Love Poems About Chihuahua or Chihuahua Love Poems
by Rob Carmack |
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Sonnet Chiweenie Boo

Your dad, a Dachshund once stuck in Chihuahua.
The best of both in you, with that expectant
Confusing carpets for the lawn enigma.
I know….the raining….getting wet….you can’t.

As coldness chills the room, a sheet for you.
The perfect tucking of in, but you moved!
I ponder, just how crazy is my Boo?
The sheet’s thread count too low to be approved?

Your dance in circles, spinning on the floor.
Rewards and treasures known upon the racks.
Induced by meals and that one pantry door.   
In such a fury, choking on the snacks.

I know what God’s book says, I’ve searched it whole.
But still, I hope you have a little soul.


by Vince Suzadail Jr. |
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Murphy's Gone

My son called me at work to let me know
Murphy was ill, he didn’t have long to go
Then he called again later in the day
To let me know Murphy had passed away
Tears flowed freely in the afternoon
Guess I never believed he would die so soon
This dog brought joy wherever he went
Unconditional love, a life well spent
Sometimes I look at his picture and smile
Sometimes, alone, I cry for a while
I knew it would hurt when he had to depart
But I can’t understand how it ripped out my heart
Friend stopped me and asked “What’s going on?”
In a barely audible whisper I said “Murphy’s Gone.”

Dedicated to Murphy, my son’s Chihuahua
Who died on May 21, 2010

by Michael Jordan |
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You are way more than a pet
Ladybug you are my friend
You’re always more than willing
To offer your ear to lend
Just a little Chihuahua
Though you’re a bulldog inside
You are forever willing
Come on bug let’s take a ride
As I write out my poems
You must jump up on my lap
All though after awhile
You simply curl up and nap
Ladybug I sure love you
While on treatment for hep c 
Toni thought I might need you
To give me some company
Bug you gave us your heart
You gave us your loyalty
That’s why you are now a part
A part of our family

Every other line rhyme's and each
line has a syllable count of 7.
Written for the "Pets" contest.

by Randy Johnson |
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Daddy's Little Princess

You're looking at a man who has been blessed.
I have a dog and she's Daddy's little Princess.
My Chihuahua, Agnes is very special to me and I love her a lot.
She means more to me than anything else that I've got.
Agnes also loves me and she also loves it when I stroke her dark brown fur.
I became a lucky man on the day when I adopted her.
Having Agnes for a pet is better than being wealthy, that's what I believe.
That's how I feel even though it's something that others my not perceive.

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
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Thing's I Say That Make My Chihuahua Happy

Oh my pretty Tsuki
Aren't you a beautiful doggy?
You'd make a lovely sandwich!
Eat you on a toasted sourdough bun,
Yes I will. Yes I will.
I love you so much, kissy kissy,
Snuggle snuggle
Wouldn't you like me to
Roast you on a spit?
Bite a hole in your belly and
Suck your insides out!
Moose fart! PLPLPLPL!!
Such a lovely, lovely girl
You'd make the perfect pot roast
Or a mince pie, you're such a sweety,
Eat you, eat you up, nom nom nom.

by Randy Johnson |
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Chihuahua - Part Iii

I adopted my Chihuahua six months ago today.
I adopted her five months after Mom passed away.
When I adopted her, I named her after my mother.
She's very sweet and I sure do love her.
Agnes is her name and I sure do adore her.
I wouldn't take a million bucks for her.

(Dedicated to Agnes, my Chihuahua.)

by Randy Johnson |
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Puppy Trump

I have a puppy who loves to run and jump.
I have a Chihuahua that is named Trump.
He was born on the 14th of January and he's special indeed.
I now have two Applehead Chihuahuas, that is their breed.
Trump is some feisty and he's as cute as he can be.
He is my new pet and he means a great deal to me.
It's nice to have two dogs that are purebred.
I love both of my Chihuahuas who are Appleheads.

by Randy Johnson |
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I adopted a dog and named her after my mother.
Agnes is her new name and I sure do love her.
I fell in love with Agnes as soon as I met her.
I've been unhappy because of my parents' deaths but now I feel a little better.

I can tell that she's had puppies because of her long teats.
Agnes is the most special dog that anybody could meet.
She is sweet and beautiful with dark brown fur.
She's my Chihuahua and I'll always take care of her.

(Dedicated to Agnes, my Chihuahua dog.)

by Randy Johnson |
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Chihuahua - Part V

I adopted you one year ago today.
You're my dog and you're here to stay.
I gave you Mom's name and for the first few hours, calling you Agnes made me sad.
But you've managed to make my days a little brighter and that sure makes me glad.

You can never replace my mom but since I got you, life has gotten some better.
I'll never forget you and when it comes to my mom, I sure won't forget her.
My best friend took me to the place where I adopted you.
You can't tell me that you love me but I know that you do.

(Dedicated to Agnes who I adopted on August 27, 2013.)

by Randy Johnson |
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Chihuahua - Part Ii

Agnes is my Chihuahua and she's small and cute.
She's adorable, that's something I won't dispute.
I love my dog and she loves me, we both love each other.
I named her after my Mom and she even reminds me of my Mother.
Just like Mom, my dog is sweet, kind and bright.
But if she gets pissed, she's like a stick of dynamite.
Since my poor Mom died, it feels like I've been using a crutch.
I love both my Mom and my doggy so very much.

by Edward Ibeh |
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Sure loves talking tough
Tough guy picking on the weak
      Always name-branding

         But he turns to his
     Loyal sycophantic sheep
       To build him back up...

  When he's knocked down flat
 This time, by just ONE woman
        Toothless Chihuahua

          Stand up to Putin!
   Get tougher on Kim Jong Un!
        Trash his "love letters"

Date written and posted: 05/26/2019

by Randy Johnson |
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Agnes the Applehead

Agnes is an Applehead Chihuahua, that's her breed.
She is my canine who I show affection to and feed.
I recently learned that she's four years old, I thought she was a little older.
From time to time Agnes becomes hateful and I have to scold her.
But she's a beautiful dog who I think the world of.
For the rest of her life, she's an animal who I'll love.

by Eric Ashford |
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Blue News

We need a black shiny piano
a golden Sax,
a smoky mind drinking blue air.

Outside a mythical speak-easy
train wrecks are on a loop.
The green dollar of a once green dream
has become a sickly chihuahua
on life-support.

Here in this jazz club for one
mood songs write themselves;
a dark and comfortable love
poured from a cut-glass reality.

In that other world,
where wars rage, and rage wars
there is nothing but blue news.

Here we are deep velvet,
a slow croon of nocturnal madrigals
reprised under the low light
of an electric moon.