Love Poems About Canoe or Canoe Love Poems
by Joe DiMino |
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Love Never Dies

Should I write again of love?
Surely, by now, the moon
has had her full; and those
luxury cruses best put off,
taxes long overdue; besides,
those who love well
love well in a canoe--

which is precisely my point--
love is never through: 

For the wind loves the bird---
that’s why he flies; as much
for the wind as his own 
bird’s eyes; and why such
manic caw? Much like
our spastic cries—in the
climax of it all, he knows
even if he falls,
love never grows old…
and love
never dies….

by Sharon Keely |
Categories: age, love, trust,

Terrible Advice

Young me took this to heart:
“Love many, 
Trust few,
And always paddle
your own canoe”

Now I paddle my canoe
In icy waters
Far from my youth
and my many lovers 
not one of whom 
I trusted.

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: peace, philosophy,


Is created by us......... but we forget this and fuss. Our noses in our neighbors, worse another nations' business. We forget love and compassion, how unique, we are. Ah, striving to be number one, to be the outstanding star! How easily humanity falls off track. Don't you get that you are perfect and that's just that? Some days are up, some are down. Unless you have zero integrity, then you prance about like a clown. Get you are great, your mind will say NO. Just jump into the canoe of life and go. The Mandala of your day, created in beauty and kindness. It's your umbrella of conscious mindfulness                 12/7/2020

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: food, nature

The Tranquil Picnic at Dusk

I’d love to be with you in a canoe
accompanied by summer’s softest breeze,
enjoying the verdant valley view
while drifting on a river lined with trees.

Ahead would be a peak that whisks the sky.
We’d look above us from our little boat
to where the eagle and the osprey fly
as in the quiet glow of dusk we’d float.

We’d dock on sand and find a cozy spot
to roast some hot dogs in our campfire’s heat
and spread the luscious picnic foods we’d brought;
then relishing tranquility, we'd eat!

Amid dark, silent pines, by fire's bright light,
we'd snuggle happily into the night.

For Carol Brown's "Picnic Time" Contest

by Charles Melody Lightning Ink |
Categories: life, loss, lost love, mystery, nature, nostalgia, philosophy, sad


a cricket in the eaves
harmonizes with
night rain
old river benue
a fisherman's canoe
ladened for market
graveyard's windy dust
sending papers and leaves high
every ones underground

by farah chamma |
Categories: lost love

John Doe

Rise and shine
The world outside is awaiting us two

Across leas of the sun
Just Me and you

We shall glide like water droplets
On petal hues

Then evaporate into the air
Like wet morning dew

Swaying like a summer breeze
Would gracefully do

Melting like strawberry ice cream
Under a sunlight, imbued

Like skates on smooth ice
Slithering our way through

Across the rivers of Evermore
We shall serenely canoe

Painting all mountains red
Like a dawn anew

Rise and shine,
If only you knew

by Eve Roper |
Categories: love, sky, world,


World of wonder and grace Blues

Ocean’s foam green hues a silent love in a canoe

Nature’s blooms transfuse as we lie embraced  

Dreams continues to rendezvous  in our hearts subdued

Eyes Azul melting look in the moonlit night pearl

Relinquished of its frail cloudy veil

Faraway the fawning celestial sky 

Unafraid of unblinking space

Love surrenders to the wonderful un-erased world


Poetry Contest:  Wonderful-Acrostic 
Sponsored by: John Hamilton 

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: lost love, , 9th grade,

A Yearbook Pickup Line

He wrote inside my 9th grade yearbook: "I'd like to get with you inside a kayak." Today I would respond: "Your kisses were so heavenly, but you abandoned me. So it's a 'no' to me and you together in a small canoe!" Dedicated to my first kiss, Glenn, a real son-of-a-preacher man.

by Matt Caliri |
Categories: love, love,

Pardonable Graces

Pardonable graces,
Your face is a pardonable grace
Good God, woman, slender we are in the night. 
Send my love, love in the sound of that sound.
We will share a canoe together, holding our love 
The whole way.
Which way are we going, you ask.
I don’t know. Do you?

by S.Jagathsimhan Nair |
Categories: love,

Love paradox 1

It  seems  pre-destined
That  my canoe should
 never  make it across
Your  river of  love
Getting always sucked in 
At the  vortex in its middle
Only to resurrect itself
As a triumphant memory
Or as a  likeable  defeat
Left floating all over you 
As clouds bearing the rains
That  sustain your flow
That should pour over you
But never to win over you
But ever wins you over.

