Love Poems About Boxing or Boxing Love Poems
by Jagdish Bajantri |
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Moral Vs Dream

Moral Vs Dream 

Family cry for Penny 
My dream cry for achievemnt 

Family cry for rid off from responsibility 
My responsibility cry for work 

Family believe live like bunch of 
My bunch of basket is with love 

Family thing about fake values 
My values fake for my dream 

Family never ever give a trusted 
words but fill my pain with their show off 
My show off is to cry for death 

What you think who will win...... 

With love all 
Jagdish bajantri

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Pink Clouds

Pink Clouds Great fluffy clouds of pink and light blue, Came in to my dream, no words but I knew, The angels had come to see me again, Part girl and part boy, androgenous men, Seeing both sides, of any view. In fluffy like clouds, with the sun shining through, Old friends from beginning of time, That I knew, had been in the earth, Till their service was done, Feathers due, perhaps they’d leave me one, boxing day 2012 with my mind askew, love conquers all, just between me n you. Don Johnson

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The time has come for me to say goodbye forever I am not brilliant at expressing my emotions But in the words of ‘Sealion Dion’ …. ‘I will always love you’ If you check in the filing cabinet You will find my portfolio of shares I have kept the Woolworth's certificate it may be valuable They may resurface one day …. That’s the wonder of Woolies! If you ever need a new sofa…. don’t forget these immortal words The DFS Half Price Sale starts at 10am on Boxing Day! Contest:- My Parting Gifts Sponsor:- Viv Wigley 02~06~16

by Alon Calinao Dy |
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Rise Again, Manny

Rise, Manny, rise!
Be proud and be brave.
You're still my boxing hero,
A pride to every Filipino.

Rise, Manny, rise!
Hold your head high.
The world is talking about you,
No wonder people still love you.

Rise, Manny, rise! 
Make another fight if you want.
But please, be careful next time.
Don't let a lucky punch knocks you out.

Rise, Manny, rise! 
Those fools can say whatever...
And in this battle of life,
"Never Say Never."

Rise again, Manny!

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Santa Claus aint no has been,

Santa Claus aint no has been,
 until ole boxing day, 
love your poetry its a dream,
 keep em coming Mystic, hey

thank you Mystic Rose

by Dennis Davis |
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Things I Know I'll Never Do

things I know I’ll never do

I’ll never ride the winning horse in the Kentucky Derby
I’ll never throw a winning touchdown
I’ll never swim the fastest race
but I’ll always love you

I’ll never win a boxing match
I’ll never dunk a basketball to win the game
I’ll never run the fastest mile
but I’ll always love you

I’ll never be a great baseball player
I’ll never score the winning goal
I’ll never ski a downhill race
but I’ll always love you

even though those things I’ll never do
I’ll always love you
I’ve achieved so much more in my life
no one else can say you are their wife
I am the winner of my life

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Christmas morn
when they were small,
we were up before the 
crack of dawn.

Here I sit on Boxing day.
Mid morning, alone.
My sleepy heads
have still not shown.

Stove lit, heating on.
Like a shepherd waiting
for a lamb to be born.
Only mine are adults now.

Such peaceful time to reflect
Damaged lives have been reset.
I never believed our hearts 
would heal as well as this.

We are closer even than before
Daddy was shown the door.
Who needs Santa
when love intervenes?

by Yuhi Musinga |
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I'm Sorry

I am sorry for the agony I caused you,
I feel so wicked.
I'm sorry,
 I'm not perfect and I make mistakes.
Please forgive me.
I took it all for granted,
 I'm sorry to say.

I'm sorry but I adore you,
I'm sorry if I miss you.
I'm sorry I can't be that perfect man
You’ve always dreamed of.
I'm sorry for bothering you.
I just wanted to tell you...
I'm sorry for the pain I caused you.

I'm sorry.
Please forgive me
For all the wrong I've done.
Please come back home my love.
I know you have no trust in me,
I'm sorry to let you down.
I wish I could be what you want, 
But I can't and I’m sorry.

by Jimmi Canada |
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Wobbie tuck

Errant steals,

like globular e-mocking,

stark Jabs in test,

wave's of sustainment globally casting flesh aside,

wantoness stops as
tubular horns row them all away...

