Love Poems About Booby or Booby Love Poems
by Caren Krutsinger |
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I Am a Booby

My best feature by far, my bright azure feet.
A mating dance star, prowess cannot be beat.
South American bird, wing span of five feet.
My diving is absurd. Snow white breast is neat.
A morel mushroom head, strutting brown feathers.
Seventeen years of stead, love Pacific weathers.
Three hundred and thirty feet, of dive cannot be beat.
Do not need wet suit or any kind of scub-y.
I am the blue-footed booby.

by Jasmine Cruz |
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This Poem Really Sucks


Timmy ate a banana and gave jim a pet frog.
Booby looked down the street at the apple
Kim told Ronnie secrets of wise men asking questions.
When does time stand moving down.

Why does gorilla`s move standing still
Can strippers clean a pose man at night
Stop in the name of garbage.
For when its told never clap your knees.

Does old dogs tell of fables on friday
When does young lads commit food
Stuff loves never dying thrust
Keep the courage to be afraid

by Keith D Trestrail |
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Everyone Needs a Hobby

I love things in nature that flock and herd 
yet as a birdwatcher my lens gets blurred.
  Not in the forest’s deep far reach
   but with a spyglass at the beach
eyein’ the tanned large breasted booby bird!

              Written: March 2014

by Stanley Jacques |
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My Love

I Love you booby 

 My heart is filled with happiness 

When youre lips were made to kiss

Passing day I long for thee

Here's a flower for you to keep

A Hummingbird you are to me 

 Show me love and let me see

I cried today and sob for soy

Let this day be made of joy

My heart to you is yours to keep

Love so true don't let me weep

by stanley jean jacques

by Bukang Liwayway |
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He's a Loser

They say he's a certified loser,
She's the best but he finds another,
She gave her love and trust,
But he prefers a wasted lust.

He's a complete loser,
Considered a liar and a user,
His girl is kind and pretty,
But he chose With booby and flirty.

He's a total loser,
Others said he's a true gamer,
Playing women's heart and jilted them,
So the girl write him a painful poem.

Since he's a loser,
Years has passed, he's now a loner,
He wants to come back to her,
But he's out of her life forever.

May 6, 2023
12:03 A.M

by Lewis Nyaga |
Categories: introspection, love, love hurts,

Perils of Love

I walked down a road called love
why didn't they warn you my soul
that the road is full of booby traps
With all manner of untold perils..
You my soul would be captured
never to be ramsomed again.

Luis (2017)

by Lewis Nyaga |
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A Limb and a Muse

I walked down a road called love,
why didn't they warn you my soul,
that the road is full of booby traps.
With all manner of untold perils..
you my soul would be captured
never to be ransomed again Eva..

#bubles in time

by Nick Trim |
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Nudity In a Cup

I think this heat is killing me
I'm letting my thing hang free
sweaty clothing clings to me
I'm starting to love nudity

not just because I feel free
but because I like to see booby
and booty too it's all I see
my willy's looking up at me

standing up when I sit down
stays the same when I walk around
some do smile some do frown
as I wee up the wall it trickles down

I can't help it standing up
in private I can make it stand down
I can't help it standing up
so I walk around with it in a cup