Love Poems About Barb or Barb Love Poems
by Michael Byte |
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lost herd

As the sun rises
a young pioneer saddles his ride.
Mounting his horse
his young bride
his love as he rides
Off to find his herd.
 His proud mare  
goes through the prairie
next to his barb wire.
He wonders in his mind
how far have they strayed.
How many day
must I ride. 
He sings aloud
a song his herd
has heard 
as he rode.
On yonder hill he sees
two cows grazing along
next to their side two young calves.
He hears their cries
as he tops the hillside. 
In the green valley below
he sees his lost herd.

By michael Byte 10-9-2013

by Richard Lamoureux |
Categories: dedication,

Barb's Delights

Let's go to Barb's Place
Have something to eat
Her perogies and cabbage rolls 
Are really hard to beat

If that's not enough
You should try out her ribs
Gooey and delicious
You better bring a bib

When it comes to cooking
Barb's food is like art
She prepares every morsel
With love from the start

Welcome to Poetry Soup Barb, what better person to contribute to the soup than a Chef Extrodinare. I am sure you will add your own special flavours.

by Ken Carroll |
Categories: desire, love, lust,


You doesn't know what it's like
to dream of her godly shape
an impetuous fiery desire
like a barb nail to my forehead..

And her smell?
when the world becomes spring
dead leaves recover from snow
there is her an eternal smelling rose...

You doesn't know what it's like
to dream of her lovely dark skin
as I squirm alone in my lonely bed
with insomnia and silver shaped spikes..

My soul a concert with arms outstretched
to a light breeze with green groves
I wish to bite her lip
and to touch her warm dark shoulders..

by Franco Gonza |
Categories: betrayal, dark, heartbreak,

Stabbed--Picture 3

And when soaked with an overpowering damp of coldness, he wails and asks, “ what is love when secrets betray the light? A lonely man seeks some respite tender yet, still black, so so black-- on to the pavement of anger, living only to hiss and piss flames of claw's bitterness, if only to shield the wretchedness of rejection again, again--- he slaps a tired wrist on a barb of thorns --- empty---furious---prickly stabbing hands on a night without stars. April 8, 2016 Contest: Images that make you think--# 3 For Silent One

by Lora Robinson |
Categories: beauty, love, sensual, sexy, youth,


he makes me offerings,
little strings of his face he places on my knee,
a line of black ink
in a bowl of milk

one day I slid
my lover's beard barb across his cheek-
watching him squirm and giggle made me giggle too,
for he could not fathom the ecstasy of a hundred on my neck,
or a thousand between my legs

by James Fraser |
Categories: lost love, loveme,

The Lost Rose and the Barb

The day i met her My mind was blown For in my heart In pumping growing She made me laugh And sometimes we cried When it all went wrong We always tried It's been many years More downs than ups She's no longer my kitten I'm no longer her pup The girl i met All those years ago Has disappeared No more after glow We are no longer The beautiful garb To me she is now The Lost Rose and the Barb

by Franklin Price |
Categories: anniversary, love,

One and Fifty Years Ago

One and Fifty Years  Ago
To Barb, with all my love, Frank

By Franklin Price

One and fifty years ago
I took you for my wife
To love you and to cherish you
To give to you my life

Since the day, I said the words
Found what life is all about
Not one regret, I said them 
Of that I have no doubt

Always looking to the future
While remembering the past
I love you more today, than then,
Still a marriage  made to last

The roads we've traveled many
Maybe just a bump or two
The hand of God's been in it
Ever since we said I do

by Michael Burch |
Categories: break up, divorce, lost love, love, memory, rose, roses are red,

As Roses Bloom

Roses for a Lover, Idealized
by Michael R. Burch

When you have become to me
as roses bloom, in memory,
exquisite, each sharp thorn forgot,
will I recall?yours made me bleed?

When winter makes me think of you?
whorls petrified in frozen dew,
bright promises blithe spring forsook,
will I recall your words?barbed, cruel?

Originally published by The Lyric. Keywords/Tags: Rose, Roses, Red, Flower, Flowers, Love, Lover, Lovers, Lost Love, Memory, Memories, Thorn, Thorns, Barb, Barbs, Barbed, Blood, Bleed, Bleeding, Spring, Winter, Frozen Dew, Ice, Snow, Cruel, Cruelty, Pain, Separation, Parting, Break Up, Divorce, Relationship, Relationships

by Franklin Price |
Categories: birthday, celebration, love, marriage, wife,

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

Happy Birthday Sweetheart
To Barb, with all my love, Frank
By Franklin Price

Happy birthday sweetheart.
I still pledge my love for you.
It has only grown much deeper,
Since the first at twenty-two.

Your first one in our marriage.
Your first birthday, as my wife.
Since then we've aged together,
Traveled down the road of life.

Birthdays, now, are more subdued,
My joy, and love for you, no less.
Still treasure every one of them.
Still want your love, I must confess.

Our anniversary was golden,
As this birthday is with you.
We've enjoyed them all, together,
Since the first at twenty-two.