Nickled as jells in the jangles,

wobbie in a talk in a mangle-

flippin' at it's angle',

crunch crockie crangle,

the bottle on a walk,

like a Laker in a stock.

by Robert Andrew Lyle |
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Dear Mum I wish I had known you
As a person not as Mum
That I had asked you questions
Like what you did for fun
Or found out about your childhood
What your home was really like
Did you walk to school each day Mum?
Or did you have a bike
Did you search amongst the hedgerows?
Looking at the young birds there
Glancing over grassy fields
To see the boxing Hares
Did you have a love for nature?
That your whole being did excite
Watching green frogs in the daytime
Owls and crickets in the night
It must have come from somewhere
This great love that I have got
For the world around me
Whether it was you Mum or not
I miss you Mum

by harry horsman |
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Boxing Day

Christians falling
in love with the Messiah....
a midwinter gift
this day after Christ born day
an endowment of love’s truth.

© Harry J Horsman  2011

by Wade Appelgryn |
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The Perfect Woman

A woman with this insane beauty that it makes my heart beats go crazy,
Feels like I lose my mind every time,
A woman fighting tears and sweat caused by a ruthless onion and formidable heat,
Just to prepare a meal cooked with every ounce of emotion,
A woman with love that shelters you from hate,
Like a house made by the hands of God,
A woman that takes just one look at you with those eye’s,
And you just know love isn’t blind,
A woman that moves your soul and lifts your spirit,
Like a coach on the side of the boxing ring I’ll fight for her love,
Perfect is unattainable,
but for me you sustain perfection with love.

By Wade Appelgryn

by Arjun Jangid |
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  O! Time , time please
  Slow down your pace
  If you are very pleased.

  Grand pa , cradles ,
  Fist full of nothing
  are left behind gaps.

  I don't know when
  You put down me
  From my mother's lap.

   Dear I was too small
   to carry on my fights
   against unknown mad.

   But I was not coward
   So I fought many fights
   on their funny grounds.
   You can hardly believe
   Fighter kid named on air
   Who won all fights there.

  My mom , grant pa or ma,
  Never dared to win over me
  Felt proudy, defeat before me.

   Dad who fought bravely and
   Balanced score fifty-fifty but
   Rascals cousins not accept defeat.

by Andrew Johnson |
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To Father From Son

All you want in this life
Is for me to do my best
And to be able to drink to ‘The World’s Best Son’
Before you are later laid to rest

But it is hard most times for me to
Do exactly as you dream
Though it does not mean I do not care
Nor play for the opposite team

You have shown me things in life
That I thought were so benign
When in reality it was truly real
And trouble could have been mine

Arguments lost and arguments won
About the most personal things
When you were only giving strong advice
I thought of it as in a boxing ring

You are the closest friend I have
And just between us, father and son
I love you and will never falter

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
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A Plain Man's Indulgence

pizza, fries and golden  beer...
the good company of the men 
who took me a dozen times round 
a crazy boxing ring, sharing blood 
and bone and sweet stadium lights

and after the final bell had rung and
black tie and mink had left it's salty 
mark upon the front row seats 

we the band of boxing brothers,the 
maestros of the ring,
faces smashed without refinement,
nor mercy and with  love only for
our wives and each other,

we kicked back the day with boot and
glove and poured  happy oaths into
the warm sawdust bar: and our pleasure 
our rich and happy prize, a sweet indulgence, 
pizza, fries and golden,golden beer

by marianna pavlikova |
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Silent talk

Sex - Yes? Sex? - No!!
"Good by" at the door..
-"I am tired - you go!"

And i going home.
Biting fingers on way.
Gipersexual body..
I need sex rihgt today!

Silent walls in the room.
Watching boxing with air.
Start give pleasure and stop??
Dont you think its not fair?

Yes, yes, yes. You are right.
Satisfaction one way.
But not only my folt.
I am dare to say..

