Love Poems About Chimpanzee or Chimpanzee Love Poems
by Caren Krutsinger |
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A Chinchilla and a Chimpanzee Walked Into a Bar

"A chinchilla and a chimpanzee walked into a bar," my
grandson says, smugly, with that smile.

Where? I ask.  The U.S.? England? The Neverlands?
He gives me a slow head shake ‘no’.

Kenya? The Isle of Man? Timbuktu?
South America?  Guatemala? Italy?
I am being ridiculous, but as Grandma, it is my job.

I can tell that he is losing interest fast, so I stop my queries.

“It could not be anywhere, Grandma,” he tells me.  “Chinchillas do not walk,
 they scurry.”

 I love having an eleven-year-old grandson.

by Patricia Lawton |
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My Name Is Maisey.

My name is Maisey, I'm a chimpanzee
and I live at London Zoo.
Where you can come and feed me
I'll do some tricks for you.
I love to swing from tree to tree
or roll about in grass.
If you throw a ball to me
I'll bounce it then I'll pass.

I love to eat bananas, oranges well
any kind of fruit.
I'll pull a funny face at you,
one you'll find is cute.

So when you come to London Zoo
and seek the chimpanzee.
Just find the one named Maisey
cause that chimp will be me.
I'm cheeky and I'm funny
and I love little girls and boys.
I promise if you visit me
I'll make lots of monkey noise.