Love Poems About Manqabat or Manqabat Love Poems
by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: angst, lost love,

Land and Sea

Do you wish to hold me?
We can drift on the sea my love,
under the stars above.
You were my lovely dove so free,
who captivated me.

I thought I’d never be so glad
and still inside so sad
For the love we both had, is gone.

As we approach the dawn
I will think, “Once upon a time,
you were meant to be mine.”
So now my heart does pine away
Wishing that you would stay

I know that you will say, good bye
Still I will wonder why,
you chose another guy, not me.
Him on shore, me at Sea~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Inspired by Brenda Chiri
She introduced me to this new form.
The form is called Luc Bat.
Check out Brenda’s poem titled “Seasons”

by Jerry T Curtis |
Categories: abuse, anger, betrayal, emotions, psychological, spoken word, truth,

The Pain Game

Why do people, want to cause
Other people pain
Where is the Love 
That will break the chain

Someone says something
Then it's tit-for-tat
I've played this before
We all know the score
Now who's up at bat

I think it's time, for us to play
The self healing game
Before there's no one, left
Around to blame

One that's more thoughtful
And much less insane
Let's reach for the Sun
And help everyone
Come out of the rain

All we have, is this fleeting chance
To get this right
No time for jealousies 
No time to fight

Don't say, that you're sorry
Don't seek to forgive
Just start here today
And throw it away
And learn how to live

by Anon Y'Mous |
Categories: i love you,

Pinocchio's Proposal

Pinocchio found a girl
She put his heart in a whirl
He met her near a wishing well
His love of her he must tell
The trouble was she wasn't real
He could relate to her ordeal
She was carved, as was he
He blurted "Wood you marry me?"
But deaf and mute, blind as a bat
She answered not, and that was that

by Panagiota Romios |
Categories: baseball, boy, grandmother, grandson, growing up, pride,

Little Man Grown

                                         Little Man Grown

                         Thirteen years ago, he picked up a bat!

                         In love, he knew where his future was at.

                         In Major League Baseball, you get it?

                         Six-feet, tall now, he can really, hit it!

                         But this Grandma, misses her little tyke, 

                         Who rode a tricycle and flew a silver kite.

                         He’ s a player on junior varsity these days.

                         And in other states, baseball with joy, plays!

by Cherie Durbin |
Categories: children

I Am Bored With Math

I am bored with math.
Two plus two always equals four.
Why can't it equal an ice cream cone
Or a trip to the candy store?

Four plus four always equals eight-
Never a video game,
Or a Disneyland vacation.
No, the answer's e'er the same!

One times one always equals one.
Where's the fun in that?
I'd love to see the answer be
A brand new baseball bat!

by Cherie Durbin

by Katherine Braithwaite |
Categories: humorous, lost love, lust,

Yet Another Lover

When yet another lover flees my cat sized bed
and leaves me wild and comely in the night
I wonder if it's unknown words I've read
Or is it that my eyes have taken flight?

I tempt the sin with all my female parts.
They feel I'm like a spider with a bat,
to cure ,devour,digest my ghoulish pests,
They think they should be learning on the sat.

But some who mind me feel they have been robbed.
I give them all detention,I'm a liar.
I give them generous fare and sing sheeps' songs.
I give them comfort like a hellish fire

Oh,come back ,bad boy ,don't desert me yet,
The clothes I thrashed for you are not quite set.

by Marion Mwangi |
Categories: love,

Blind Love

Heard love was blind, now i sit and wonder could it be a bat?

04th November 2015
contest one liners
sponsor. silent one.

by Danetta Barney |
Categories: love, marriage, relationship, romance,

Melodies of the Heart

It’s so awesome the way you make me feel.
We promise to love in sickness and health
though we fall short in abundance of wealth;
my ardent heart skips a beat for you still.
I bat my brown eyes; you love my high heels.        
I am the prettiest girl of your dreams.
I capture your love all at once it seems,
my ardent heart skips a beat for you still.
Our love is true, genuine and so real.
There is no one else for you other than me.
Remember our hearts carved on that old tree?
My ardent heart skips a beat for you still.  
It’s so awesome the way you make me feel;
my ardent heart skips a beat for you still.