For you its means nothing.
For me almost death.
Do you understand
How much i need sex??

by Austin Alfano |
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Boxing, a brutal, bloody, painful sport.
This is my life.
I don't spend my life on a tennis court,
I'd rather be in a boxing ring than have that as my life.

Boxing is a game of skill,
to others it's a silly blood bath.
I just love going in for the kill,
then they lay there and I laugh.

Boxing is my crack
I can't stay away.
It always brings me back,
always ready to play.

The ring is my garden
It is my sanctuary.
It gives no one pardon,
In November, December, or January.

Blood, sweat, and tears
goes into the game.
No more fears,
no more shame.

by Kim Rodrigues |
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Supplied with boxing gloves,
the size of eyes, nose, mouth, teeth

man, woman, child
like stampeding steeds

with steam of a motorcar
the spring released

what the blank happened —
blackout of the human race


Supplied with hands that love,
a daisy chain with fresh Spring

newborn race twists smiles
and kindness into serenity beads

hugs handed out like delicious treats
harmony dancing in the streets

ice packs and dentists no longer needed
hate and violence no longer seeded


by Apache Tears |
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To Touch Gloves With The Devil

Who's gonna kiss those tired eyes
Who's gonna fight by your side 
Who are you gonna tell all your dreams to
Who's gonna want them as bad as you

When you wake up
to touch 
gloves with the devil 

*I'm turning this into a song and I need help finishing.
It's about having someone by your side to help you fight through life. (Touching gloves as done in boxing before you begin the fight).

by Craig Hawkins |
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A can of coke and a good book to read
Sitting in the sunshine embracing my greed
The sun's beaming rays piercing my skin
Microwaving my internal organs from within
My sanctuary from daily life is here
The worries of the day disappear
Feet up and entwined in this non fiction book
As if I’m caught on a grappling hook

I love my garden believe it or not
It’s a sun trap with no blind spot
Drinking my coke with ice and lime
Enjoying the peace in my spare time

Spare time is something we are deprived of
Trying to avoid the swing of life’s boxing glove
My garden is my part time sanctuary
My little house on the prairie

by John Foreman |
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That time of year again

It's that time of year once more,
Where we gather with family and loved ones.
With the glow of the tree lights
We laugh and we sing
About all the good tidings
That this season will bring

But good tidings won't arrive
For those who struggle to survive
In their box from bin
Empty from the gift within
It's their home on the street
People walk on by without a glance
Not even a care
That this home doesn't even cover their feet

So spare a thought, or even a gift
For those out there
Who's love they want to give
But with no family, no loved ones to care
This is a burden I'm willing to bear
A blanket, a pillow or even a bed
A wish of a merry Christmas
Is all that needs said.

by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: anger, angst, mental illness, psychological,

I need to stop being the joke

When does the healing of all this begin? 
When does the mending start?
When will I stop blaming myself, 
Rebuilding the love in my heart?

Maybe when I think I don’t deserve all this pain, 
I can repair all the love that is broke,
Maybe when I feel free to tell my whole story, 
I’ll stop treating my life as a joke,

And tell the world I’m no boxing bag, 
My skin can no longer be hurt,
When I stand and am proud of the “Who” that I am, 
And know I am better than dirt,

Maybe then I can overpower these thoughts, 
These thoughts living up in my mind,
When I realise I’m not what happened to me, 
I can stop being the rape victim, the crime.

by jan hansen |
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I get irritable over emails about Viagra 
the pill that is about extending the natural evolution   
from stud to an old workhorse.
Everything comes to an end and to make love with 
the help of a pill is artificially pressing the body to go through 
acts it can no longer do alone.
there is some unethical about it as it no longer gives pleasure
only proving the old horse can still gallop.

by Rico Leffanta |
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Boxing Day

My love loves to knit and crochet
And she does it all her own way
She knitted a scarf
As long as a wharf
Guess what I got on Christmas Day?

by Jo Bien |
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what 's not real

when I see you 
love grows stronger
dragging it out
a little longer
hate the way
this makes me feel
a heart that churns
for what's not real
why can't I 
just walk away
boxing up dreams
of yesterday
going to amputate
to sever the pain
there's nothing here
for me to gain