Love Poems About Blackbird or Blackbird Love Poems
by Anthony Biaanco |
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Do we have "enough" .
Will silver flakes of winter's blade
cut us down 
or build us up.
Will our pasts behave like choir boys, stay in time
or re-emerge and scream and sting our eye.
Make us blind to hope and happiness.

Do we have "enough" to pluck the guts 
from the chasms of experience.
To fashion buds of love 
from the fiery depths of ego's lust.
Have we evolved "enough" to trust again...
when our old gray world blitzes in. 
Swinging concrete fists of what's the use and what ifs.
Fill our starving souls with blackbird piss.

Do we have enough-enoughs to become an "us".

by Dana Smith |
Categories: animal, freedom, introspection, lost love, sea,


Drape over lonely hours, gloom of night The silence that succumbs me takes its toll I am left with stardust shed from starlight Words behind me, left as ink upon my scroll You're still inside my heart, marksman of my soul Stillest ocean wrath, black by moon's allure The blackbird dips to brush the water's drone Her wings spread wide and mind set free and pure No two-legged demons here to throw a stone She flies into the seaside night alone

by Kim Rodrigues |
Categories: bird, flower, imagery, insect,


the prickly-eyed coneflower bees attractively buzzing their squeeze. the purple petal umbrellas. a lovely echinacea breeze. butterflies and hummingbirds hove’.* red-winged blackbird, high perched above, does shelter in Eden, his brood. cones teem with life, vivacious love. 8/24/2022 Eight Lines of Rhyme - Your Favorite Flower Sponsor: Tania Kitchin Rhymes checked with rhymezone aaba rhyme scheme *hove’ - hover

by Laszlo Kecsedi |
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Seasons In Love - Fall

The old blaze won`t keep us warm any longer
The light is fading, the cold grows stronger
Flames of a dying fire glow in lovers` eyes
In a gray sky a lonely blackbird westward flies

Broody brushes dripping with boundless yellow
Paint images of memories melancholy, mellow
With fruits lavishly loaded, with ripeness replete 
All turn inward, a final task to carefully complete

What was sown and grown now must be reaped
The harvest is ready to be collected and heaped
One last eclectic parade of a once were fascination
Falling leaves, dying dreams, approaching cessation

by Julie Achilles |
Categories: bird, cry, death, farewell, hope, lost, sad love,

Do Not

Do not feel sorrow at my demise
as winter sleeps and the willow cries
look forward to the coming days,
know I loved you in so many ways.

Do not feel your heart grow heavy,
while summer sun makes others merry
look with hope to the coming years,
Know I loved you -dry up those tears.

Do not sit and weep no longer,
everyday you must grow stronger
recall me as the blackbird sings in spring,
Know I loved you for so many things.

Do not sit at my lonely grave,
find another heart to love and be brave
make haste for you should not wait,
Know I loved you- but now it is too late.

by White Wolf |
Categories: bird, nature,

With Love:

I watch the Blackbird,
As he nests in the bushes,
He nurtures with love.

by Evelyn Judy Buehler |
Categories: bird, cry, goodbye, nature, sad love, sunset,

Blackbird Is Dead

Blackbird is dead.
Yes.  That is what I said.
The woods are still.  The sun is red.
Cherries near his little head.

Dark is coming.  Nanette weeps!
The wind shivers.  Nightowl peeps.
Gone the robin's trills and cheeps.
The song is ended.  Time sleeps.

Sober the jay in his blue cloak,
Unlike the morning he awoke.
Frog hasn't heart to give a croak.
Adam won't tell his usual joke.

Trees bow.  The day must pass.
Silent footstep on the grass.
What deed is this?  What manner?  What class?
The best of Sundays is gone, alas.

Blackbird is dead; they come and they go.
Summer changes to autumn glow.
All is ever so quiet now, though--
Awaiting the cockcrow.

by A Yorkshire Poet |
Categories: bird, cry, death, emotions, heartbroken, loss, lost love,

Just Another Tooth Fairy Lie

You said they didn't feel, you said they didn't love?
You said they didn't care, you said they couldn't think?

Just another tooth fairy lie!

You lied, you lied, you lied............

I watched the blackbird cry, I watched the blackbird scream
I saw in his eyes that his pain was all so real
His partner laying dead on the green field
He nudged her lying there, he wouldn't leave
I saw the blackbird cry and what I saw was real.

by Donald Meikle |
Categories: life, love, me,

Amused Disuse

Waking, realizing dawn was past 
Hearing a background noise
Some what like a wet tin whistle
Child blown in a futile attempt at a note
“What kind of bird is that?”
“A red winged blackbird”
She rose and left me lying abed
Wondering what else she lived
That I missed so easily so busily
So lazily dependent on her living
So easily a part of it
As she is so much of mine
The smell of  grinding coffee
Led me down the stairs
Some where there’s a poem
To pen on this awakening
To mild frustrated fear
What powers of observation am I
Losing to disuse
Habits help to pass the time before
The coffee kicks life up a bit
Amusing to the muse

by Satish Verma |
Categories: art,


There was a big question. Why
one was not raped.
It hits the gate of heaven.