SONNET FORM #4 Echo Sonnet

by Gershon Wolf |
Categories: america, hate, love,

What's Wrong With You, Man

If I spit at you
  Wouldn't you smile at me

If I swung a bat at you
  Wouldn't you give me a big hug

If I trashed your store
  Wouldn't you want to hire me

If I hurled epithets at you
  Wouldn't you vote for me

If my folks and I'd been doing this for 65 years
  Wouldn't you want to live next door to me

Huh?  You say you wouldn't?

by Barbara Gorelick |
Categories: baseball, childhood,

Lets Play Ball

The sun is warm, the new mown grass is green
Nowhere else he’d rather be this summer day
In tune with his team and feeling fine
Batter up says the ump, its time, let’s play!

It’s a joy to be young and in love with the sport
Dreaming of someday playing ball as a pro
But for now it’s enough to have a summer day
To be a kid with a glove, bat and a ball to throw. 

Image # 4

by S.Zaynab Kamoonpuri |
Categories: humor,


Nida and Nazim, the newlyweds noticed the newmoon.
A big brown bat banished them from boon.
The hubby and wife headed back inside for their honeymoon.
The mystery of night brought them out again
Together in love nothing could scare them for long
Nocturnal sounds added to their curiosity 
As they explored each other in passion's song

by Nwando Obianyor |
Categories: animals, children, funny,

The Moon

The moon has a face like the clock in the hall,
She shines on thieves in the garden wall,
On streets and fields and harbour quays,
And birds asleep in the forks of trees.

The squalling cat and the squeaking mouse,
The howling dog by the door of the house.
The bat that lies in bed at noon,
All love to be out by the light of the moon.

But all of the things that belong to the day 
Cuddle to sleep to be out of her way,
And flowers and children close their eyes
Till up in the morning the sun shall arise.

by David Byrne |
Categories: love

Hi, I'M Batman

Words dissolved like crystals on my tongue
Moisture filled my mouth, my jaws converged
City lights shimmered in the distance
Wings bashed the air, passed the yellow Moon,
Our footsteps slowly fell into synch 
And I wondered, what about your smile?
Busy bees were buzzing in my head
Inspiration came to me like fire!
“Hi, I’m Bat Man “I said, “Here for you!”
“Superhero number one”, you smiled!
I stretched my imaginary cape
Laid it at your feet, “Madame” I cried!

That’s how I imagined we could be-
Me so gallant and you so carefree-

by Abdulkadir Arjali |
Categories: hope, lost love,

Don'T Miss It

I know this may sound crazy, but
Love shall not be imagined, and do let it go.
Over, and over it goes long, let you know,
Verily, know that my heart will never be as bat.

Every moment I remember that good time, spent with
You, the sun unimaginably laughs at me.
Oh, our love makes everything different, not only me,
Understand that don’t let out the pith.

Anger shall never ever let you down, focus on certain aim.
Damn, now Lad and Lady are landing along the left side of the beach,
Aubade they sing in any moment for each.
Misappropriate none repeat the same.

Action not intention, we bowed for our mistakes,
Simply because everyone needs repent as how it takes.

by Jemmy Farmer |
Categories: love, nature, love,

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

A flash lit up the sky,
As thunder grumbled by the rain,
My heart lay gripped with pain,
My mind going insane this way,
Hot and cold air at play,
While dreamings drift and sway around,
The wayward thoughts abound,
Where love dared not be found instead,
The dreams came in my head
And in this storm to bed I’ll go,
For wonderings I know
Allow not love to grow within,
For fear that would be sin,
Yet thunder, my chagrin, still roars
As lightning kissed rain pours
Cleansing the muddied floors of why!

Form: Luc Bat

by Pat Adams |
Categories: fantasy, halloween, humorous, word play,

Vampire Halloween Party

Wecome to the Vampire Halloween party
Count Draculas and you'll see quite a few
"You are my sunshine", plays in the background
They all hate it, but that's nothing new

A waiter made the mistake of asking
Wouldn't steak be what you might desire
Two vampires fainted and two flew away
One ran and tripped and fell into the fire

A cop got one passed out on the lawn
Of drunk vampires he was the worst
The cop said, "I need to take some blood"
The vampire said, "Ok but I go first!"

When she bats her eyes at a bat-chelor
Obviously it was love at first bite
For both it was a pain in the neck
On a blood vessel they left in the night!

by Rita A. Simmonds |
Categories: baseball, hurt, longing, love,

The Catcher

In those eyes you threw
your sudden love,
like a ball thrown hard
at a catcher’s glove.

And I felt it and waited,
wondering how I’d return it

To lob the ball
was all to do.
My arm was poor,
but my throw was true.
You left the mound.
You turned your back.
Had you forgotten
your turn at bat?

