Love Poems About Chameleon or Chameleon Love Poems
by Afolabi Muideen |
Categories: absence, abuse, addiction, adventure, age, allegory, anger, anxiety, betrayal,


Cessation the love
Household has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the community
Malicious gossip in the society
Disorder in the society
Degrading the society
Society has been scattered
When love lost

Humming in the state
Malevolent rumour in the state
As the day chameleon to night
Insomnia in state
Peace elude state
State has been scattered
When love lost

Mystery to nation
When    love    lost

Oh! It is a dream
Why do we stop loving
While love exist
Love is above all existent

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: evil,

A Serial Killer's Soliliquy

I am a chameleon.
I look like a nice guy
and can be quite charming.
It’s a real buzz for me
that I can make people
believe I care for them!

But get me alone
with a sweet young thing.
She will understand
the power I wield
over life and death.

Oh, how I love
to hear them scream.
I’m hooked on it.
I kill for it.

No one can
hurt me; I
hurt them first.

Time now
for my


by Adeola Yusuf Amuni |
Categories: fantasy

Neutral Colours


Special species in speeches,

Thronging the long lawn.

Chameleon:echelon of neutrality.

Pavillion:bullion of activities.

Springtime:symbol of productivities.

Humans abound around,

The globe for abode.

Different but not,

Inference for lot.

Global creed of love,

Total rid of war.

Loot the line-cross,

Pool the fire-molt.



by John Lawless |
Categories: love, valentines day,

Love's Masquerade

Love’s Masquerade

Love, you old chameleon,
hiding on the edges of truth
deceiving the searching eyes
playing hide and seek with hearts.

Hidden in the doubts of self esteem’s flowers
obscured by the shades of loneliness
covered in the dust of fear’s remembrance
naked amidst the fashionably alone.

Love, you lazy purring cat,
motionless observer of your world
slowly blinking hypnotist
gently guiding stumbling fools.

Curled upon the lap of cautious time
mellowing in patient acquiescence
mewing in the background of a dream 
soft catalyst of love struck conflagration.


submitted to – Free Verse About Love – Poetry contest

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: flower, love,


CHRYSANTHEMUM Chrysanthemum, chameleon joy King’s pleasure bud, a golden boy A southern belle, snowball whiteout Perfect for a desired night out Welcome to her flirtatious ploy Flashy pretty petals, not coy A Purple frill ~ edged daisy joy Fall dance of November hues shout ~ Chrysanthemum ~ Autumn flower tattooed with koi Mums by that special girl or boy A necklace purchased at the checkout And love is what it’s all about Riveting petals of great joy ~ Chrysanthemum 7/17/2017 Rondeau Form

by Edward Kurwakumire |
Categories: life, love, passion, peace,

The Poet's Own

This is the beginning of the story, 
The poet's own 
That which has never been said, 
The secret of the praying mantis. 
This is how it all began 
The mystery 
The suspense 
Somewhat strange 
He thought he was only a normal boy, 
That he could go through all the stages 
a normal boy would 
He never thought that 
one day he would be the praying mantis 
Yet he did not only become the praying mantis 
He also became the tortoise, 
The chameleon. 
But all sad 
All weary 
And all disappointed 
That rage 
That love 
That darkness 
In their lives 
Had only the poet been another person.

by Harley Quinn |
Categories: confusion, love, nature, nostalgia, longing,

Brick Laden Air

Brick laden air, choking breath. Red heart rent by whispers carrying your voice
Chameleon colored leaves dropping dew
Fragrant warm wind breathed on the nape of your neck
Ululations fondled, pedophilic fires lit in your loins
Disasters renewed, 
Frogs trill with longing they have my voice.

by Ifedayo Oshin |
Categories: friendship, funny, life, love, people,

She's Gone At Last

Leapy         Froggy                   heart
		                        Sleepy       s   l  o  p  p  y          feet

				Quick witted
Fast footed

Irresistible Rose radiant under the midday sun
Indomitable Lioness hungry in the wild
Inconspicuous Chameleon patched on a plant

She’s gone 
With her heart of gold
Feet of clay and her darting eyes

Gone like a chaff
Before the gathering storm
Like smoke merging within thin air

My African diamond 
Beautiful than the black night
Gone beyond reach, before my eyes

by Tasmina Hayat Khan |
Categories: food,


Cabbages are wonderful to taste and see
                          Multi-colored look, various recipe
                     Green, maroon, yellow, purple and white,
                                 Love to get you always
                            At breakfast, lunch and dinner
                                    You’re the wrapper

by Phindile Mgabashe |
Categories: cry,


You are one hell of a Lizard
Now you cool,
Before I know it you are a Blizzard
You take me for a fool,
You think I don’t see your many colors
Why can’t you keep one
Or perhaps you haven’t found one

