Love Poems About Bass or Bass Love Poems
by Karen Jones |
Categories: dream, feelings, green, how i feel, lost love,

Purple Cemetery

I write so many poems that you don’t see
They end up in purple poem cemetery
Mangled in the **** of my maroon mind
Tangerine tangles of wasted time

Violet vines of not good enough
Tall teal trees of unreturned love
Winged words white like albino leaves
Falling to their death from teal tree

Falling for you’re deaf to my poet tree
Bass treble cleft left in green cerebral dream
Unsung songs unmade love
Sing a longs gone wrong
Made in maroon lust

But somehow I manage to hold on to it
Maybe it will be reborn as a chocolate kiss
of rainbow reflection of historical views
Of future endeavors red spice unused.

by Mirela Simic |
Categories: devotion, dream, love, natural disasters, people, time,

Drifting Plankton

I was thinking
of you touching my belly
in one moment in time,
and me kissing your shoulder
in another.

I was thinking
of talk
and whiskey,
the sound of bass
and shyness.

I have no wishes.
I was just thinking
how it could be
if the world stayed round
but got so much smaller,
for only one room to be,
for you and me.

by Tom Bell |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, life, love, passion, sweet, sweet,

Barry White On the Phone

Velvety bass tones
Of sweet love
Flow from my mouth
In rhythmic style
You stay on the phone,
And all the while
You are here as well
Laying softly in my bed
And all is right
As passion is fed
One sweet caress
And life is good
And this is love
Which long has stood

by Moonbee Canady |
Categories: allegory, anniversary, family, happiness, husband, life, love, nostalgia, people, wedding, i love you,

' the Pearl Ensemble ... '

… I Awoke to  A Classical, Pearl Ensemble
A String Quartet’ Upon My Pillow
Your Bass, Echoed – like an Ocean-Rumble
‘… I Love You …’ Plucked the Polished Mellow-Cello’

and the Flawless Violins and The Viola – Flow
Rushed to my Wavy Shore – Aglow
Displayed and Spilled, like a Whirlpool- Vibrato …
… Your Cultured Concert, left me … Staccato’

… I Awoke to A Classical, Pearl Ensemble
A String Quartet’ Upon My Pillow
and as Each Iridescent Drop, Solo-Sheen-Tumbled
… My Own Heartstrings, did Crescendo... Maestro

by Curtis Moorman |
Categories: america, beautiful, christian, environment, jesus, joy, spiritual,

Bio Modified - Southern Gentleman


Being courteous, sentimental, compassionate, helpful to others 
I love Jesus, Southern Gospel Music, and Family
It is my plan to buy a new car, travel, and be on my own
Blessed to feel content, at peace, and filled with joy
My fear is not being ambulatory, losing  my eyesight and being bedridden
Meet President Trump, restore late model cars, and sing bass in a gospel quartet
I am a resident of the great State of Georgia, one of the original 13 colonies

18 April 2020
For the contest sponsored by Dear Heart

by Michael Todd |
Categories: adventure, fish, fun, poetry, sea, silly, word play,

Sea Life

I'd love to live a sea life,
there's just so much to do.
It would never ever be boring,
in the deep deep ocean blue.

I could juggle with clownfish,
sunbathe with the rays,
take off with the pilot whales,
and go blading with skates

Blow balloons with the pufferfish,
play pool with a shark
go hunting with sea lions,
teach a dogfish to bark

I could strum with guitarfish,
play piano with tunas,
make jazz with a bass,
then go solo with groupers

And we'd all have sea-cucumber sandwiches for lunch,
and jellyfish for desert.

by Gwendolen Song |
Categories: adventure, fun, grandchild, grandson, snow,

Sledding With Sea-Bass

Snowflakes arrive upon the scene

Showing off in grand fashion

Doing somersaults as they approach the ground

My eyes begin to sing!

Coating my city like icing on my favorite cake

Angel food cake with almond butter icing!

One more slice please!

I'll have a second serving!

Soon I'll be at my favorite place sledding with my grandson, Sebastian

Tossing and turning on our inner-tubes at Stubb's Park and sipping on warm cocoa

Snowflakes paving the way for one extraordinary day!

My city iced like the most delightful cake

We got our sleds in the trunk and we are on our way!

For my bud, Sea-bass
Love, g-ma!

by Denis Brezik |
Categories: beauty, woman,

The Bass Is a Woman Walking

the bass line is  woman walking
talking kissing making love 
the bass line is a fish in stripes 
a hook in time the bass line 
is eadg its almost easy 
a bass line 
next to the beat 
has feet is a woman walking
alone in her thoughts that no one sees 
her desires a bass line 
in brass a woman walking 
her heels clicking
a cat on fire 
sweeping brushing beats 
cleats hushing echoes her steps 
boots ***** cats hips
darkness lions  a bass line

by Jean Murray |
Categories: beautiful, emotions, feelings, , cute,

Puppy Love

Looking back on my puppy love
I remember how cute he was.
Dancing at the disco to Albatross.
Body to teenage body.
Not long past puberty.
That pulsing bass beat.

