Love Poems About Beaver or Beaver Love Poems
by Lewis Raynes |
Categories: animal, creation, cute love,

The Platypus

The elusive, furry platypus,
Is a surviving monotreme,
Living above and below the water, 
Of any Aussie stream,

Where it lives a pure autonomous life, 
With a bric a brac design,
Made up from bits of others, 
A sort of animal Frankenstein,

With its duck bill mouth and otter foot,
And beaver sort of tail,
And then it’s got its venomous poison, 
In a curly black toenail,

And, as a mammal, what’s really odd, 
It lays eggs like a chook…
These are reasons I love spotting platypus,
When they’re swimming in a brook.

by Bradley Cox |
Categories: funny, girlfriend-boyfriend, love,


always lights up a room
a smile as big as a lollipop
smells fresher then new cut hay
loving as a new puppy
works harder then a beaver
heart as big as the grand canyon
the specialists person in my life
cooks better then sara lee
fishs better then bill dance
more outdoors then davy crocket
sews better then a sewing machine
builds better then the amish
drives better then jeff gordon
glows brighter then the sun
thats why we love gina

by Ely Ayson |
Categories: funny, nature

In Love with a Tree Stump

Today I dressed and went out
for my daily roundabout
what started as a short jog
turned into a funny log.

I watched as she was worshipped
smelt, licked, never a day skipped
she was bathed in showers warm
from that bad dog's morning storm!

A proud thing, its head held high
enjoyed nibbles from her guy
kissed, embraced by the river
by her adoring beaver!

From the rains the night before
she woke and happily wore
her jeweled crown shining through
when from her womb mushrooms grew.

This last stump, a diff'rent kind
was quite lucky it could find
a lover, friend, chum, and pal
lucky he, but poor, poor gal!

by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: faith, places, child,

Fairy Glen

The moss green walls rise high above,
As a poet sits down to dream,
In this place, I was born to love.

Cascading Conwy waters flow,
As a poet sits down to dream,
And old memories come and go.

When first I crossed the Beaver Bridge,
As a child who lived in dreams,
And clambered on the wooded ridge.

I fell in love with this place then,
As a child who lived in dreams,
Still, today it’s my Fairy Glen.

Form: Enclosed Triplets

by Nicholas Robinson |
Categories: animal, butterfly, inspirational love, love, paradise, seasons, spring,


You know me, 
I'ma busy bee,
And you're an eager beaver.
Let's get this den shakin'
For we know it,
Spring is gunna be here.
Who gives a damn?
We can make our own,
And pollinate.
Make our own brood, who Caccoon'd in your own womb.
Sing our own tune, Lay together and watch their soul's bloom.

by David Byrne |
Categories: confusion


A wino looked at me and spout,
Mumbo-jumbo from his mouth!

“Wood and stone; 
Flesh and bone,
Sand and clay; 
Steel and hay,
Moon and sun; 
Milk and bun,
Glass and salt; 
Hops and malt,
Needle and thread; 
Hand and head,
Rain and fog;
Spawn and frog,
Chicken and egg;
Lock and peg,
Tooth and root;
Sock and boot,
Buckle and belt,
Beaver and pelt,
Ash and soot;
Loud and mute,
Sea and beach;
Apple and peach,
Nut and bolt;
Collar and goat,
Dime and purse;
Favour and curse,
Hard and soft;
Never and oft,
Fun and pun;
Over and begun,
Love and hate;
Pace and rate,
Good and bad;
Happy and sad.”

Down and out;
Kneeling there devout!

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: nature,

Meadow Love

meadow love
laughing in my face

Queen Anne's Lace
smiles at me

Wild strawberry
is renegade

left by Indians
iris and rose bush

the white tail deer
blue jays and red cardinals
ready hawks

opossum and beaver
squirrels nests
high in tree

sweet clover for hare
oak's moss carpet
spring lovely

endearing waft
lilac aroma
season shifts to summer

heat wave
temperatures in the hundreds
ground dries up quickly

much praying
for gentle rain
saving herself until spring

by Johnny Sumler |
Categories: childhood, children, love, me,

First Pet Friend

I love my puppet beaver, my best friend
A gift to me my auntie gave, he never does pretend
Oh, how can I promulgate that he's a special friend
He makes me laugh when winter days seem like they'd never end
Sometimes I wonder how he chose to come to me
I love the way we laugh and play upon my knee
I have a special bond with him beyond compare
At times I do believe we breathe similar air
He never frowns inside my frenetic hand

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: nostalgia,

When Did It All Start

Go go boots
Made for walking
Nancy Sinatra
60’s fodder
Rock’N Roll
The Blues
Diana Ross and the Supremes
Elvis and Ann Margaret
Ed Sullivan
The Beatles
Johnny Cash
The Grand Ole’ Opry
Polly Pure Bred
I Love Lucy
Leave it to Beaver
This may have been when all of this video stuff started.

by Indiana Shaw |
Categories: animal, beautiful, best friend,

Beaver Love


I have always fancied a beaver me, but: I have this fear, as I live in a log cabin 
Out to town to get my groceries and coming home to find my house flattened

Indiana Shaw . . . ; )