Love Poems About Christians or Christians Love Poems
by Emile Pinet |
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Go Away

wars drugs poverty famine fear rape death and degradation that's the impoverished world desperate immigrants flee and yet we won't let them in go die on the other side of our new wall stay away from what’s ours we should be ashamed to call ourselves Christians there's no kindness in our hearts or tolerance for others even though God's commandment says to love our neighbors as we love ourselves (Suzette Prime) 8/11/2018

by Rico Leffanta |
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I thank you for sharing your views
On Christians, Islamics, and Jews
Who love the same god
Like Apple's iPod
Divinely designed to confuse

by Bethany St John |
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Symbol of The Rose

Stop and smell the roses
God gives us to enjoy
The symbol of his love to us
His mercy, peace and joy

A white one, oh, so beautiful
A saviour white as snow
A spotless, shameless, beautiful Lamb
Jesus loves me, this I know

And there's a pretty yellow one
A Christians duty, the gospel share
To tell the world of God's dear son
To sinners everywhere

But red's the best one of 'em all
A saviour came and died
He shed his precious blood for all
So we, his love could find

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
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Let's Celebrate With Joy - The Cup Of Life Style

~Let's Celebrate With Joy~ (The Cup of Life) Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus birth Christians celebrate it on December 25th What a glorious day it is Because baby Jesus was born Let us all shout with joy His day is today May all sing a song He is the reason Of this season Of Christmas Always H I S D A Y I S T O D A Y MAY ALL SING A SONG Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2010
~Author's Notes: The "Cup of Life" is a poetry style created by Dorian Petersen Potter, aka ladydp2000.

by arthur vaso |
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Onward Christian Soldiers

Onward Christian soldiers
Marching off to prayer
Making sure your wallets
no one at all will share

Onward then, ye Christians
as atheists help the poor
blend you prayers with hypocrisy
as the lord closes all your doors

Christ may not be handicapped
he sure as hell isn't blind
stop playing life's lotteries
give food and love, be kind

At the  malls small book shop
Satan's hosts and Christians flee
Hells foundations support not
ignore poor and needy brothers pleas

Onward Christian soldiers
copper pennies are your reward
Just remember the cross of Jesus
was constructed by the poor

by Anil Deo |
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Passover Tanka 20170411

Wine, bread, bitter herbs Blood, body, sin, suffering This is Passover in old and new Testaments Love means Sacrifice
(c)Anil Deo, 11 April 2017 Shalom shalom, Happy Passover to all Jews and Christians. During Passover Jesus instituted the Holy Communion summed up in "unleavened bread & wine." PRAY FOR THE PEACE OF JERUSALEM: "Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim." Ps 122:6

by Star Light |
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Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School
Is a way to teach 
Our future Children
Golden Rules
Love.. Happiness endures

Within Hearts.. cures
Children come
From all around
Wanting to Worship Jesus

Coming.. every night
Knowing His Divine Name
Coming to Jesus Christ

They all Born-again
Never be the same
Beholding Eternal Love

Born-again Christians
Blessings from God above
Many... Share.. Love giving
Forever in Time.. worth Living

Praise's be to God Almighty

by Funom Makama |
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Christmas Poems For Kids And Teenagers V: It's Christmas

Smile oh ye people smile It’s time to merry and not to worry Laugh, all you living, laugh Please………honour the prince of peace Dance oh ye Angels, dance Worship and acknowledge His lordship Love oh ye Christians, love Alas! It’s the reason for Christmas.

by john freeman |
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"God's DNA"

Biblically official
Agape's Copies


a·ga·pe [aa g? pay]
1.  nonsexual love: love that is wholly selfless and spiritual  
2.  christianity Christian love: selfless love felt by Christians for their fellow human beings  

by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
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Non-Catholic Christians

Told Lord Eternal God, Father Christ “I want to be a saint”
Many signs, met my Spiritual Director
Even my soul mate, a priest
Gave me assignments

Propagate that He is the Highest Priest
Of Catholic or Roman Catholic
Reverence with Him and His Mother Mary, the saints
Adding “Eternal” to God

Other man made Christians
Will be made Immaculate in the purgatory
Obtain R.C.I.A.
Means Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

Take advantage while on earth
Go to nearest Catholic Church
The Catholic Church you prefer
Ask their R.C.I.A.