One minute you nice
The next you turn to a lice
The third you running around like thousand mice
Let me roll the dice
Turns out you just a chameleon, 
Trying to act like a stallion

Green or blue
I wish I knew
Your lips I wish to sew
You are unpredictable
From I love you
To I don’t want you
You make me sick
And by your side,I’ll no longer stick
I am done
Chameleons freak me out
And in this relationship I am out

by Daron Long |
Categories: life, love, people, places, day,

Dreaming To

I’m staring in
your chameleon eyes
wishing that our lives
were much closer like now
I can see you now
I can hold you now
Somehow I wish
now could last forever
There are moments when
I know you need me and
there are moments when
I know I need you then
but we must go without
One day this will change
and one day our domains
they’ll be in much closer range
and I’ll get the pleasure of
daily seeing you
daily holding you
Being there with you
and for you
like I’m dreaming to

by Bruce Adams |
Categories: inspiration,


Peyote, my spiritual guide
     Desert stars emanate peace
     Beam of star's light penetrates my heart
     God's message of love can't hide

     From my false reality I slide
     Planet's worries combined nothing
     In the grand scheme of things
     Love is all that matters, God's eternal ride

     Live life from within, no approval seek
     I am who I am, speak my truth
     No chameleon colors change to hide
     Honor the self, listen ! Inner voice unique!
     Peyote, God's ancient spiritual key
     All creation started with a thought
     Focused mind a powerful ocean wave
     Arising deep within the sea.

by Patricia Sawyer |
Categories: family, life, lost love, people, satire, social


smiling chameleon
greedily slithers away
deaf to children's sobs

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: life, love, relationship, romance, together, trust,

Romance Alive and Well

Time, chameleon illusion–
glosses over each hurtful slur
corralling each warm memory
to morph the past to one grey blur.

Emotional paralysis
senses dulled from desolation.
Suddenly comes along the buoy
in the middle of an ocean.

You found me or did I find you
against the odds we two should meet
neither looking, just two souls lost
--love, the mystery bittersweet.

The rules have changed along the way
yet, neath the rubble, fires dwell.
It is a game well worth the play
Knowing romance can cast its spell.

AP: 1st place 2022

Submitted on March 29, 2022 for contest FORM L - LAY sponsored by CONSTANCE LA FRANCE  -  RANKED 1ST

by Ts Poetry |
Categories: love,

Love Letter From the Soul Xlii

Ms. Sunshine, In and out, in and out hovers of infinity flickers, a pale moonlight firefly flight with the gift of sight out and in, out and in changing without challangeing within a chameleon entrusted to rearrange you say, you stay the wild your prey falling longing green to jade to aqua marine quality not rarely see dancing through the naked fields mouthing whispers, words wet Freudian slips moments held, never forgets the stamen of steam dripping, we're wet as clouds kiss us back I'm hers as midnight settles us down new day slowly sips Cristal wishes imbibed caressing me with her wonderment

by Subimal Sinha-Roy |
Categories: men, relationship, women,

Fool's Paradise

Fool’s paradise They say love is perennially blind, so let it be Keep your eyes open, see what you need to see Make her beautiful face a piece of transparent glass Let your vision go to depth of her mind, take a glance You may find a chameleon there very cleverly hidden Its change of color you can’t predict, it’s so sudden. In the glint of her eyes you may fly on cloud nine You’ll fall with broken wings when they won’t shine What sensuous mouth says may not come from heart If you live in illusion in fool’s paradise, always be alert. Don’t make the mistake Adam did in Garden of Eden The apple may look tempting, don’t eat it even then.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, 7th grade, 8th grade, 9th grade,

Love Song To Decorated Chameleon

decorated chameleon with your fabulous ways
you shame the rest of us each of our slithering days
with your bright designs and your patterns so pretty
I cannot help wondering if you are also quite witty?

chameleon, oh chameleon, may I serenade you?
could I bring my cousins too? There are only forty-two.
can we make up songs, and dedicate them to you?
I am being this bold because I think I am in love with you.

by Melissa Gregg |
Categories: angst, confusion, life, lost love, love, sad, life,


I will be your chameleon
I’ve been practicing all day
Pretend you don’t know me
For this is the role I’m destined to play

I can be who you want
All your desires will be filled
But my life as I know it
Has suddenly been stilled

The curtain is drawn 
The lights blurring my vision
Who knew this production
Would cause our division 

My life has been shattered
Could you not see the pieces?
I’m down at your feet
As your love, it decreases

Does the love in your eyes
Mimic the lack in your heart
Was this what you wanted
Our lives torn apart?

