Love Poems About Clam or Clam Love Poems
by Gary Smith |
Categories: humorous, longing,

I Am Just What I Am

Here I sit on the ocean bed
Just sifting mud and ooze,
But If it was up to me
It's not the life I'd choose.

It's dark down here, there's creepy things
All looking for a feast
So I live on tenterhooks,
Hiding from the beasts.

To be higher up the food chain
Is where I'd love to be,
But to be a shark, or a huge blue whale
Was not my destiny.

So my life is what it is,
I am just what I am.
But it's no fun at the bottom,
It's no fun being a clam.

Entry for
Personification poem of a pet, wild animal or insect Poetry Contest
Sponsored by Tania Kitchin
2/9/18. Placed 6th.

by Glenn Sentes |
Categories: love, sad, me,

Pour Anything Into My Jar But Your Love Song

I shall not fear of parching for your drop or two is enough
Even a tear would quench more than my lip, my soul
Cry me thrice, laugh me once
Leap more, tiptoe less
Break this earthen vessel if you wish
Just don’t leave a love song behind
For it will just maim a hollow tune
Like a broken violin in incandescent moon
Or a lone shell perpetually humming  
The melody of his unmet clam or hermit.

by James Horn |
Categories: lost love, drug,

Closed Her Two Arms

Clam on me had closed her two arms
Captivating me and my many charms
Then the next thing that I did know
Drug me under and never let go.

Bone by bone they went asleep
I did end up in the ocean deep
When people down have went
What they see now is a monument.

Jim Horn
for Enya MacGabann

by Joseph Coogan |
Categories: betrayal, food, humorous, irony, money,

An Ode To Clam Chowder

Oh, clam chowder, how I would love
You to be like the thing you claim you taste of.
You're seafood, soup, potatoes, all warm
And bubbling in a splendrous, thick liquid form.
Your amount of potatoes, though is extensive,
Because I guess that clam is just too expensive
To be present in amounts that meet my desires.
But I suppose you'd be too costly for buyers.
But aside from that, clam chowder, you're alright.
I'll probably still have some tonight.

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: baby, family, sad,

- Dear Mom -

I was an unwanted child
Declared undesirable by conception
Abortion was prohibited by law
A little child, a little body
Two small ears like clam shells
Sky blue eyes
A beautiful little girl, so kind and good
Why didn't you love me?

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

3 place in the contest
Poetry Contest - Nette Onclaud

by Sebastian Aaron Baez |
Categories: art, humor,

Don'T Believe Everything You See

ringing with telegrams
I answered and received a body slam
bubble gum used to fix a cracked dam
rhymes grown weird
sexy and funky, smeared
like mushroom toe jam
enjoy chocolate milkshakes
with a juicy rare rack of lamb
please stand here while i give you
a close glove inspection body scan
I love sticking my beef hotdog
inside her tuna clam
honey glazed pineapple blazed
smacking that glistening ham
make sure to stream it on your webcam
clicked on the link
but those ***** pills were a total scam
hoodwinked, duped a sour global sham
now you're salty like canned spam

by M Asim Nehal |
Categories: friendship, life, love,

Shadow of Light

Crawling sun in its youth 
Playing games with human body

You’ve left me without any reasons 
Tsunami came bypassing all alarm signals 

So I decided to leave for solitary confinement 
and find what went wrong with satisfying answers 

But my efforts all looked very futile 
as world pulled me back to its tiles 

Now I sit back on my ashes wondering and 
trying to control my spinning brain 

It is so hard to ponder on mistakes 
blame self or demons for every fails 

It’s time to take some bitter actions 
gulp tensions and move on, look forward 

And I look forward to a beautiful world 
That lies beneath my foot clam and quite.

by Thomas Stanton |
Categories: allegory

Take 5

I am hearing
Tide in a maelstrom

I'm in love
I don't want to forget
Tai chi tree

And the
Still lake
Slug slime silver



by Iman Roy |
Categories: loss, love


How wil i weave tapestries, 
When you are leaving the pearls in your clam shells? 
My gypsy heart
Can't stay at one place,
Unless inside the kaliedoscope, 
Which you just broke

by Angelia Dawson |
Categories: inspirationalnight, faith, night, storm,

Where There Is Faith

Where there is faith there is a peace, like a clam starry night.
With full moon shining, on the snowy field.
Where there is faith, Jesus is within his arms open wide.
Holding us through the storm nights ,when the storm seems to much to bear.
He brings us light into the storm, where we can see the snow filled night sky. Where there is faith all thing are possible, with the love of Christ. 
We can see our Jesus, on that starry full moonlit night  
with just a little faith we can  return too heaven holy light..

by Sansani Fernando |
Categories: cute love,

The Star

I just clam,
When i see you...
Though u soo far,
Its pleasant to see u every day,
How u smile,
It just touch my heart,
Don't giggle to my sweet heart!
Both Of us fans of yours,
Just romance,
As you with the lovely moon,,,

by Tix Tix |
Categories: gothic,


Looking for The balance 
between The Madness and The Silence 
I seek 
I Run 
I Hide 
Searching for that place where the Laughter and the Screams 
become the symphony of madness 
I Long For 
Where has the music gone 
So Bright through the darkness 
So Loud in the silence 
Sex and pain is all one in the same 
When you dance with the Devil 
Your Flesh burns 
Devil or Angel 
Heaven or Hell 
Your Soul My Life 
Sanity for Insanity 
Love for Hate 
Anger for Clam 
Your Price 
My Penance

by Wayne Wysocki |
Categories: first love, humor, love,

Puppy Love

by Wayne Wysocki

Put some money in the KITTY,
Better DUCK, 'cause I'm not LION,

I won't CLAM up
Or FLOUNDER around,
I'm gonna HOUND you;