It usually starts on September
Some Church in August
Like a class
Ends at Pentecost

I love you!


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Christian Virtue

For Christ
The path to calvary was long and weary;
For Christ
The temptation to turn aside from his goal was sore;
For Christ
His friends wished to draw him aside from suffering;
For Christ
Satan tried to perplex him, and his soul trembled because of crucifixion;
Christ knew he had reached the point of no return.
He proceeded to the Cross,
He became a victor at the cross.
For you,christians,
Your commitments can never be less;
If you're his follower,if you're to succeed,
Never shift,never waver,
Be steady,be consistent ,be perfect in Christ.

by Rita Solis Radius |
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Dear readers,
Dear Believers,
Dear Christians,
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
I wish you 
A pretty  and pious
Holy Easter Time!
May the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection of
Our-Lord Jesus-Christ
Bring you a deep fit of Love, and
May also this great moment 
Give you a surge of Faith!!!

Copyright May 2014- Rita Solis Radius - Poet woman and letter-writer - Faith poem 'The Easter Rebirth'.

by john freeman |
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"Heart's Ultimate Sentiment"

Heart essence perfect
One copy of Agape
Love’s own DNA


a·ga·pe [aa g? pay] 
1. 	nonsexual love: love that is wholly selfless and spiritual 
2. 	christianity Christian love: selfless love felt by Christians for their fellow human 
3. 	christianity Christian communal meal: a communal meal held by a Christian 
community, especially in early Christian times, in commemoration of the Last Supper 
[Mid-17th century. < Greek agape "brotherly love"]

by ethan brunzo |
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i cannot imagine my life without music

I cannot imagine my life without music

I cannot imagine my life without music because we cannot express how we feel,
Without music, one may feel empty and apart from who they truly are,
Music makes people’s hearts come alive and provides a song that people want to steal,
Certain music has set the standard in a very high bar,

Some gravitate toward country, 
It reminds them of their dog and truck,
Some gravitate toward rock,
And they don’t even know about the composer Bauche

My preference is Christian music,
Because it is a style that all Christians love to hear.


by Joe DiMino |
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Cause And Effect Some would say so:
up in the morning with a sprint--
my court or yours?
dribble a few ideas,
toss them toward the hoop--
my foul or yours
depends on who choose
the referees,
who is keeping score,
your stadium
or your in-laws'.

We build such
huge amphitheaters,
call ourselves Lions--
even Christians forget--
Cowboys and Indians--
what good is life
without an opponent
a foe?
tell that to those in the Peace Corps,
or those battling AIDS;
what need for a God
if not for a devil?

God forgive 
our lack of love....

by Rita Solis Radius |
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The Easter Rebirth

Dear readers,
Dear Believers,
Dear Christians,
Dear brothers and sisters,
Dear all
I wish you 
A pretty  and pious
Holy Easter Time!
May the Passion, the Death and the Resurrection of
Our-Lord Jesus-Christ
Bring you a deep fit of Love, and
May also this great moment 
Give you a surge of Faith!!!

