Love Poems About Climbing or Climbing Love Poems
by Daniel Turner |
Categories: feelings, love,


With a calm soothing look from your blue eyes
You invite me in to refresh my worth
And heal my wounds with your appealing mirth
A kiss from your lips leaves me satisfied
To desire no more, just be by your side
Tease my cheek with your feathery soft flirt
And I'll tie off my vessel at your berth
While your waves of kindness restore my pride
We'll take a walk on the beach holding hearts
Take a swim in the waters of desire
Drying our bare souls in the bright sun light
Never again will we let our paths part
Climbing love's mountain higher and higher
Then down the backside, to walk out of sight

  an original poem by the "poemdog" Daniel Turner

by Melissa Schwartz |
Categories: introspection, lost love, love,

In Forbearance

Where was I 
when repo men invaded,
boxed me up within his cool heart
fragrant in its distaste of warmer climates?
You know,
climates governed by love.
(Daydreaming of knights, that's where.)

Now I have only so much patience remaining
for this slapstick brain-
a nasty reminder, the heckler of my heart,
what spews sensibility
when I simply yearn to err. 

And I scarcely have time to mourn
his devil's smile
leaving southward in moving vans
transporting my pieces
(all the valid ones)
with him
as I sit numbed,
next to climbing ivy poisoned by my disbelief,
unpaid for.

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: seasons,

A Song of Seasons

I sing a song of springtime.
The earth is green and fair.
Life comes again with scent of rain,
and love is in the air.

I sing a song of summer.
The sun is climbing high.
We laugh and run and have such fun.
How blue becomes the sky!

I sing a song of autumn.
Trees wear their brightest gown.
It’s trick or treat, then bittersweet
as leaves are falling down.

I sing a song of winter.
I sing it soft and low.
The days grow dark and short, but hark!
We bask in Yuletide’s glow!

Written April 5, 2016 
Used now for Strand's 'COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE (28)any form any theme' Poetry Contest

by Charmaine Chircop |
Categories: beauty, love,

Haiku 56 about Love

Her hands upon his window-sill a climbing jasmine

by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
Categories: familyme, me,

Grandma's Arms

I remember long ago when I was just a child
Climbing into Grandma’s arms and the way she smiled
She’d hold me close and rock me, kiss me on my head
When I’d fall asleep she’d gently put me in my bed

There was a coal stove in the kitchen used for cooking and for heat
When Grandpa picked blueberries, she’d bake us a special treat
For the little things in life, we would thank the Lord above
We had more than what we needed, we were enriched by love

While Grandma was doing wash, I would be playing on the floor
Sometimes we’d take a walk down to the grocery store
After supper she’d be tired and sit down in the rocking chair
I’d climb into Grandma’s arms. I was always happy there.

by Pashang Salehi |
Categories: angel, flying, happiness, love,

A is for Angel

                   A is for Angel…  

A is for Angel, Angel of love.
It can change raven into a dove.
Earliest morning, when twilight blend,
Near the horizon Angels ascend.
Singing and dancing, they came to play.
kissing me with breeze, dancing away.
Lonely I am, wishful of love,
Angels are here, I’m climbing above.
Higher and higher into the sky,
dancing with angels higher than high.
Where are we going? Nobody knows!
God may be waiting, or down it goes.
Wishful and happy into the sky,
you'll see me dancing, or I may die.

4/3/2016 Haloo 

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: son,

Letting Go

Little boy with hair in curl,
Pretty as most any girl.
Feed you well to make you grow.
Wishing time was turned to slow.

Watching with attentive eye,
Guarding from the tricks you try.
Climbing in the apple tree,
Falling may you fall on me.

Proud I am to see you growing,
Even though it's with the knowing,
Each step is one more step away
From the little boy I love today.

For just  this while I hold you tight.
Tuck you in to sleep at night,
Playing my part in bigger plan
For my small son, too soon a man.

