Love Poems About Barn Owl or Barn Owl Love Poems
by Shadow Hamilton |
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Owl etheree

Barn Owl
sits up high,
head twisting round.
Rustling undergrowth,
he swoops silently down.
Shrill screech of terror and pain,
the evil deed done, he returns home.
Three fluffy chicks hungrily await,
they feast, stocking up for the winter months.

written 09/20/2015

Contest For the Love of October

by HGarvey Daniel Esquire |
Categories: family, love, sister,

Happy Birthday - L'iL Sister

    Twinkling Stars, Morse code : Happy Birthday Shar
    Birthday candles light the campfire we share
    Happy Birthday to YOU, Barn owl hoots : hoo
    Happy Birthday L'il sister I LOVE YOU

    My sister Sharon, Inspiring me
    When I first started writing Poetry
    I comment to her, she comments to me
    Entwined Quills creating a Family Tree
        Happy Birthday, Sharon Weimer With all my LOVE,
        HEART, and SOUL. ALWAYS and FOREVER YOUR Brother


by Michael Henry |
Categories: animal, cute love, night, summer,

Secrets of a Summer Night

Secrets of a Summer Night

They met in a cornfield at midnight
‘Neath the light of a pale harvest moon
No sweet music played in the background
But the crickets provided a tune

Away from the gaze of the barn owl
Their sweet romance started to bloom
The fox and the hare were not even there
So the two lovers started to spoon

The summer night guarded their secret
And no-one was even aware
Of the passion displayed by these lovers
As they showed just how much they could care

And when it was done they both snuggled
In the light of the stars far above
Then they scurried away to face a new day
Two cute furry fieldmice in love!