Love Poems About Bullfrog or Bullfrog Love Poems
by Sara Kendrick |
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The gray overcast sky predicts
Rain to layer the damp
Cool will become colder wet air
Trapped inside, lifestyle cramped

It is worse for blossoms turned brown
Their spring beauty cut short
Soon to join spent blooms 'pon the ground
Cold their life did thwart

The bullfrog croaking in the pool
Not hindered by cold air
Is he calling his love to come
See his fair lair 

There is a stillness this morning
A quiet 'pon the air
All the birds softly sing their song
Yet stillness says beware

by Donal Mahoney |
Categories: life

Puff Up, Inflate

Puff Up, Inflate

One kind of pigeon,
one kind of snake,
as far as I know,
puff up, inflate.
There’s the bullfrog,
of course, and 
peacocks have tails
so I tell my wife
what she already knows:
Once I become 
whoever I am
then will
I love you.

Donal Mahoney

by Jean Ward |
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Singin' Right Can Never Be Wrong POEM 2 of 4


Honeysuckle grows all entwined,
Roses will soon need pruned.
I am in love, dear heart of mine.
I hear the call of the Loon.

Fireflies on the window sill.
Grasshoppers jump in the corn.
Sweet call of the Whip-poor-will,
and Bullfrog sings by the pond,

and--of you I am quite fond.
Fonder even than fond.

Oh, dear heart of mind
tell me another yarn,
about the time of Whip-poor-will
and the Bullfrogs song by the pond.

I wonder if Crickets dance,
do Ants work all the time?
As our arms do entwine,
dear heart of mine.

Are you in love
with me by chance,
dear heart of mine?