By' Joyce Johnson April 2014

by Rick Parise |
Categories: dance, love, lust,

May I Have This Dance

Emerald eyes that hypnotize Softly swaying in rhythmic rhyme Within a subtle glance she dips And moves about the crowd As music spills to fill the room A wondrous flower indeed has bloomed And in a breath A single sigh With confidence climbing high I fold my hands and saunter on To give it one more try

by Sunlite Wanter |
Categories: love, mountains,

While Climbing the Rocks

While Climbing the Rocks

Through trees and rains and 
Lakes I have lived, but today I shall remember,
Remember the child who climbed rock mountains,
Shutting out the city sounds and,
Music of wind cuddling foothills and dreams.
Dreams of a log cabin and dreams of love,
With someone to share the quiet of the dove;
Puttering with pursuits, watching horned toads play,
On the side of a mountain looking away.

by Patricia Langston-Moran |
Categories: life

Window of Life

I am gazing - out the window,
And I see an Ivy, climbing to the sky,
I see Humanity walking by,
My window,
I don't see love.

I see seeds upon the ground - dead.
Seeds of justice.
I see a child holding ragged little arms up
to Mother,
and another,
Walking in proud hatred.

I see love passing by, walking into darkness
Of death, awaiting in time.
Aged weariness just befell my eye...beaten...
Hoping for elation of death.
Walk on...walk on.

I see a dog in playful ignorance,
Loving the Master, and the Master
In wisdom, painfully loving back.
I await eve- and night falls, entering my door - 
I wonder...tomorrow will I see more...
From my window?

Patricia Langston-Moran

by Constance La France |
Categories: love,

Love is a Garden

The flowers are sweet kisses for love is a garden and each fragile bloom will open in time when touched by the sun and the rain. Love is a climbing vine twining, creeping, growing, L o v e _____________________________ November 6, 2019 Poetry/Verse/Love is a Garden Copyright Protected, ID 19-1194-459-02 All Rights Reserved. Written under Pseudonym. Written for the contest, Metaphor of Love sponsor, Bobby May First Place

by robin davis |
Categories: change, earth, hate, love, pain, world,

We Need To Change What Has Been Done

There is nothing I won't do
To try and finally get through
To a world who is not well
Somehow we all tripped and fell
Right into a hole of hate
I just hope it's not too late
For climbing out of the deep
Anger that we slowly seep
Into souls, quickly burning
Out the love, now it's turning
More and more into heartache
When are we all gonna take
A look at what we're all doing
To each other, lets stop screwin'
Around, getting back to when
All humans were happy friends
Accepting others, and not judging
Let's leave all the hurtful smudging
In the past and move ahead
Without any tears or dread

Categories: rainbow, uplifting, weather,


In our garden the sweet peas are climbing I can’t wait until they are in flower The sun’s out I see its face smiling but it hides at the approaching shower My garden enjoys the rain drops and quickly the deluge will slow I love the petrichor once the drops stops And I observe the most glorious rainbow! A cheerful rhyme Contest Sponsor Line Gauthier 04/02/20

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: beautiful, blue, fantasy, imagery, love,


       Dream in hues of blue!
       Climbing celestial heights.
       With silver, satin ladders in the Spring arms of the night.

       With your amorous lover caressing
       your dimpled hand.
       So intoxicated, you, by him and his seraphic band.

       Allow sensual, tropical winds to tousle your
       gleaming head of hair.
       Just dream in hues of blue, without a worldly care!


                    May 31, 2020
                       6pm PST

                     Poem # 1,309

by Anais vionet |
Categories: 11th grade, school, science,


Theoretical physicists say that there’s really no such thing as “time.” That our perception of time is just how our minds work but that, in reality, everything is happening at once.

Somewhere, Harry James’ trumpet is crying out to lovers. Do you hear it?

Romeo is about to take stage for the first time - Kennedy is climbing into the convertible - and I’m about to meet my true love - will I know, did I know? Argh! 

Time passes by or stays, unseen. Contrails forever linger, flowers never die and kisses don’t end. 

This school day certainly feels like it’s lasting forever.

by Amelia Harmon |
Categories: imagination, on writing and wordswords,

Magic Pencil

Just put a pencil in my hand and suddenly...
..Smilling, talking, dancing across the page, climbing in a story,
Drawing a leaf, a picture,
Writing an adventure waiting to be read,
Drawing, writing all the whille,
Smilling at every word to be born,
Expressing every feeling ever known to man: happiness, sadness, love, and hate,
Every feeling ever imagined and described,
Magic in my words and fingers,
Creating beauty and perfection,
Beauty on paper,
Love in the sky, 
Better and better do my words fly,
Higher, stronger, more beautiful, to perfectionperhaps not yet, perhaps not ever.

by Charles Henderson |
Categories: love,

Fire in the Night

Time…fan this raging fire.
I'm lost, flames climbing higher.
I need you here beside me,
temperature rising inside.
Burning in effigy,
riding high on the tide, 
quenching the desire.
Time…fan this raging fire. 

