Love Poems About Bowling or Bowling Love Poems
by Deb Wilson |
Categories: funny, sports

Love Bowling...It Doesn't Love Me!

When I'm bowling I try not to fall
As my game plan I aim to recall
Well my form is so fine
Too close to the foul line
Seems my best shot is the gutter ball!

* For Linda-Marie's "Let's Limerick" contest

by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr |
Categories: adventure, technology,


this is a game
the ease my pain
its insane
love the sound
its ir roll down
its better jump polling
i love

by james sturdivant.jr |
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Me my kids and my wife
All a very special part of my life
Roger who is 12 years old
I hope he achieve his every goal
Alisha who is 15 years old precious and sweet
Larry as Fry talks and raps to every girl that he meet
Shannon is having our granddaughter is very smart in school
Connie who is 19 years old will soon be graduating
Then our entire family will be celebrating
Kisha who's 23 the oldest
Thinks she's the boldest
Myra my lovely wife is 42
Myself James to my family I love all of you
Together we enjoy fishing,bowling going out to eat
All of us keep our hair done or cut and dress very neat

by Nola Perez |
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AS IT SNOWED A collaboration

  (poem ending with the fine print in a liquor ad)

As it snowed, I heard thunder
 *the gods bowling snowballs to keep themselves warm.
Then the avalanche came.
 *like lovers who run both hot and cold.
The gods buried themselves until their Russian wolfhounds arrived.
 *I remember feeling good that gods had wolfhounds, 
            Russian or otherwise.
The wolfhounds fell in love with the snow.
 *it surrounded them and hounded them, coolly.
It made a wolfhound cocktail topped with a cherry,
 *which Smirnoff copyrighted for the common man.

           "Drink responsibly"
First lines by Nola Perez
Second lines by Michael Perez

Posted for the Poet Destroyer

by jeffery scott |
Categories: god, heaven, jesus, love, spiritual, trust, wisdom,

the man on the cross

there once was a man who died for our sins,
theat knock us down like bowling pins,
he turned water into wine,
he shared his love that was quite divine,
what im trying to say is always have hope,
so go to churh and visit a pope.


by David O'Haolin Whalen |
Categories: love, passion, love, me,

Hon,There's a big ol' moon out tonight

I know you said I can’t go bowling And you’d rather I didn’t Go out with my buddies and have a drink or two… You want me to wash And dry the dishes Cause you’ve got something else I guess, you’d really rather do Well dear, I really respect Your opinion… and love The many things You give me to do I even love the apron you gave me And you look waaaay better Wearing pants Than I do So dear, I really respect Your wisdom and I’ve got a question Or two Have you noticed The clothes line missing Lately? And the concrete blocks Missing from the front porch too? Howsabout we might go for a boat ride tonight… and Hon? Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?

by Sean Rackley |
Categories: bible, joy, love, water,

The Torrent

Ever flowing
Borne along,
By class-five rapids,
A cataract thro’ jagged crags

There is danger here
Out of (my) control
Guided by Peace 
Protected by Joy
The mighty rush of God’s
Poured-out, turbulent love

by David Willey |
Categories: humor, humorous, rude, sexy, silly,

Bowling the maiden over

Cricket is a game of love
Full of puns and innuendo
As a lass I’d love to bowl you over
By having you a maiden over
A couple of opening googlies
Spin balls should do the trick
Middle of the over adds
Two chesty bouncers to the mix
Fifth could be an angler
To draw a lovely catch
Sixth ball to earn a maiden over
What else but a full toss 
Just to finish me off
Now all I need to know
With a six dot ball over
Have I won my maiden over

by Kathryn Sweeney |
Categories: death, love,

Snapshot of Time

that snapshot of moment,
in the bowling alley hallway of the
Los Angeles hospital, 
when they said you had passed,
nowhere to hide when you told me you were sorry,
and left me here, 
engulfed in this foreign place, 
where destiny led me by the hand,
a soul agreement from long ago. 
That tiny photo of time we got,
was one bright stanza,
a two dimensional rainbow of movement and color,
from beach to snow to desert to green, 
until the raven came and told me the hourglass was empty. 
And then one early December morn, you disappeared into a clearer 
direction of aura and love,
where I cannot dwell.  

by liam mcdaid |
Categories: love, romance, romantic,

winds of change

looking towards 
a misty mountain
jewel fingers 
paints your vision
into thoughts 
i just 
cannot princess
for the life 
stop thinking about 
you baby

one cloud eclipses 
a sun 
warm deep rays
glows inside
the very heart
of this mountain
sweeping warm 
love weeping
willow leaves caressing
falling drops 
of dew

missing you 
like crazy
colouring rainbows
feelings fall within
endearing emotions
sings sacred 
unto these eyes
speaking from 
this soul

in bowling 
a heart over
lifting one host
bewitching with wings
enchanting beauty
floating magic
outside in 
this world

kisses deeply
lips wave 
inside an ocean 
salt of the earth
whispering whistles
silent winds
landing on
a treasure

by randy johnson |
Categories: funny, holiday, on writing and words, me,

I saved Christmas

When Santa Claus came down my chimney, I thought he was a robber.
I grabbed my baseball bat and old Saint Nick got clobbered.
Santa had some compound fractures and he kept saying ouch.
I made his deliveries while he laid on my couch.
I climbed on my roof and got in his sled.
When I told the reindeers to fly, Prancer kicked me in the head.
I delivered the presents all around the world.
Because of me, there were a lot of happy boys and girls.
The next year I asked Santa for a new bowling ball because I love to bowl.
But when I checked my stocking, I saw that the fatso gave me a block of coal.

by V. Deepa |
Categories: feelings, july, june, love, rain, weather,

The wet weather coaxes Love

Rattling rain drops,heists our sleep at mid night Settling on tops,over the roofs from a width height Prattling quickly stops, whence I catch his sight Curling his mops of hair with my fingers a bit tight Battling cold, hops out when he hugs me in dim light Tackling him,slops sweat,continually in the twilight Troubling,he cops pleasure kissing me with might Bowling love crops stress,making us look bright.
6-7-2020 Note2:Triple Rhyme poetry Contest.(N/A) Placed as Honourable Mention in the contest. Note2: Strand Completely New (20), Any Form,Any Theme Poetry Contest Sponsored by Brian Strand.

by David D'Braunstein |
Categories: angel, confidence, destiny, heart, joy, love, success,

Pressing My Luck

Bowling night, I had to try
Asked her out and her reply
Yes she said, I’m on a roll
She agreed to watch me bowl!
Inspired I was and couldn’t wait
To do my best as I felt GREAT!
Oh what fun it was that night
My team won big as I took flight!
Afterwards we enjoyed the bar
With friends of mine and she would star!
Shake me please could this be real
She was amazing with her appeal!
On that night it was clear
We’d be wed and have no fear!