No bases run,
No striking out,
No popping flies
or balls that fouled.

An empty diamond.
Home alone.
My hand still stings
from the ball you’d thrown.
February 16, 2017
National Pastime Contest

by Sidney Hall Mad Poet |
Categories: lovelove,

Real Love

Real love is a nagging wife
That wants your insurance by ending your life
Real love is being kicked out your house
Like an unwanted pet mouse

Real love is not a thank you for doing this and that
Real love is been told “is that all you did by a grumpy old bat
Real love is humiliation in front of her friends
Ridiculing you with no end

Real love is breaking your soul
Making you worthless instead of being whole
Real love is when you take that carriage
Hiding itself and revealing itself after your marriage.

by David Smalling |
Categories: animals, faith,


Mutated meaning mutilated in existence
Utility in slave work the only definition left
Latent purpose without deferred fulfillment 
Exempted from kind, creation's prophecy

Matter alone excludes the language of love
Ulterior joy begins where life begins
Labor does not separate man from beast
Exult above the mule, above mere sentience to feel

Mare and Jack appropriated a cul-de-sac
Urge blind as bat useless passion taste
Lord, you made us better than the mule
Exhibits of praise for love's purpose and grace

by Lily Mayfield |
Categories: life,

Teeth, ****, and Toes

Perfectly painted
Oh so white
Those boys just fainted
Keep those **** tight

Perfect skin
With the perfect tan
Keep up your chin
They'll become a fan

You don't need love
Only fame
You'll rise above
They'll know your name

Bat those eyes
Watch them fall
Hear their cries
You make them crawl

Just remember
The Hollywood Pose
You're the next contender 
Teeth, ****, and toes

*Written on May 28, 2012*

by Fab Hoppinton |
Categories: best friend, care, cool, happiness, happy, miracle, nice,

Aparri Poem

Today I'm being a poet. 

You're red as a tomatoe. 
You call us potatoes.
Aparri, I think they're trying to scam me.
Do you really think they can out jam me?
Cat hat.
Scary bat.
I love all of those!
Me and Aparri are secretly bros.
Don't tell his sister.
Oh no. I think we've missed her.
I stole a spike.
Now time to get on my bike.
AJHQ is getting at the scene.
"Julian2's beans!" (SPINNY BOI)
I think I might be in danger.
"I think we need to change her," (AJHQ)
I think I just got banned.
I guess it got out of hand. -Meowno

Ok. So that you know.. I'm not actually a scammer! I wouldn't dream of it. Thanks for reading!

by Peter Lewis Holmes |
Categories: anger, humanity, humor, drug,

Message To a Pharmaceuticals King

You’re such a nasty bugger,
You slumming, scheming lout,
No conscience or misgiving,
No arguing about!

And when next time I see you,
Sucking on the poor, I’ll give to 
You no quarter, you shameless 
Writhing whore.

To you people are just profits,
You stinking rotten rat,
I’d love to squash your laurels
With my old ash cricket bat!

Drugs are for the sick, not
For pockets to be lined,
To be in this type of business,
You really must be kind

So take your profit margins
And income streams and like,
And point yourself at nearest cliff
While tied on to your bike


by Solomon Ochwo-Oburu |
Categories: humanity, life, metaphor,

Cricket Ground

each human being I think
is a cricket playground
each day they wake up
and even in silent dreams
humans bat away things;
statements that are immoral
broken relationships and love
marriage and family instabilities 
food that poisons stomach
antibodies that invade the body
challenging enemies in social life
stressful emotions that rise
writings that tend to offend
are batted away violently

by Aunna Jones |
Categories: cool,

Batman My Dark Knight

Batman, my dark knight,
why can't you be real?
I love you so deeply,
in ways, I didn't know I could feel.
Flying around,
with your kool cape and your belt,
send me a bat signal,
in case I need help.
Let me hold your batarang's
in case there's a Joker,
a rash ointment for Poison Ivy,
Catwoman? I'll choke her.
Bring it on Penguin,
with your cripple a** legs,
Two Faced can suck it,
Bane! Yal are dead!
Riddler I'll let you off easy,
but only because I find you
really fun and intriguing.
Gotham is yours,
as am I,
Batman I love you,
my super awesome
Dark Knight!

by Ali Hammoud |
Categories: life, lonely, lost love, love, metaphor, moon, peace,

Silent Sound

As night should fall and the bat flying in the nightly sky, I stand there at my window gazing into space light shimmering, singing the silent sound of my music.