The moon has not risen.
I become a victim of an elegy
before my demise.

Thus I am back to square one,
when I had not fallen in love
and you were still in errancy.

Pleading for levitation in tender
zone.It was the blackbird
which was not ready to swallow a moon.

Scaling the peaks without climbing.
I am going to bring down the milk
of an artist, who would not
paint a goddess.

Satish Verma

by L'Nass Shango |
Categories: political

A Shift of Perspectives

I do not write of trees today
Rain forests doomed from the first time
The caravels slant across the bay
I do not hear bird songs
Silking sunset or dawn
Today I am warrior
I am on the streets of London too
For more from democracy is due
Not just a voice anymore
But a place we never had before
At the table of equals
Reversing the minus sum of history.
And If I die here
If I never return to feel your body
Where I poured my love before
Then mark my grave with a tree
And let a blackbird cry for me.

by Jim Slaughter |
Categories: love hurts,

Blackbird In a Redbud Tree

Blackbird singing in a redbud tree,
Why such a sad and mournful ditty?
I like your song, but, oh, tell me
Is it meant to please or pity?

Little brook babbling to a willow tree
Of where he's been and where he's bound for.
He tells his tales so joyfully,
But willow's he can't stick around for.

When romance dies what's left of love?
A heart that's filled with pain and sorrow.
And all that lingering ache will prove,
Love's here today and gone tomorrow.

Bird moves on to another tree,
Willow bids the brook good-by now.
Does misery crave company,
Or shall I sit alone and cry now?

by James Edward Lee Sr. |
Categories: analogy, bird, character, love,

A Flowing Flying Bird-

Oh,flowing lovely bird Such lovely fowl flowing beautiful bird flowing lovely bird flowing cute, blonde bird bloody, brutal bird So flowing lovely, flowing lovely, busy, bald bright, bouncy bird Lovely, big bird blue, blackbird Let so flowing lovely, brilliant, brown bird Yon bitter bird flowing lovely, bubbly, Flowing lovely, brave bird Such a beautiful bird so glides floating bird
6/22/20 WRITTEN WORDS BY James Edward Lee Sr. 2020©

by Vince Gullaci |
Categories: nature,

Another Time

Mister Blackbird
i've human things to do
though i'd love
to have played
hide and seek
with you.

by Ann Gilmour |
Categories: bird, joy, love, song,

Exquisitely Serenaded

A blackbird
sings his 
songs of love 

Beguiled by
his love songs
she responds
new life 

one by one 
slowly eggs 
will hatch

hungry brood
day and night 
search for food

Tired parents
await the day 
fledglings fledge
to find their way

circle of life

and she 
his love 
cannot resist
love songs  

Written 14th May 2019

After the most gorgeous spring day, whilst out walking I heard a male blackbird singing his heart out... oh what joy!

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by Satish Verma |
Categories: art,

Gods Were Changing

After carbon dating 
you will find? 
that pain does not shimmer.

The terror of words 
and words of terror, testify 
against the predator 
for twisting a confession.

The world will never be the same !

The savage cool 
of the landscape, turns me on.
I decide to burn the 
god books.

A charcoal portrait on the wall 
tells the truth. The blackbird 
will come stealthily. Radar 
was aimed at the temple of love.

The world will never be the same !

Satish Verma

by Tara Chancey |
Categories: happiness, lovewords, music, love, music,

From Gage

Play a melody, heal a broken heart
that's under the weather, above a cloud
The wind gently blowing down to the ground
The taste of music bittersweet, and tart
If music is love, then love is an art
Lovers rejoice and scream these words aloud
I too shall embrace the love I have found
Together we will never fall apart
And whether I've a frown or a smile
I'll never forget the love I have heard
This blackbird spread his wings and learned to fly
Love has made the journey worth all the while
My tongue is tied and my words may be slurred
but through my eyes, this love will never die.

by Satish Verma |
Categories: art,


Why the jasmine was
now becoming sensual ?
Drummer was dead.

The blackbird comes 
again to sing bluesy.
Clouds on moon ?

Economy of love ?
Will you bargain the
delta for stone ?

Satish Verma

by Ann Gilmour |
Categories: bird, love, song, uplifting,

The Sweetest Song

To hear the sweetest song as the Sun bids me goodnight 
a tune that saturates my soul with joyous jubilation and
perchance that I can only hear just one sound in my life 
a blackbird captivates my heart with his beguiling song
arriving on the very day, the day whence you had gone

Written 20th April 2019

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by Memphis Stacks |
Categories: break up, farewell, heartbreak, life, lost love, love, love hurts,

Farewell Blackbird

She will always hold a special place
She may not want me
She wants to be free
She will always be the one that got away
The timing wasn't right
She flew away to Tennessee to escape the emptiness
If you love someone set them free
If they return, it was meant to be
This is the final farewell
With a tear in my eye
Fly high Blackbird!