Love Poems About Boat or Boat Love Poems
by Kim Rodrigues |
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Love Is

Love is the cacophony of life,
the stillness of your lover’s breath in sleep,
the boa constrictor hug of a grandchild,
and the outstretched arms of Christ.


2nd place/multiple placements
Faraz Ajmal’s A four line poem on what is love poetry contest

by Panagiota Romios |
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Ballroom Dancer Heaven

Here on the dance floor ready to begin.
My turquoise sequined gown
just meets my shin.

I love the feathered boa that
encircles my neck.
I look as stunning and bright as 
moonlight on a ships deck.

And you, yes, you my Prince of Dance, 
so divine.
With lifted, chin, suave hair,long tailed 
tuxedo and on your back, number nine.

We will do each step, swirl with touching, 
utmost, regal elegance.
And after we win the trophy, we happily
shall indulge in divine decadence.

          February 4, 2020
                 3pm PST

by Marie Harrison |
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Black Feather Boa

Black Feather Boa

Your cosmic love 
Encircles me like a
Soft black
 Feather boa.
Draping around
 My bare body,
As I sleep taking me
To the highest plateau.

Your silky boa feathers
 Tickle me between my toes
Causing me to open up
My rose hips to you
Like a blooming rose.

Your hot juices
Quench my parched
Tongue and leaving me
Blushed and happy.
Ready to run
Off towards the
Apricot setting sun
With you,
Where you keep
Your black feather 
 Boa of love.

by Bernadette Langer |
Categories: life, philosophy, social,


Hands to lovingly hold

Holding back

Comforting, yet

Boa constricting

Loudly wrapped, into

Strangled silence

Declarations of love

Concealing muted anger

Mother of my dreams

Warden of my nightmares

Protected by your spirit

Smothered by its dominance

Momma's boy


by Nancy Jones |
Categories: introspection, life, nature, giving,


Bask in the light
Linger in the shadows

Earthworms are good and
Slugs are bad
If you’re a gardener, that is
If you’re a bird it doesn’t make a difference
Children love rolly pollies

Some spiders and snakes bite
Most don’t
Daddy long legs don’t
Neither do boa constrictors
But they hug too hard

If you think giving up cigarettes
Or chocolate
Or television’s hard
Try giving up suffering
Now THAT'S an addiction!

by Precious Adebanke |
Categories: home, love, together,


Enclave or enormous but pretty king mask 
Brick per brick Rome's whack on an iron task

A shield to that tactful lions roar
His safe I'm saved from an odious boa

En masse we feed and stucked with 'cheese'! 
On a flax we seat, soft like a fleece

See many at our domain, our blue means love
Cheers and welcoming we did, pure like a dove

Fierce sharks and hawks out like safari park 
En bloc we sleep, no careless peep to the dark

Nevertheless, they horse around, we're free from attack
Relief, wow to our mask for the shield attach.

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: joy, life,

Poems Can Wait

My muse teases me, but I ignore her
She is in one of those joyful moods 
That does not fit in well with my irritation
I am determined to hold on to anger a bit longer

Dragons, unicorns, fairies and witches she blubbers.
She is being playful and silly, but it is not where I am going.
Not today; today is my bad mad, angry, sad, mean day
Until I see my grandchild Max. He is six and a complete love bug.

He comes running in and twists his body around me like a feathered boa.
A smile as big as the house comes out of my face. Every thought is terrific now.
My muse tries to join in the fun, but it is not the time.
I am in grandma mode.

Poems can wait.

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, feelings, for her, i love you,

She Had a Non-Answering Heart She Just Wasn'T There

I called her heart she wasn't there There was no answer anywhere The lease to say I walked away Homeward bound In my soul I am amazed As my eyes are tear glazed She was sweet yet hard to greet With an attitude that was as tight as a squeeze of a boa constrictor Does my heart miss her I think not She had a non answering heart she just wasn't there Mine feelings broke, I'm hurt northern one of us cares
2/21/21 Written words by James Edward Lee Sr ©2021

by Paul Garcia |
Categories: angel, appreciation, courage, trust,


How can a man not be grateful for his life?
For me, i am grateful
I live in a beautiful land
I have two sons that I love very much
I have a woman, My wife, that supports my dreams
I found a new career
I am now a Professor!
I left the law behind because it killed my soul
I have family
Life is challenging but it continues to provide
I am just Paul
Living life
I continue to win with the help of my God
And my trust

Boa noite mundo e meu amigos!!!