That first kiss was French.
Down on the quay.
My father not too far away.
Taxi driver for the night.
Still we were enraptured.
Entwined in innocent embrace.
I will never forget those lips on mine.

True love has eluded me.
Although I search in vain.
I have been abused in every way.
So if I must make a choice,
Take me back to those teenage boys.
Send some puppy love my way.

by Autumn Ehrhardt |
Categories: love, nostalgia,

Twenty Years, Daily 30


For to say I see beyond your face
To a soul on fire is but a trace
To how deep we interlace
Entwined bodies golden grace

We began our habitation on the floor
Old futon mattress, bedroom no door.
The classic poverty roaches and more
To twenty years later, king size galore.

For to say I hear you beyond your words
To a sound blown sweetly for little birds
To a refined quip  on artists preferred
Defined ideas inspiration spurred.

We began our love song in a basement tomb
One broken bass amp, an unfinished room
The classic garage band dreams and fume
To twenty years later, still bride and groom.

by Prince Agba |
Categories: devotionme, love, me, i love you,

The Song I Sing For Love

In these days of the dance
I will handle the bass
And strike with my finger
The strings of the guitar
Playing the tunes of love
Just to sing I love you Lord

You took me from the miry clay
You are my rock and stay
In your goodness and mercies
You showered me blessings
You school me in your kingdom college
That inspires my every knowledge

To you I give my whole heart
It will remain like that
I won’t cause heart break
For I have known how it pains
Let me be simple and plain
I want you to believe this:

I will not stir your jealousy
I will not break your heart, never 
This is my song forever
This is the tune I’ll keep playing for love
Just to sing I love you Lord.

by Stephanie Allen |
Categories: love, lust,

That Chocolate Man

Dipped in chocolate
Red like cherries
Hypnotizingly beautiful
That skin, those lips, those eyes

Deep as a bass drum
Chiseled like a sculpture
Rising like the morning sun
That voice, that body, your manhood

Serenading me with your deep voice
Sending chills down my spine
While I run my hands all over your chiseled body

That chocolate man
With the red cherry lips
And hypnotizingly beautiful eyes
I will let his rising manhood
Set on my horizon

by Rev. Rebecca Guile Hudson |
Categories: childhood, devotion, family, children, happiness, hope, love,

Little Hands

Little hands, folded, praying suppertime grace,
Little hands, laughing, caressing my face
Little hands, gluing, covered in paste
Little hands, sticky, fixing a vase
Little hands, strumming, trying to play bass
Little hands, playing, giving butterfly chase
Little hands, toddling, trying to keep pace
Little hands, trusting, in big hands encased
Little hands, running, winning a race
Little hands, dancing, dressed up in lace
Little hands, dreaming, in a far-away place

Little hands, loving, time can not erase
Little hands, little hands, I adore you, my ace
Little hands, oh little hands, you’re my heart’s sweet embrace

by Roxanna Johnson |
Categories: musicme, music, love, me, music,

Soul Tunes:

The music that moves me is death core
Its the one genre of music in which I adore.

It moves my adrenaline and makes me feel alive
without it I wouldn't know how to survive.

I know it's different but I love it so.
I wish people wouldn't judge and give it a try ya know?

Music of speed and bass moves me.
And makes me feel loose and free.

I love to crank it up loud and dance around.
The music in itself produces a genuine sound.

I feel like it is my escape when things bare down.
when listening to it everything just seems to slowdown.

by Bri Brown |
Categories: love, music

Music and Poetry

My MP3 player; My notebook,
My headphones; My pen,
The music; The script,
The bass; The ink flow,
Bullet for my Valentine; Robert Frost.

My CD player; My piece of paper,
My stereo; My pencil,
The sound; The wording,
The rewind; The eraser,
Avenged Sevenfold; Shel Silverstein.