August 8, 2013 cghjr

by James Marshall Goff |
Categories: imagination

Five Winter Haiku Kerouac Pop

seven below zero
      silent angels
cold prayers

darkness falls on snow
for my keys 

metrodome cave-in
      vikings lose their home
pillage detroit town

      mountain climbing
your forgotten love

windblown snow
      covers my tracks
am I here?

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: introspection, wisdom,

My Parting Gifts- A Piece Of Advise

    Three Pieces Of Advice

Let It Go
Life can be difficult and full of stress
Don’t sweat the small stuff, let it go
Most things will come out in the wash
It won’t matter when your six feet below…

Find A Passion In Life
Some days it’s hard to get up in the morning
But if you have something you love to do
Be it writing a poem or climbing a mountain
Your passions the ticket to carry you through….

Life’s a lot more fun if you can manage a laugh
Hang around with friends that make you smile
There are some cockamamie situations in life
A sense of humor will carry you many a mile…..


by Duke Beaufort |
Categories: funny

Finally--I broke down and wrote about love

The sweet sap of passion doth please
Like a thrilling swing in the breeze
It drives me insane
Can I ever refrain
From loving and climbing the trees?

by Navah Fuchs |
Categories: animals, childhood, death, loss, lost love, seasons,

The Winter Wolf

Silent whispers on broken vows, I cling to my dream of you.
You are the forest’s end, the wolf’s grin.
Climbing to the edge of bliss and sin,
There’s noting to obscure the view.

Looking to the sky laced with clouds, my eyes pierce the haze.
You danced into my world as a child.
Untamed, beckoning me to the wild.  
You unleashed my wings, bloodying my back, spirit crazed.

Little wolf, silver blade by my side.
We ran through the wood,
Constantly seeking to bloody our prey.
I am full on the carrion and broken pride.
Now you are gone, and all I have is your ghost.
A child, a maiden, a lover, a memory.
Frost grips at the beautiful ivory,
To the life I lead, to the path you craved most.

by Kevin Clark |
Categories: introspection,

Reaching for my love while she gets further away

Dancing forever on the razors edge

Climbing all day without leaving the ledge

Cutting myself and no one sees me bleed

Having it all but not knowing what I need

Gaining a minute but loosing an hour

Tasting your sweet but coming up sour

Loosing my religion but believing his word

Listening all night but not hearing a single word

Begging for the truth but wanting a lie

Living fast forever while I painfully and slowly die

Having tomorrow but always loosing today

Reaching for my love while she gets further away

by Faye Gibson |
Categories: courage, identity, introspection,

From the Top

Over two-thirds of my lifetime
I have been climbing,
searching for an elusive peak,
Stretching for the pinnacle.

Would I ever attain?
Find freedom from the guilt
of not pleasing other people,
not meeting their expectations . . .
learn to just be me.

Just lately, I breathe pristine air
unadulterated by polluting opinions;
I sense, at last, the apex
where I am free,
living in a now moment,
savoring my place in it.

I see my years below
from where I stand victorious;
the wearying uphill strain
was worth what I have achieved.

I love you, but you do not own me.

Copyright, 9-20-2014
Faye Lanham Gibson

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: emotions, youth,

Within Her Eyes

Within her eyes, I see myself there
That youthful self with golden hair
Strong and ambitious and oh so young
Climbing my ladder rung by rung

The funny thing is I see her too
That image of perfection I did woo
Yet these eyes they see her still
Spirited and lovely with iron will

The years can't fade the love we cherish
A flower suspended that never can perish
I love this woman, I share with you my truth
We ride waves of forever and eternal youth.

by Palen Drew |
Categories: best friend, courage, imagination, inspiration, mountains, poetry,

Taking risks

I’m climbing too high
And I look down below
To see I’m on top of the world
Of the love I once knew.
I never told you
That I was afraid of heights,
But I never needed to,
Because you took away the fright.
But I feel like I’m going to fall
And break once again.
I need to stop climbing
And maybe descend.
But your love makes me climb higher
And I’m stuck with the thought
If I should stop while I’m ahead
Or risk the long fall.