Love Poems About Chinook or Chinook Love Poems
by Cheryl McCall |
Categories: love, mystery, nature

Chinook Wind

No lies to the heart she says only 
ties will do to the lonely, To
make a union of two hearts that makes 
a reunion of a feeling called love.

So lets rejoice and throw 
the doves to the wind 
and look to the pictures in the sky.

Now we can kick off our shoe's 
and take off our golden wings 
and send off in a chinook wind.

so now you can tell 
no lies as we are tied 
into one,Our reunion has just begun

by Bilal HB |
Categories: war

Killed in Action

Enlist list
Signed sheets
Quick and easy
It's all so cheesy

Come home soon, please
Chinook ride overseas
She sends a letter
I've felt better

Night raids
Humanitarian aid
A spade's a spade
All this just to get paid

Improvised Explosive Device
Repeating "love will suffice"
Injured soldier
Never colder

White flags
Lines of sight
Bodies to drag
A fire to constantly ignite

Longest war in history
Victory is a mystery
Endless gunfire
Situation dire

In our blood
Till our blood spills
And our casualty joins the statistic

by larry colvin |
Categories: religion


Two rivers flowing; one is warm and pleasant like a chinook wind,
While the other is cold and swift and boulders roll with the current.
One we shall call the river of love, and the other, we shall call it the
River of discontent.... And since no one has ever returned to confirm
Or deny which one flows into paradise, we can only wonder,...
Until we test our faith.

by Tamara Hillman |
Categories: love, passion, seasons,

Winds of Love

Chinook winds whisper softly
as lover's breath in spring
promises of wanton lust
desires of passion bring.

Summer winds brush rosy cheeks,
his hands smooth tousled hair.
Rapturous murmurs in the night-
her perfume lingers there.

Autumn winds blow dry leaves
fulfilling nature's need,
amassing beds on forest floor,
accepting fruitful seed.

But beware, the winds of winter
blow harsh and bitter cold,
tearing at the heart and soul
as countless tears unfold.