And I know I’m not able
To take it all back
But tell me, how can I live 
With a soul that is black?

by Marquee Gibb |
Categories: love, passion,

Everything But Nothing

Compared expressions of you as 
nothing ever will
Treaded outskirts of atmosphere
Intense of culminated proportion
Chameleon Ingrid Bergman stares
beget faceted hours in brood
Pining a slice of affection
Reside my precious jones’s retinas 
Pupils behold, widened as oceans
Mere sight share butterflies
Glides acrobatic feats
Discreet rituals where sensibilities
spill precious savory elixir in opus
Faint cries mustered from guttural core 
Wrung out where there lies everything
but nothing more, lover…
My heart do reciprocate

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: self,

An Orange and Purple Chameleon

I am an orange and purple chameleon
unless you cross me, then I am a dancing dragon
trying to control my urge to give  you a bit of flame

mysticism is my keen interest, being a healer, i
am also an empath, and was kidding about the dragon
however I do have an affinity for dragons, unicorns, 
elves, faeries, brownies and mushroom houses

I would rather dance and skip and hop than walk any day.
Swimming with dolphins would be my daily exercise of choice.
I am a poet, a painter, a cartoonist, and a magician.
I love people, and would help you find your goodness
if you lost it.

by Ndidzulafhi Patric |
Categories: break up,

Ex Love

You called me. 
But I didn't respond to you. 
You stop me. 
But I didn't stop. 

You never gave up on me. 
My heart feel pity for you. 
And I hold you with my hand. 
And dance to the same tune. 

You gave me hope. 
And you fought for us . 
You were my shoulder to cry on. 
Whenever I feel depressed, u were available for me 

My ex love you are a chameleon. 
Ooh my ex love what went wrong 
You have all colours. 
When you knew me ,you immediately changed like a weather. 
You gone like lighting. 

by patric ndidzulafhi munyai

by Ijudessy Carter Townes |
Categories: life,

Thee Chameleon

The real adjustment to several situations, trials, environment changes, constant mistreatment. From the jungles of Africa to the ever-changing American soil. The beatings, disrespect, undue punishment, pure hate. Instilled in Thee Chameleon through it all, is undying strength, love, rhythm, and character.  Unbeknownst to those who shove the majority of uh... drug use, guns, even murder upon Thee Chameleon to the highest extreme. As Thee Chameleon, keep in mind: Your individuality, self love, respect, extreme strength, both physical and mental. Stand strong and know Thee Chameleon, be We, standing tall, adjusting to all, and conquering what Thee soul is destined to do.

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: life, writing,

Note Books Bear Me Up

decrepit note books
Residential society of poems
hackneyed to ultra fresh thought roams

snail pace of expressions
imbalanced love on tattered ink
lines smile on jackal mustache
through the crystal glass the moon kisses

urban dustbin is empty well
ravens fly on the colorful chicks
ground is shattered field of war
dawn cawing reminds the writing decisions

nothing is outcome of the books
three out of five fingers
one chameleon mind
eyesight combats with insightful arena to lit light

just I reside in these posthumously
note books bear me up anonymously

-Wednesday, June 19, 2019 Chattogram

by Sand Blown |
Categories: identity, love hurts, philosophy,

Off Times

of't times
growth is
into dictates 
of others

world worn
uni-forms and
being now

growth is
as a

an identity
within those
forms of
other's worlds

worn outside
your reality
and now by which
you are judged

according to
their being as
the masks of
changing colors
the dictates of
of others lives that 
clothed you in nothing
but a time sack

stan sand

by Maria Mitea |
Categories: love,

Come and Stay For a Little More

Build us in the lips of time,
I am here waiting for you as the flowers wait for the sun
and the sea for the storm,

I am here and you are the One that drops from the Moon and loves me in secret,
and all secrets have their stars,
come to see how difficult would be  to deceive me,
i know your smell, your touch and I see the light,
your hands cutting like knives:

even if you changed, changed, like a chameleon
I am here waiting for my nervous and tender  lover
until sleep goes away like a moonlit river,

come and stay for a little more