Love Poems About Ardor or Ardor Love Poems
by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: autumn, love, nature,


F eeling enraptured, Autumn dances in the wind, then undresses.
A s bright robes fall to the ground, her passion paints the twilight skies.
L ike a nymph, she beckons, tossing her fiery auburn tresses.
L ongingly she sighs - September’s bliss lingering in her eyes.

I ndian summer days come; then they go.
N ights though chill, embrace her in indigo.

L ater, in November, her sweetness wanes.
O ctober cannot stay forever loving her.
V acantly she gazes through freezing rains.
E ndearments whispered - cease - when Fall loses ardor.

by Lin Lane |
Categories: longing,

Moonstruck Maiden

What beauty reflected in love's fair eyes,
a passion treasured beyond all measure.
As ardor stirred flames, I failed to disguise
the need in my loins ere want of pleasure.

As sweet the music I discern profound,
tis more honeyed your lips when touching mine.
Oh! My pained heart shall beckon love resound,
my moonstruck maiden, unearthly divine.

Mute, I cannot be, so near your soft breasts.
This besotted man has but scant more breath.
Grant me your pure love, not in mere request,
but with an angelic kiss 'fore my death.

I beg thee allow the stars remain bright.
Give yourself to me ere the end of night.

~    ~    ~    ~    ~
January 9th 2016

by Vijay Pandit |
Categories: love, sunset,

Find me then

Find me then, when gilded ruby sky
Adorns mauve twilight on canvas pink
Pleasing ardor of magenta dreams
Tinting smiles in brushstrokes tangerine;
Find me then, when ocean's blue bosom
Scintillates waves' vermilion passions
As sun's orange glow folds in embrace
Caressing kiss of love --find me then.

June 11, 2020
Placed 3rd: Repeat the phrase poetry contest
Nine syllables per line (
Sponsor: Nette Onclaud

by Charles Fuller |
Categories: devotion, inspirational, passion, peace,

Murmuring Waters

She is the whispering of the bluest waters
Standing in the stillness she calls to me
Within the sounds of the coursing river
I feel the ease of her comfort washing over me
Consumed by her soft flowing siren song
Cascading down the mountains banks
Waltzing in the descending whitewater
Coming to rest in a cooled pool of her caress
Illumed depths tepid in the evening sun
Enhanced of her life and ardor 
Swimming free 
Drinking her intoxicating breath exhaling out
My love is the river of azure water
Ever carrying me onward she moves

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: autumn, love, october, passion, poetry, romantic love,

Ardor of Autumn

Ardor of Autumn

Wind rolls off the river, chills the bones.
My cheeks are rosy from Chicago's cold.
Now wrapped in warmth inside with tea and scones,
October has my body feeling old.
Yet, I love the views autumn colors bring
The rain that falls upon my window pane,
How nature's timing changes everything,
How death of cold rejuvenates again.
The beauty of this season inspires
Poetry to flow from my hand to pen,
As romantic thoughts of my desires,
Memories of our tender love back when

Our souls first encountered a love so deep,
As I recall those times they make me weep.


~Third Place~
Autumn sonnet Poetry Contest
Sponsored by: John Hamilton

by Andrea Dietrich |
Categories: love,

Of Lion Love

My feline bittersweet awakening
came decked with golden trim of flawless days.
A time it was to frolic and to fling
ourselves in grass, all afternoon to laze.

Together we were fearless, wild and free,
a noble lion and his lioness.
And sadly, neither one of us could see
that passion such as ours would evanesce.

Our error was believing that each kiss
could carry us. . . that love could multiply
or even match July’s exceeding bliss.
By summer’s end, our ardor had run dry.

A lion’s appetite can satiate,
and love - less noble then - will soon abate.

Posted 6/11/11/ Now used for the In the Name of Love Contest of Shadow Hamilton

by Joyce Johnson |
Categories: funny,

A New Love

Could it be only yesterday we met?
This night together seemed so very right.
So nice to wake up to a happy face,
To find you with me still at morning light.

I dare not think my lonely days are done,
It is too soon to be so optimistic.
I must be patient, wait to see what comes,
Dampen my ardor, be more realistic.