Mind your own BEE'S WAX;
Is bound to get your GOAT,

Is a TIGER by the tail,
But lots of fun;
And you are the one.

by Trevor Mcleod |
Categories: analogy, culture, cute love, dedication, desire, funny, humorous,

Peanut Butter Pants

All wore peanut butter pants
where the world spread jam
As the tailor tried to fit you
in a bread you'd call his clam

And you paid for more than sticky
when a sandwich would expand
And your filling was for others
that your taste was in their hand

And you never knew another
for leaving you alone
When you're made up for the moment
that someone would condone

And were gobbled up for nighttime
when your love was there to be
Joining jam and peanut butter
nightly for the spree

by Luis Salinas |
Categories: loveme, love, me,

Love It

i love it when you hold me
tell me the cuties things
when you hold me at nigh
i feel light as a feather
when you say i love you
i turn red and hide my face
i feel so in love
words that you just say
open mind
gentle and soft
you hold my heart
the beats seem to count
no blood drips
no tears no wounds
just love flowing
head to toes
I’m bare naked half way
you touch me softly
sweat drips lift me
teach me but hold me
play ruff ones
when the nigh is blue
and the sky is clam
the moon shines 
the bed moves
i love you 
but love it 
lets do it

by Jeanne Mcgee |
Categories: birthday, heaven, mom,

Through Heavens Doors

It’s your birthday today
so, I walked the seaside beach
as we would have done for play
had your final day not been reached

…and tonight I will slowly dine
on your favorite white clam chowder
lift to you my glass of red wine
and turn up Doris Day a little louder

when this day sees the last of light shrug
I will lay my forehead to yours
and close my eyes to send you a hug
whisper I Love You through heavens doors


by Fritz Purdum |
Categories: i love you, love,

Good For Me

You hold my hands
look me in the eyes
and ask me true if I love you
I sweetly smile as I realize
You are good for me

Your love for me keeps me clam
Your love for me makes me strong
I face the world right or wrong
cause you are good for me

With your touch you melt my soul
within your charms my heart you hold
If ever I foolishly let you go
my world would start to unfold

Your good for me
Your love is kind
Your good to me
Your heart is mine
I'll never let you go
I treasure you so
cause your good for me

I kiss your sweet lips
and squeeze you tight
And swear to you
with all my might
That I love you so
as I let you know
You are good for me

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: dream,

Filp Flop

My broken filp flop 

A long journey when I got it 
Little goosbums into my trend 
What was the music comes out of it. 

As I am growing my Size getting large the music which 
Make my sense clam like it stops because my filp flop I 
Gifted to the needful person
Nope I hurt the last musical words that thanks 

With love all 
Jagdish Bajantri

by Emma Schmittling |
Categories: family, life, lost love, sad, teen, me,


I yelp,
I need help,
I'm lost,
My happiness shouldn't have to cost,
Save me.

I lost my mom,
I can't stay clam,
I've been left to die,
What everyone said was a big lie,
NO one is here for me.

I don't know if I'm going to be okay,
I'll let wait one more day,
Before i leave for good,
My parents don't love me like they should,
I'm only a child.

I may be young,
But my head isn't hung,
I don't frown,
When someone tells me they don't care.

by Barry Freeman |
Categories: betrayal, relationship, words,


Lithesome words like ‘love’, ‘loyalty’
And ‘liberty’
Lie, like mollusks on the sea
Bed; closed clam shut
Not revealing
Anything but
An unctuous feeling
And when prized open
By a devouring question
The contents give one
So let’s not swallow
Such squirming terms
These loathsome, lithesome, worming words.
Meaningless and absurd
But if they are our sole default,
Let us take them with a pinch of salt.

© Barry Freeman – 18th September 2020

by Roger Harp |
Categories: metaphor, poetry,

Our Pearl

The world is a pearl, 
We're all just bits of sand. 
Clinging tightly to our shelter,
Inside the giant clam. 
There's more to it all, 
Much more than what we see. 
We all play a part in exposing 
The pearl's inner beauty. 
While in search of love and laughter.
While searching for your own.
Remember that our pearl is alive, 
And it's dreaming on its own
It shelters us from the ocean 
It keeps us from plunging down, 
Into the abyss of darkness, 
That lives all around.
And just like in the ocean,
There's millions of other clams,
And if they open their galaxy,
We might find their, 
Pearl within.


by Vennie Burns |
Categories: inspirational,

Cent Thoughts

Keep it light and stay in plight
Things will work smooth
Clam the fight 
No fighter of the real war 
Gets mad
Love, Hope Charity 
Thinking life

by Kathryn Sweeney |
Categories: beach, beautiful,


A life,
is short,
time to smile,
and cry,
and love,
then run......
and meet the same faces,
on the other side of flesh.

The days are fleeting,
growth comes from a mind,
like a clam shell
on a windy beach.

Moving into a dream of a place
where yesterday
blends like a high note,
adjusting like rain water
into the tomorrow.

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: introspection, love,

Let Me Lit Up the Loving Lamp

please dear come
be clam
this is spring on the sky bed
become ethereal embodiment

no thorny shrubs there are
only love with heavenly flowers for you

no season there are
only spring for your coming

I lit up there the robust lamp
let thy love make eternal chum 

-Thursday, August 8, 2019 Chattogram

by Eric Ashford |
Categories: poetry,

Some Have Watched

Some have watched her rising from the ocean for years. These amniotic visions return at the pull of the moon. No clam shell boats for her. After she wades from the waves she and the shoreline disappear only to arrive in a Chevy convertible or on a donkey. She likes desert nights and all the dance moves of the free roaming wind. She delights to drive, ride, or fly through starlit streets. When the moon begins to starve she returns to the sea vowing everlasting love for those who still dare to dream of rebirth.