Love Poems About Caribou or Caribou Love Poems
by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: angel, beauty, caregiving,

Brushed a Season Her Love

We spread these wings in dreams which fly....
Beyound the ambient hieroglyphic sky; our heritage
This coign of vantage; etched her silken starry 
Night an ancient cavern carnelian hues ? Ancestral
Meek as the mink and caribou; banal their mischief-makers
Carved a stone this image one million years her matriarch..
Barbaric schemes times kings; confronted by she, mono y mono
Exposed love's fiery minx iconic; ironic while the tables turn ?
Pelion, hand writing with scenic wings; empowered by Genial, we deem.

by Ilene Bauer |
Categories: nature,

In Alaska

In Alaska, running loose
Are grizzlies, caribou and moose.
Eagles soar and whales cavort
And salmon fishing is a sport.

Glaciers calve and mountains rise,
Scenery to mesmerize.
Sadly, now, for tourist folk
The air is filled with thick gray smoke.

I am starting on a tour;
Don't know what will be in store,
But I'm hoping skies will clear
And some wildlife will appear.

Nature - lift that smoky noose.
I'd really love to see a moose!

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: humanity, love,

Lets Love

Constant coming winds picking the petals
Dormant heart tearing the faded sky
Fluent stream seeking aura in the ray
Intent rain dries the particles of sigh

Sparrow dancing on the sun setting field
Before tigress caribou on the scenes
Scarecrow smiling on the passionate tears
To mow the mulatto let's love all skins

23.06.2020 Chattogram