Love Poems About Basset Hound or Basset Hound Love Poems
by Darlene De Beaulieu |
Categories: cry, death, dog, remember,

A Famiy Dog Passes

Bailey is getting worse
Her illness is cancer
She is brought to the vet
We gather around the bed
Everyone pets Bailey
With tears being shed
Everyone says goodbye
While the vet doctor 
Injects the final shot
A Basset Hound so sweet
She will be missed by love ones
Such a gentle dog and quiet
She was loved by all
A dog like her will be 
Remembered always
So difficult to say good bye

by Darlene De Beaulieu |
Categories: dog, happy, sleep,

Janice's Basset Hound

Janice's Basset Hound
This dog is so quiet
Bella never barkseats
With her big brown 
She will stare at you
If you say a treat
She gets excited
Then eats it quickly
When she wants to 
Upon the love seat
She will stare at you
Till you notice her
Taping the cushion
She will quickly jump
Settle down -then nap
She is so content