Love Poems About Boar or Boar Love Poems
by John Monteblanco |
Categories: confusion, love,

Time To Let Go

I'm depressed
My anger- fueled by the words "I love you."
I'm under the stars
Ice cold rain smashing the ground like Thor's hammer through a skull.
Yeah I'm mad
And f#cked up, but my insanity can convert back to sanity
And my anger can and will be tamed like a wild boar.
I will scrap those three words, but I won't forget your face

Yes I act like an animal
Because THAT is how we started.
I'm happy to have met you in all your clothed magnificent glory...but it's time that I let go.

by Winter Wallace |
Categories: death, funeral, loss, lost love, recovery from..., sad

Deadening the Days

the cool eastern muds of a destroyed day
the still,vacant bodies awaiting decay

a tear shed for a soul
a heart broken now a hole

Wade in the safety of a western morn
steady your head, prepare for your storm

Reach for an end to this despair
with bleeding fingers, and tangled hair

scream a scream as loud as a war
roar a roar as large as a boar

the silence will still come, and then who will love you?

by Veerle Heyninck Florimond Margriet |
Categories: inspirational

Sidelines of Balance

when one thinks about the truth 
go down the cave of
 love are called angular
 rivers across the landscape of the resistance

we know the existence of happiness is 
not an impulse in
 yourself or a mourning of 
the absolute risk with the
 air cleared up visions of our heaven
 comes off the stand and the wild boar of Tempt 
the defendant wishes to be the one to do revolutionary 
thinkers tie on the sidelines of balance

by Frankii Fame |
Categories: beauty,


The Norse goddess also known for war
is a feminine charm of love, beauty, death. 
riding in with her chariot; bright and beautiful.
The Brisingamen proud around her neck;
atop a boar -- Frejya shines like gold.

by Darla Seely |
Categories: animal, murder, old, success, violence,

Tigers Pounce On Their Prey

Tigers are the biggest cat in the wild 
They love to pounce on their prey.
They lunge at animals' necks.
With their powerful jaws they hold on tight.

They pounce on and attack
Deer, wild boar and baby elephants.
When ill or injured, they will kill people
They can't catch their normal prey.

Tigers are known to hunt from dusk until dawn 
When their prey are more active.
Their strong legs and sharp claws
Help them take down their prey efficiently.

Their keen sense of hearing and sight
Allow them to attack with precision.
Their unique coat patterns allow them
To get close to prey without being detected.

by Aleesha Frank |
Categories: children, funny, happiness, hope, life, love


I'm scared of the dark
I'm scared of a shark
I'm scared of bees
and i'm scared of flees

I'm scared of ghosts
I'm scared of boats
I'm scared of rats
and i'm scared of bats

I'm scared of war
I'm scared of a boar
I'm scared of a bug
and i'm scared of love

But i'm not scared of butterflies
I'm not scared of a baby cries
I'm not scared of trees
and i'm not scared of a cool breeze

I'm not scared of noise
I'm not scared of boys
I'm not scared of snow
and i'm not scared of a bow

I'm not scared of kitten
I'm not scared of a chicken
I'm not scared of a dove
and I'm not scared of love

by Sandra Bailey |
Categories: devotion, faith, inspirational, life, love, world, life,

When Life Is To Hard To Bare

When life is hard for us bare
and it seems that knowone cares
When The weight of the world is bareing down
causing us to fall to the ground
and when it seems there is noway out 
God sends his angels to bail us out
As he did once before when he opened up
heavens door and sent down his pure light
Jesus his son was born that night and
he to boar the weight of the world as
death was his only reward but truth 
be told the reward was ours he died
on the cross for you and me all we need 
to do is belive so when life gets to hard 
to bare give it to God who still answers prayers

by Paula Goldsmith |
Categories: blue, boat, love, sea, uplifting, wind, work,

Over The Waters Blue

"over the waters blue the night winds sigh, the breakers roar" ... Samual Taylor Coleridge
Over the waters blue I love to sail, many times I get to see a big whale. Some nights the wind will sigh, like saying oh my. Some nights the wind seems to sing, I can hear our ship's bell ring. Today the sky is gray, look we are coming into the bay. Not much time to be free, then back out to the blue sea. The breakers roar, sounding like a huge old boar. The sea life is for me, needing to fly like a big yellow bee. I love being a sailor, living in a cabin and not a trailer.

by Sonia Walker |
Categories: fantasy, lost love,

Venus In Love

Venus in love
alluring and enduring
brightest light in sky
has eyes only for Adonis
who is the handsome
hunter of the woods,
she disguises as Diana,
goddess of the hunt,
helping Adonis with
his enjoyment of stalking
and killing animals
until the love of her life
dies by the wrath of a boar,
ending to a twisted tale
of manipulated lust.

by Adeyemi Joshua |
Categories: philosophy, wisdom,

Variant Virtues Cum Vices

meagre mortal should scarce think he enjoys
for eerie enjoyment only to unborns coil:
punctured pleasure easing pain
does not sit you in leisure's taunted train

do you think you've won punctured patience?
yet you've begotten sassy sentience!
if a gaunt grape tree bears pear
what's your contention, or boar bear?

trade not lanky love with a lout
make moaning ocean her pool, she'll pout
give what'ver you love to cherish
it's better to be dead than undead, callous clips

you're described by what you do
sun is ne'er a pool, or vanity, voluptuous view.

Note: of voluptuous vices.