Is this but the first of our shared breakfasts?
I fear I’ll frighten you with silly talk.
You must admit that we are good together.
I grab your leash and take you for a walk.


by Jeremy Michael |
Categories: love,

A Loveless Love, or Schrodinger's Love

Deserving all deserts and worth all worths,
My love is admiration’s mirrored whole,
A shadowed shade whose forms do form rebirths,
I’m boldly uncontrolled in her control.
A burning nymph who’s in all fairness fair,
My love’s accounted without frankness frank,
To stress distress she counts my bareness bare
And burns my ardor with a rankness rank.
To hold and not be held is wealthless wealth,
To see and not be seen is sightless sight,
To cure and not be cured is healthless health,
To love and not be loved is lightless light.
		A crisp and charming cat sans coyness coy,
		My love’s a lifeless life and joyless joy.

by Charles Fuller |
Categories: devotion, hope, introspection, life, love, wife,

Essence Of Her Human Spirit.

Her song carried out in sweetest rapture notes so pellucid
Breathe of them in listened serenity…

Her eyes show the portrait of what truly exists within
A subject of assiduous study…

Bearing witness her ears chronicle every touch of moment
Append her the whisper of ardor…

Those thoughts build stairs to the threshold of her mind
Scale its heights with pure intent…

One unsullied heart in pash heated spirit given to me freely
Held amorously it becomes my own…

I enter her arms into the gateway of tender adoration
Where I sleep safely in serenities peace…

by Connie Marcum Wong |
Categories: love, moon,

By Luna's Light

Luna, shine your light on our love
With breathless ardor from up above.


A Valentine Crystalline Poetry Contest
Sponsor Kim Rodrigues

by Eve Roper |
Categories: emotions, imagery, love, music, romance,


your music moves
clouds in the cool sky
spellbound embracing stars

thoughts knot and pool
with ardor emotion
listening to you play music
with the push and pull
of each black and white key
like the free back and forth
rhythmic gentle motion
of the ocean tide
as I too magically hypnotize
in a dream moving upon its waves

twining blush feelings rush
as l lean forward
and focus upon your face
you briefly elope
and secretly steal
a glance upon mine

through your unspoken
hush words touching my heart
letting your mere utterance
escort the melody
melt down my spine
then back up again
yearning for ardor
emotion of your touch
through the ebbing night


by Mark Pringle |
Categories: confusion, introspection, life, love, passion

This Whim Called Love

I breathe in ardor!
I grapple in passion!
...but of this whim called….love?
I am unacquainted

by Brian Baumgarn |
Categories: happiness, love, romance, trust,

The Shining

Our life as one has been about
knowing completely our special other,
while caring in all seasons for one another, 
while yearning to share all new moments
with each other,
both now and forever.

Just now, as we shared a quiet moment together,
I saw the radiant clarity of your eyes,
and the purity which is you filled me, 
echoing and resounding to the depths of my soul.

I hold your hand and with silent ardor pray
that the same is true for you now, my love,

                                    The Shining

**For my brother and sister-in-law
   who communicate without ever speaking.

by cecil hickman |
Categories: girlfriend-boyfriend, happiness, husband, life, love, romance, wife,

Sweet and Kissable

Sweet and tender, they seal a bond,
Movements caress preciously to all.
With trembles, they will call.
Especially of yours I am fond.
They cast spell like a wizard’s wand.
Captured I was, when I saw.
My heart tied in a ball.
Pressing onward I respond.

Lips such as yours are my delight.
When ours meet, emotional treat,
Sensual feelings ever so bright,
Ardor expands without defeat.
Each kiss of morning or night,
Our souls locked, lovers complete.

written on 7/21/12

written by Cecil Hickman

by cecil hickman |
Categories: girlfriend, happiness, husband, relationship, romance, spring, summer, wife,

Springtime Affections

My love, your breath, fresh as a spring breeze,
Caresses my face, with a wondrous tone,
As your sweet lips, approach mine, we moan.
For expectation, of such pleasurable tease,
For there is no time, for emotions to please,
Our brief moments, are barely, only a loan.
For passion delivers, future beautifully alone,
Our ecstasies of movements together, appease.

After spring, before the heat of summer time,
Our ardor grows; grows within each heart.
Our touch, Heavens blessing, to each other,
These moments, hours, days have no crime.
Together forever, our souls, never part,
Our spirits are free, to love; never smother.

by Cecilia Macfarlane |
Categories: love,

Love Is

Putting someone's needs before your own
Sharing your thoughts, never feeling alone
         A tenderness so sweet
     That sweeps you off your feet
 A joined journey into the unknown.

