,
She was a pure 
A man was 
perfect warrior,
The gods gave him 
their love,
And he became 
And he began to 
A man and a cobra 
Faced to the 
amber eyes,
And that fight 
was as treasure
For those who 
couldn't die.
A man threw his 
She turned around 
And than she 
threw on him,
And they both 
were grisly. 
They say that 
their spirits
Visit this beautiful 
And they had 
painted image
Of pure natures 

by Lisa Ebehardt |
Categories: abuse, conflict, desire, fear, first love,


I love the hate in your voice.

The vein that protrudes from your neck like a striking cobra.

The vast array of hues in your eyes.

Who knew there were that many shades of red?

So caught up in the suspense of the moment that you don’t notice your voice jumping an octave.

The pitch resounding like a fist making contact with my face.

Just because there aren’t any marks, does not mean I am not bruised.

But still…

I love the hate in your voice.

by Sarah Casey |
Categories: animals, love,


It's said there's some irreplacable
and it's said they're iridescent
but from realities wakeup call
and the knives that peel at your delicacy-
gently puncturing the senses,
triggering the knots that erupt deep inside
when they are no longer butterflies-
but cobras,
infecting, misleading and wrong-
surfacing the venom of worry

*not finished*

by Christopher Nova |
Categories: black love, boyfriend, break up, divorce, emo, feelings, heartbreak,

Lost One

You are my magnum opus I see you & lose focus, my past present & future rest in your eyes, every day without you a piece of me dies, you did a me on me better than I, I thought you would just take it but you joined Cobra Kai, this not a fairytale & my crane kick not workin, I doubt you would forgive me even if I bought you a Birkin, my friends ask me what I did to radicalize you, probably cheat on you & dare you to leave l would chastise you,  honestly if I knew the last time was the last time for real that time, I wouldn't be sitting here  writing these words that rhyme, but I guess this is what it feels like to get dumped, the land of the lonely a self inflicted slump 

by Bo Lanier |
Categories: boyfriend, fantasy, love,

Dance of the Cobra

Dance of the Cobra
In the shadow of a
Somewhere in the
Mist of the Sea
Desire encircling
You and me
The smell of you is
Intoxicating and has me
Rising to the occasion
Tonight as do
Your eye's putting me
Into a trance
Oh my heart, oh what a
Charmer playing with 
Fire in a wicked delight
You dare the fates
Daring me to take the
This is dangerous but
Here goes throwing all
Caution to the wind
As the storm on the
Horizon flashes once
Again you make your
Move enticing me to
Surrender my body to
In the shadow of a
Somewhere in the
Mist of the Sea
Desire encircling
You and me!

by Francis Osho |
Categories: allusion,

are you happy

ancient laws 
of tedious wisdom
egocentric desires
of wanting flesh
neurotic minds 
are you happy
limping mangose
chasing a pregnant cobra
repressions suppressions
deep seated impressions
poison could be healing
purging of the disturbed minds
are you happy
wandering in the shores of love
singing the  expression of your soul

by Asif Andalib |
Categories: hope, life, lost love, love,

The poison of cobra

She has bitten me so many times
With the poison of cobra
Still I love her so much
Still I need her so much
Still I want her so much
I need something to breakthrough
The world of sorrow.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: spiritual,

Moment of decision

A cobra pair glides through the forest. The drought has virtually extinguished all available food sources. The male is strong and on his own he may yet make it across the treacherous terrain ahead but his pregnant mate cannot. He weighs the options and they confer in silence. A decision is made. They plunge into rhythmic gyrations of their final dance together in the flickering moonlight contoured by swaying foliage, scented by the elixirous fragrance of jasmines. The male then closes his eyes entering Samadhi before he is devoured by the female. His seeds within her hold promise of new life.

At cross roads of choice
We follow voice of conscience 
Pulse of love divine

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: love hurts,

No Filters

Rejection is nothing I am used to it
Somedays more so than others
Today was different
I took a risk 
even though I did not feel ready
And I got my head handed to me on a platter.
It was unexpected, came hard and fast.
No filters.

He was brutally his dad; not himself at all.
I recognized none of his political correctness.
It was cold and mean; he turned into a cobra.
Venom zapped me into a paralyzed position.
He left me there writhing.
I will always remember this.
Wondering how I could have been so wrong.
Trusting him with my soul.
No filters.