Love Poems About Beagle or Beagle Love Poems
by Lindsey Pritchett |
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My Long Lost Friend

He was my best friend
His name was Snoopy
He was a beagle
My favorite pet.

I got him on Christmas day
He was just a little pup
I loved him so much
Then God took him away.

He was out hunting 
He never came back
He was gone 
Just like that.

I wonder every day
Where is he
Alive or…

I still miss him so
I cry at night
Missing him
Missing him.  

by Shanity Rain |
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Bambi and lily

   Who would have guessed/ the love carried for a beagle no less

   Lily howling at the moon/ with ears long as her toes our ****

   she gave birth to Bambi with no tail/ jack a be , 3 yrs later she is ours still

   no describing the love for our girls / dressed in pink shirts and curly frills

   the girls don't like when we leave home / they show us for leaving them alone

   the pillows torn and howling non stop / we love our girly beagles until we drop

by Gail Blakeley |
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My Best Pal

My Best Pal

My very best pal is a hairy ole' guy.
His breath is so bad, it bring tears to my eyes.

Mexican music he really adores ;
though he lies, not dances on all of my floors.

He's happy go lucky,
and smiles all the time.
he has no money, not even a dime.
For why would he need it,
when he is the boss.
And I, just his servant,
pleasing him at all cost.

My pal is a stinky ole' Beagle, you see ;
I dearly love him, he tolerates me.

by Denver Reese |
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Beagle Street

I wish that I could hold you.
I remember how it felt.
But I’m so far away now
And I wish that I could help.

I love to listen to your voice,
But I wince at all your tears.
I want to take you away
And destroy all your fears.

I know it seems insane
And you may not want to go,
But, baby, I can promise you
There’s more to this than you know.

There’s nothing for you there.
I wish that you could see 
A life that’ll make you happy
Is waiting here with me. 

by Gerald Dillenbeck |
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When Pigs Can't Fly

If love is healthy
and health is love,
whether a screaming rabid eagle
or a peaceful mother dove,
then it matters,
whether you are a pitbull
or a kinda bitchy beagle,

When someone nominates for CEO
a person who flat out tells you
I am a pig,
and not only that,
I could fly like an eagle
if not for all you lumpen doves,

don't walk,
fly, if you can,
in most any other direction.

To do otherwise
is like saying healthy Earth
could be more lovely
if flying pigs
were plutocratic CEOs.

by Robert A. Dufresne |
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"Ole Dog" :inspired by Richard Pickett poetry

Ole dog sniffin' don't know what,
His daddy was a beagle, 
His mama was a mutt,
Long ears draggin' on the ground,
Loose skinned forehead 
makin him frown,
Tail up and waggin' like a victory flag,
Dog years showin' 
In his belly sag.
Old and gray but ain't ready to die,
Got a limp in his walk,
But a sparkle in his eye,
He knows his master will be calllin' him home,
And reward his huntin' with a big ole bone.
He lives for the love of that rough old man,
Adores him for a while
And gently licks his hand.
After a bit, Ole Dog will sprawl 
by the fire on the rug,
And dream 'bout huntin''
With "Jackson the Pug".

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Mark of a Stark Monarch

in world made her mark
with humor and sometimes stark
an amusing monarch

about queen we fear
had been dear both far and near
is no longer here

new king will select
who we will love and respect
close with can connect

strong and is regal
like an eccentric eagle
with corgi and beagle

seems to be so short
by marriage a queen consort
obtain our support

by Tracy Mcfayden |
Categories: animal, best friend, cute, dog, family, love,

My puppy

A puppy one day I brought home,
A jack russell you are,
You have beagle ancestors,
Having the beagle droopy ears
Your cute as can be,

You have some funny ways,
Dirty clothes you drag around,
Rolling on my sons bed,
Ripping the innards from shoes,
Growling at the dog in the mirror,
Growling at animals on the tv,

Some things you really hate,
Like that squirrel, 
The word bath makes you shake,
Birds you chase away,
You love your walks,
You shake when putting your harness on,

You love cuddles and kisses,
If ignored you sneak attack,
You like licking ears,
To wake me up you use your paw,
You tap me on the head,
I wouldnt have you any other way.