Windows Media Player; Microsoft Word Document,
My speakers; My keyboard
The volume; The font,
The play button; The print button,
Nirvana; William Shakespeare
Two of my greatest loves

by Florence Mcmillian |
Categories: dedication, friendship, integrity,

Sunshine of Pam

What a privilege It has been To have Pam in my life As a dear friend Someone so honest And most trustworthy With real compassion And much integrity She listened when I needed Someone to talk to And if she said she’d do something It was just what she would do She truly inspired me With her professional skills Giving me knowledge to never forget And I never will Her inner light Was visible all the time And I’ll always remember Pam’s sunshine! Love, Flo Dedicated to Pam Bass January 14, 2009 Florence McMillian (Flo)

by Charlie Murder |
Categories: confusion, girl, me, me,

Haters Love Me

she loves the way i swing a mic
she loves my every move
she loves the way my voice can turn
from screaming to so smooth
she loves the groovy bass and still
she just wants me to know
she hates me more than anyone
anyone although
she loves my head as it swings 
from side to side all night
she loves my band and comes along
every show despite
her hatred for me and my voice
my smile and everything in between
but most of all she hates my kiss
and bites me with sharp teeth

by Anna J Carroll |
Categories: inspirational, music, me, me,

Music Saves My Soul

Press of one button
Hear of the sounds
Mood changes
I feel better now
Melodic high
It gives me joy
It soothes my soul
It gives me hope
Turn it up loud
Turn it up louder
Bass thumps
I just want to scream from all the excitement
I don't want to be angry
Give me the mic
I just want to sing
At times I'll just let it play
Don't have to think
I love & appreciate
The sound of music

by Jagdish Bajantri |
Categories: body, feelings, princess, romance, romantic,

Samaj Gaye

Mei tere kaamar par Paada

         Bass pakad key rhakhan
         With a pinch ..............on your
         Saamaj gayie meri jaan 

 Saamaj gaye 

With love all 
jagdish bajantri

by Bobby May |
Categories: love, magic,

Orchestra of Love

Embracing eyes upon sight

Swirling as a whirlwind

Clasping lips together as one

Hearts in sync as a double bass

A Symphony of Violins

Quivering tones of Love

As Bass Woodwinds

With Sounds of Angels harps

Reaching deep into the soul

Beethoven whispering tunes

In this Theater

of Love

by Anthony Vande Brake |
Categories: inspirational, life, passion, me, me,

They Tell Me To Be...

They tell me to be a crash cymbal,
bright, shimmering, and loud.
I tell them I am a bass drum,
deep, defiant, and dark.
They tell me to be a drumstick,
a leader, controlling, and commanding.
I tell them I am the hands,
taking in the rhythm fo life and changing it to beautiful music.
They tell me to be the teacher,
commanding, knowledgeable, and listening.
I tell them I am the student,
ever learning, stubborn, yet growing.
They tell me to be a professional,
excellent, amazing, and admirable.
I tell them I am just an average person,
doing something I love and trying to make it work.

by Chittaranjan Dey |
Categories: love, romance, love,

Lessons of Love

To love you is like Learning in the kindergarten, Honor your teacher with All the heart and soul. To love you is like To learn the song, To sing as you want With your tone & bass. But I have learned not to Worry and walk with you, I have learned not to Ask you any question. May be it's astonishing To a man in this world, Give you endless support But this is our fate. Because a girls heart Is the most precious thing All over in the world, I have learned this too.

by Moniruzzaman Shuvro |
Categories: poems,

A Million of Years Later

From today a million of years later 
Maybe our civilization won’t stay,
Maybe our town, building and our better 
Life will be vanished like a far shooting star.

That’s day we’ll lose into the time’s abyss 
And no one remember us and our love. 
Maybe earth will be changed a wreckage bass, 
And our blood will make a wave less dead cove.

We killed each other for the name of God 
We ruined our civilization, our home, 
Our green garden was messy, it was odd,
We cried, we hided, and died with the bomb. 

From today a million of years later 
Earth will find a beautiful love letter 

Tullamore, Ireland

by Chris Patton |
Categories: fantasy, love, passion, me,

Insert Funky Bass Line

You're lost in the charm of a midnight ride,
as I imagine your body as the chest
where the ring resides.
Truancy of care;
hide ablaze and bare,
not an inch of YOU is spared.
A blank canvas,
you let me paint whatever the (    ) I want.
Mixed and swirled,
I paint an absent world;
makes your limbs unfurl.
Soft kiss on the lips,
a consummate eclipse.
Exquisite depravity;
got a feeling of anti-gravity.
Space in its multitude
has got no law governing me and you.
Deep inside sounds like a funky bass line;
got a perfect twang like two bodies intertwined.
Staring number three right in the face,
ubiquitous ecstasy has found its place.

by Ashley Daly |
Categories: friendship, introspection, lost love, nostalgia, write, music, music, write,

I Don'T Write Music Anymore

I don't write music anymore
And I'm not dancing alone in my room
The mirror reflects nothing but still life
And the speakers simply shout static
My bed is empty and unkempt
And I no longer rock, nor roll in my chair
Still, it moves
With aid from a ghost or perhaps,
The wind
For the window is shattered
Like ear drums by blaring bass lines
So, no, I don't write music anymore
But I'm still stuck on stanzas