Copyright May 2014- Rita Solis Radius - Poet woman and letter-writer - 'The Easter Rebirth'.

by Sha'ntez Jefferson |
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A rant

Searching for divine intervention but finding only tainted intentions..they enter our lives to destroy and we give them permission..wreckless christians..minds never becoming as one always division..I believe they lack vision causing awkward decisions..physically right here but mentally imprisoned..this can't be what we do with this life..undercover brothers plus they got a wife..trying to recover sisters 2 sizes 2 small on their tights..hotel room *** shots that explode in the middle of the night..smh..ugly ducklings that never have a more love just sex for more freedom black lives on more change just a constant rotation....

by Abimbola Mosobalaje Davis |
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But one day I will, a witness
Muslims and Christians,
      even, the traditionalists
When tears will grace this face
Within which my joy will cry
In it my pains of insecurity
The anguish in misinterpretations
The one of which siblings and kids
    friends and families in lost
But my tears will wash away
The sorrows of the past
When Muslims, and Christians
     even, the traditionalists
Will kiss and exchange breads
In it my tears will grace this face
Within which my joy will cry
That pains and insecurity has gone
When Arabs will sought the Jews
And Ibos will hold Fulanis in kiss
That day, I will, a witness

{Culled from Colours In My Rhythms by Abimbola Davis}

by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
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Mother Mary really help us

Since beginning of the Church
Experience has taught that Mother Mary helps
Millions of Christians testify to it

Example when she protected 
A bride and groom
In Cana
From embarrassment

In the Upper room
On Pentecost
She prayed
Midst of the disciples

Her love for us never ceases
We’re sure
She will plead for us
Now and the hour of death


by Caren Krutsinger |
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Christmas Peace

C     Christ child inspires peace
H     Hopefulness at all time high
R     Religious ceremonies begin
I      Invite acceptance and love
S     Star of Bethlehem
T     Telling such a dedicated story
M     Merriment takes a back seat
A      Angels sing on high
S      Santa Claus bows at savior's feet

P     Pleasantries exchanged
E     Enthusiastic caroling 
A     Awesome feelings of unity
C     Christians rejoice together
E     Excitement mounts over joyous Bible stories

by harry horsman |
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Boxing Day

Christians falling
in love with the Messiah....
a midwinter gift
this day after Christ born day
an endowment of love’s truth.

© Harry J Horsman  2011

by Andrew Crisci |
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The Norman Knights Of Southern Italy

After the Dark Ages Southern Italy
was an unprotected land without kings:
the Norman nights saw the opportunity
and conquered it fighting Byzantine settlers. 
They roamed the fertile Campanian countryside
and built their sturdy castles on hills to guard their territory;
their love for adventures hand an impact on Western history, 
They defended the faith and remained Christians 'till they died.
They also freed the Holy Land from the Infidels...
and humbly bowed to Jesus Christ and Popes!

Written on 9/18/2016

by Dominique Webb |
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He Was Not There

Not coming, long gone, 
Accused of loving, 
Precariously balancing, 
On a shelf, an oven. 

Christians and atheists,
Will swap one day, 
When people will sway, 
To the music of anti-theists. 

No bribery, no rues, 
Just with love, trust, 
And with a life lust, 
We’ll get our dues.

by Jacqueline R. Mendoza |
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Food for thought

An opportunity
How lovingly you respond to God
People say they believe, Eternal God 
Love Father Christ

Don't have any clue
What talking about
Hypocrite, harsh word
People harsh to Father Christ
Don't know it

People boast, brag 
They know Father Christ
Believe in Him
Yet, not in His Church
If truly believe, then why not His Church?

The word "Purgatory" is only in Catholic or Roman Catholic
Because later Christians will be in heaven
Some be immaculate there
After purifying their not confessed sins
People need Sacrament of Reconciliation

Only in Father Christ Church
Father Christ required His Church
Be available for His people


by Donn Ronquillo |
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JESUS, the birth of miracles;
wonder of angels,
true hands of the work of mercy,
embodiment of divinity,
proof of the grace,
bread and wine of the lamb.
roots of genuine goodness,
passion on it's own, by himself.
founder of all Christians,
can't compare to any prophet of man.
He Himself is a true love of act,
brought down to lift us up on a pedestal.
light of the way;
encompasses the sacrifice,
truth of the power and might.
even when hidden,
shines through the darkest darkness.