It's unbridled passion that does consume
When their scent becomes your perfume
           Smiles lit from within
            Life finally can begin
Two peas in a pod that grow full bloom

Being your real self with no pretense
Filled with ardor, the joy so immense
         It's butterflies galore 
    Can't wait for what's in store
Heart open wide, no longer on defence.

by Gerard Keogh Jr. |
Categories: husband, wife

forlorn ice slit bedroom

Haiku  Straying Husband

forlorn ice slit bedroom
frail flower between your legs...
ardor expires

Tanka   Stay At Home Wife

hours ravage ardor
supple sin envelopes grey
thick belly obscures
erotic athletes wrestle
loyalty in lieu of love

by Nehpets Gnik |
Categories: emotions,


I open my eyes and beauty I see
For breath of love is a joy for me;

A strong heart make me strong
Wisdom and care shall cure the wrong.

I shall guide my tired and ailing pace
As I await anxiously to see her face;

Fear of love vanished and joyfully I stand
For my loving extremity is in your ardor land.

Will this be all complete joy for me?
Shall I be complete and jealousy free?

Breath of my love, her heart is mine
Her beauty sparkles should be in a shrine;

I shall follow her love all the way
No evil darkness in my heart will stay.

No need for doubt, love show no fear
While my respect for you to persevere.

by Kim Shaw |
Categories: february, romantic,

Petal Whispers

Every petal says "I love you"
in vibrant sunset orange
Some whisper "I adore you"
as each is plucked and torn

A hundred loving sonnets
Each petal pens amour
Dew drops drip with sentiment
Fragrant with ardor

The heart of every blossom
bursts with love divine
Poetic beats of passion
Each color a new rhyme

Blessed be such youthful zeal
Sweet bouquets a must,
Roses are the fleur du jour
while others gather dust.

by Evelyn Hawkins |
Categories: absence, break up, love,

I tried to leave

Surrounded and distracted to a fault
the mayhem of your love strenuates me 
I abrogate my feelings towards you not
to wound you only wherefore I may breathe.
Petulant indignation on your brow
is lovelier than that tiresome doting kiss
And now I venture towards things unallowed;
previous to this day I, you would miss,
so dreadfully it seemed a very sin 
that I should with my friends enjoy a night. 
You doubtless lay awake and cry within-
this image from my mind I cannot fight

I drink until I blackout at your door 
requiring the verve of your love's ardor.

by Brian Johnston |
Categories: love,

Ambitious Love

You’d never guess all the times
Though unknown to my eyes, you are
Frequently praised in my rhymes.

Heart that’s revealed to your heart -
Open like sea to rain fall
That levels distant mountains,
Open like ear to bird’s call
That springs from fields unbidden.

Trusting that you’ll feel the same.
I wait for you unhidden. 

Ardor is child of the Spring
And though Love can’t be frozen, still
Timing is Love’s golden ring.

Scouting the path you might take -
Planting myself right beside
It, waiting garden footsteps,
Rustle of dress prophesied,
You stoop to pick my blossom.

Nestled in crook of your arm,
At peace, and feeling winsome.

Brian Johnston
January 12, 2016

by Brian Johnston |
Categories: love,

Haiku: Traditional 24

ardor blooms in Spring
though love cannot be frozen
timing’s Love's gold ring

Brian Johnston
January 13, 2016

by Joy Wellington |
Categories: nature, passion, seasons, autumn, i love you,

Autumn's Air

Autumn I love you color and splendor 
Plump sweet grapes filling me with ardor

A patchwork quilt......velvet soft leafs
For you I wear my heart on my sleeve 

A wisp of cool breath blows upon my face
A balmy soft touch of your calm and grace

Brides last chance of an outdoor wedding
Flowers bow heads giving up their bedding

Photographs taken a memorable moment
Dressed in an exquisite multi-color garment

Written by: Joy Wellington
October 14 2012
For Russell Sivel's contest - Up In The Autumn Air

by Gregory Richard Barden |
Categories: eve, metaphor, romance, sky,

You, Eve and I

R-ecline your wearied self within my care

O-n a coverlet of eventide and moon

M-elted stars, in platinum tresses, rare

A-light your eyes and aspect, as I swoon

N-ight is but another of your lovers

T-aken as I am, with all your charms

I-n, you slip, between its silky covers

C-loistered in its ardor ... and my arms.

~ 2nd Place ~  in the "Romantic - Acrostic" Poetry Contest, John Hamilton, Sponsor.

~ 4th Place ~  in the "Word Play" Poetry Contest, Bobby May, Judge & Sponsor.

* What I love the most ... romance! *

by Dalila Agtani |
Categories: love,



This Date Is something Involving Intoxicating Nothing but more than excitement This momentum of drowning is mystifying us This present happening has been overflowing, incomparable without ending. My Heart Beats fast Fiercely pumps Its supplication In my veins like a brisk stream. For a moment like this, it cannot be forgotten Earmark with trust and ardor between you and me, intertwined until the end of time.