S.Jagathsimhan Nair

For PD's 'Any romantic poem' contest on 28 May 13

by albert geiser |
Categories: love

wondering the source

canoe through lillies

what mystery that engine

meander the guide

January 22, 2011 (c) Copyright 2011 Albert Geiser, All Rights Reserved,

by albert geiser |
Categories: love


canoe has its ribs

A man's ribs facing upward

In river and rain


January 22, 2011 (c) Copyright 2011 Albert Geiser, All Rights Reserved,

by Immaculata Ortner |
Categories: loneliness,


By Immaculata Ortner

All lights went off 
My heart stops beating for a second
Keep staring at the quoted line
“You can be forever off line”
My heart ripped off my chest, mercilessly 
Speechless like I haven’t spoken before
Whispering with hope
Come back, come back
You kept the door shut
Keep drifting away 
Like a canoe on kavango deltas
Closing the chapter of hope and affection
Only me and my dark room
Feels cold in its four corners
No heater to heat the love
No life, no affection
Only me and my dark room

by Jo Bien |
Categories: adventure, love


we put the canoe in
the river, like glass
sun high and hot
a perfect Midwest day

push off, catching our rhythm
harmonizing the oars
smooth teamwork
not our first time

we laugh and talk
just kicking back
reconnecting, remembering
it’s been a long time

we know what’s ahead
white water and rocks
and our favorite part,
the drop from the falls

we work as a team
maneuvering together
expert synchronicity 
through the treacherous water

this perfect day
the thrill of the danger
this time we share
a new memory

back at the shore
we load the canoe
you look at me and smile
an amazing afternoon

by Nayda Ivette Negron Flores |
Categories: fantasy,

Far Away River

Old canoe surfed in the placid and crystalline water
Conveying a man to a wood house near the river shore
Where lies the far memories of a fructiferous life
Nestled for decades with the love poured by its habitant
Flowing in unison with the rapid and pristine streams

November 15, 2016

Categories: adventure,

Dagda stone

Dagda stone Interesting babe...just like you, ocean deep, mysterious too... 7 levels to attain... chakra mentioned my Igraine, Perhaps from Atlantis too, from whence we came by canoe, 4 times doomed, Atlantis vain, tempest storm and volcanic reign, where hand in hand we two, lost and gained, parted sad and blue, lovingly drawn back to you, though the world may end again, my sweetest love adeiu... reclaimed... Don Johnson

by Anulaxmi Nayak |
Categories: art, beautiful,

A Wine Connoisseur

           A wine connoisseur

Varied emotions filled river of wine
My life's canoe set sail in it....
I am the connoisseur of my life
I ought to make exotic choice
I rowed with shiny oar of love,
trust and kindness....
My canoe was filled with sweet wine
Smooth sail, life beautiful, vivacious
I rowed with dark oar of hate, 
jealousy, selfishness....
My canoe was filled with bitter wine
Sail imbalanced, life ugly, languid
My life turned mirror of my choices!

