Love Poems About Cheetah or Cheetah Love Poems
by Jack Ellison |
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Nature Programs Get Top Billing

Love nature programs for they're amazing up close filming How do they capture those exploits so thrilling It's beyond my comprehension Surely grabs my attention The cheetah, the fastest land animal at 70 mph gets top billing © Jack Ellison 2015

by Jeff Kyser |
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These Two Old Pups

These two old pups are near and dear;
I’ve kept them both throughout the years.
Lyra’s brindle, still cheetah-fast;
Lemony’s best years, in the past.
The thought of losing brings a tear.

When daughter schooled quite far from here 
and had them crated, it was clear
they could not last, were much harassed,
these two old pups,

so I kept Lyra for a year.
Then, there’s the time Lem’ disappeared;
she got away from us quite fast,
a week in snow, did somehow last,
and then like magic, reappeared!
These two old pups…


For Your Favorite Theme Poetry Contest
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Written on 04/15/2022

by Kolapo Olapoju |
Categories: lost love, love,

Cupid Karma

Stupid you,Stoic me
You moved fast,i stood glued
Still and Passive

Hardened by my pride
detached but committed
I'm snail,she's cheetah

Eventually ,I'll awake
Lofty hope she carried
scary wish i pursued

Alas,i did rise
but her wait had lapsed
the cheetah had lost its limbs

Indifferent to my plight
she charted a new course
the tide favor me not

Aloof,i think out loud
I used to be here

Now,the scales have tipped
But brown,I'm ready now
Yet,your ego fails me

by Crystal Wilkins |
Categories: love

What Is

What is the young with out the old?
What is the winter without the cold?
What is the river without it's flow?
What is a cheetah that moves too slow?

What is a song that can not be sung 
What is bow that can not be undone
What does us mean
Without you and me?

by Jack Horne |
Categories: song-lyric

Rita's Zoo

She loves to cheat at playing cards,
The Aces hiding up her sleeves.
She prides herself on sleight of hand -
Is always loaded when she leaves.
But I’m a cheating cheetah too,
And I belong in Rita’s zoo.

She cheats at snooker, pool and golf:
The balls are moved, sometimes replaced. 
And no one dares to make a stand,
As she will argue, brassy faced.
But I’m a cheating cheetah too,
And I belong in Rita’s zoo.

At dominoes, at anything -
She cheats as brazen as can be.
Her lovers more than I could count,
She cheats in love and cheats on me.
But I’m a cheating cheetah too,
And I belong in Rita’s zoo.
Yeah, I’m a cheating cheetah too,
And I belong in Rita’s zoo.

by Mike Martin |
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It’s your sixty fifth birthday
Enjoy it now because
Time goes fast like a cheetah

But you’ll always have your memories
Of the things you love the most
And you’ll always love your family

These words were written by my friend Russell Floyd in 2013 for his grandmother when he was seven years old.

by Olusegun Arowolo |
Categories: friendship, love,

My Lady

My Lady

Quiet like a parrot;slower than a cheetah,
Her benevolent is something to cheer,
In which many indigents have a share,
The pitch in her voice soothes many hearts,
which has made many guys to bow with their hats,
She romances humility with good nature,
Just like tenacious Dorcas in the books.

Have you seen her in active motion?
Unbelievable!cool,calculative and alluring;
Her words serve as curative remedy for sorrow.

While others practice gossip for pleasure,
She accommodates criticism as a treasure,
Her sassy attire befits a queen with
a golden crown on a platinum throne.

by Drew Worthington |
Categories: beautiful, destiny, dream, girl, life, love, passion,


She's a strange girl, Agustina
She runs through my mind like a cheetah
Who would've thought I'd fall for a girl from Argentina

I've never met her, only seen her
She's a little older than me, yes
And we don't speak the same language
But i'll find her one day, I think 

There's some doubt in my mind 
Maybe i'll never get to meet her 
But I tell myself to cross that bridge when I get there
And for now, keep dreaming

by Robert Isaacs Chiwala |
Categories: break up, emotions, feelings, lost, relationship,

Falling Out of Favour

She no longer loves me
She said her heart feels it
She can't even try to pretend
Like she can really control her heart

Don't pity me let us celebrate
She had the trouble to be true
Like I am untied to one sided love
The heart can now easily let go

I feel so free -out of the cage
No body can lie to me now
Pretending to feel cherished
I really love her for such a truth

If you meet her down town
Don't look at her with wild gaze
Like she be untamed cat as a cheetah
She had learnt to be true and loving

She no longer loves me
She said her heart feels it
At first she would pretend
Yet now she can't even try to ...

by Marissa Savino |
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the eyes of a butterfly
meet  greet
not for the first time
or ryhme
sharing a quick glance long stare 
to blink rare
mesmerized moments
pre-notions certain motions
quick harsh step 
of a cheetah
light gentle  free breeze
of a butterfly
poetic chance
love dance

by Tae Jun Cha |
Categories: animals

To My Dearest Jolly

To My Dearest Jolly

She barks like a lion,
She runs like a cheetah.
But she's my dandelion,
She's a little Madonna.

She stares like a tiger,
She cries like a big wolf.
She's far more than fair,
I love her cute little arf.

Love & Trust,

by Neal Freeland |
Categories: introspection, life,

Animal Trails

Turtles of the mind
Rabbits of love
Wolves of the body
Scavengers of the soul
The sea of feelings
Some walk with two legs
Some crawl on all fours
While others sail the blue sky
And we swim in the depths

A tidal wave of thoughts
Blister the mind
A storm of emotions
Flash across the soul
And the seas part
To reveal your passions

The hawk, your eyes may well see
The branches in the path
Travelling to three ends
A cheetah can carry you
Swiftly down a lonely road
Or the owl with its wisdom
May search the inner path a
And the rabbit shall run
For life or death

by Adeyemi Joshua |
Categories: allegory,

A Piece of Meat

Many a time have i fell in love with beauties,
But I'm locked in the cell of their duties.
Many a time I've been bewitched by their luxuries,
But now they've lent me variant abuses.
By stretch of rigid vices,
My 'Sire had hopped from thither to hither.
But the potholes and lapses,
They've sketched,got me fixated like a trapped cheetah.
Here is a piece of meat,
Of which if you feed on you'll be strong
Like the rock. When love you did meet.
And to love's choice you'll never be wrong.
      "Discipline thou thy eyes and heart,
       And come to Jail me if thy path be not right."

by Yonah Jeong |
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For You 1

We are traveling the safari zoo
with loved ones
there are several the families
we ask them quietly
"don't know what love is?"
they yelled at us
"why are we here".

by Bryn Strudwick |
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Tarzan and Jane


Tarzan loved Jane
And, in spite of the pain,
Thought she’d be impressed
If he beat his chest.

Jane thought him strange,
A bit deranged.
When she heard him greet her,
Thought it was Cheetah

12th January 2019
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by Writing Muse |
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A Hollow Heart's Desire

Blades shooting out from the ground,
Petals floating all around, 
Feathers drifting across the sky,
How it hurts me to wave goodbye.

A ball of joy,
Replaced by a decoy,
The sky crying.
No point lying.

Colour chart,
Dagger to the heart,
Shrivelled and drooped,
Standing there, stooped.

Hastily moving like a cheetah,
Not seeing where we are,
Black cave,
Our love engraved.

Seeing you, heart as light as a dove,
Exciting like a golden retriever’s love,
Tunnel to somewhere,
Ready and prepared.

Credit to: Fire Bird