Love Poems About Badminton or Badminton Love Poems
by Dan Cwiak |
Categories: childhood, love, memory, remember,


Days of our youth are long since gone
 Yet some things take us back.
  Memories impressed forever...
   On our mind's Silent Track,

    The Lake, the Sand, the Pier so old
      The Shore next to the Water so blue.
        Remembering the Badminton and Volleyball Games...
         And who tried to outscore who.

The Tavern where we sometimes ate
 In our festive Summer Shorts.
  Walking down the Road at night...
   Using only the Beam of an old Flashlight.

     Those days of our youth were filled with fun
      With our Parents' Love and ceaseless Rhyme.
       Though we are no longer Young...
        We fondly remember - OUR SALEM TIME.

by Weeping Willow |
Categories: bangla, love, nostalgia, proposal,

Marry me then, part 8

Once we've met to go and have a barbeque leisure time together with other people, nothing intimate. So it seemed. But actually, was. Although we had great time rolling on blankets in the woods, playing badminton and teasing each other to our hearts' content, literally for my one at least, that wasn't the thing. The most heart touching was when again I said I love you. He knew me and my kind of love to him very well. But- immediatelly he said to me: Marry me then. I will never forget this very non-kneelingly uncommon style of proposal that I so much liked. I knew it to be true.