© Anulaxmi Nayak,2015

For contest: a wine connoisseur
Sponsor: Chase Trevi
Date: 30th august 2015

by John Watt |
Categories: first love, goodbye, love, summer, vacation,

Summer Camp

                                 Summer Camp

Summer camp's been a win-win, this week made me grin!
What great times we had, going like mad, never sad
met playing croquet the first day of our va-cay
you're the one I had fun with each day in the sun
played awesome sports in shorts, laughed through games of all sorts
what jokes we'd make sitting by the lake, sun would bake
we swam every day at the dam, then had to scram
off to canoe, whistle blew, I'd eat lunch with you
goodbye my sweetie pie, our time has just flown by
your kiss felt right late last night. Don't forget to write!

written 17 Aug 2020

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: summer,

A Summer Reverie

I'd love to be with you in a canoe
accompanied by summer's softest breeze,
enjoying the verdant valley view
while drifting on a river lined with trees.

Ahead would be a peak that whisks the sky.
We'd look above us from our little boat
to where the eagle and the osprey fly
as in the quiet glow of dusk we'd float.

We'd dock on sand and find a cozy spot.
Amid dark, silent pines, by fire's bright light,
we'd spread the luscious picnic foods we'd brought;
then snuggle happily into the night.

May 12, 2019 for  Caren Krutsinger's "A Summer Quatrain" Poetry Contest

by Probir Gupta |
Categories: analogy, art, bird, blue, color, image, metaphor,

The Game

Out of you I make my birds of colors
And set them free for your windows open
As I know you look to them in keen eyes
Thus my searching glances can meet your sky
Maple trees ruffled clouds love to stop them
Buds in bowls on roof top always love them
I do know you wait in your nice canoe
To row and raise waves of red and blue hue

Some love humming bird some lark some cuckoo
You love sea gulls in your light green terrace
To get time is hard after handling chores
Still when pink and passionate beaks peck at
You are almost a peach to love the bites
The game between writes and pen is lovely
July 1, 2016

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson |
Categories: animal, boat, fun, kiss, love, nice, water,


I'll be kissing you
In our canoodlers' canoe
Paddlin' 'round the walrus tank
At the Tacoma Zoo.

by Eve Roper |
Categories: imagery, love, nature,

Romantic Moon

beneath dusk twilight briskness of the night off a bumpy quiet foot path, deeper into root of virgin forest towards narrow a patch. breathless, beneath thick mixed coppice nightingales croon, nature sleeps. moon views with romantic pleasure upon scintillating obsidian hue lake. natures breath held briefest of hesitations fish breaks the surface ripples sweep swirling beyond the lake swept away in darkness. lovers in a canoe enthralled by sensation of nostalgic moon. 2/16/2020


in place of news

simplistic yes, robotic
yes, curroptive indeed, unnecessary absolutely, \
final frontier evolve into mechanics class 
polastic people
yes ok sorry
hung like a doorknob
canoe lips and trees in boxes
obnoxious?ceiling breeze
elevator goes up
door opens
women talk business
and then hush when they see me
chester old fellow 
the teacher
chester the teacher
anything ringing a bell
bird talkin
wheel spinin
button pushin
lip smacken
phone callen
head scratchin
and all the silence in between
heres to giving this to
tender love and care
to all

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: engagement, imagery, love,



     Just we two.
     In that quiet canoe.
     A star studded sky~ 
     Just me, just you.....

      Soft, flowing whispers from 
      Our secret river rise.
      In this once in a lifetime,
      moon drenched, paradise......

      Just we two.
      In that lovely moment
      When you asked me~
      To marry you......

              ~ 2 ~

by Raven Tones |
Categories: absence, depression, lost love, love hurts, metaphor,

Tilt A World

Rock the boat, tilt the world, 

Break my heart, tear my souls, 

Steal my hope, ruin my dreams, 

Give me love, show me life, 

Lead the direction, brighten my path, 

Hold my arm, far from the edge, 

Tell me lies to keep me afloat, 

Board the ditch which i slowly dug, 

I swear a rest is all i need, 

Let my life float, if not in vein, 

Let it be in faith, 

Ifi awake in the morn it shall be due to you, 

And the hand you lent me, lacked in timing, 

But shook me from the dream, 

From under the canoe, which had tipped, 

And waterlogged, for what seemed like an eternity