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by Dorian Petersen Potter |
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C L O U D S - the Hop Scotch Style


Clouds are nice and take many shapes
If you don't believe take a look
They travel fast and can reshape
Clouds I see like a picture book
Sometimes see angels or an ape
Observe in sky they can't escape
They're great to watch from site or nook

Clouds fantastic God's  creation
Benefit man are here to stay
They're like marshmallows in motion
Moving fast or slow in clear day
They look so soft and bring emotion
Clouds bring rain can cause commotion
But they're fun to watch any way.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


by Jimmi Canada |
Categories: animal, best friend, deep, growth, health, howl, love, parody, son, sound, star, truth,

Underwater Nation

There is going to be a jump,

the only one that could thump-
in this room of bloom...

What are you doing sitting when you could be a standing ox?

Are they out on patrol as you wann the metal into your soul?

Dive deeply hard Sims-
they made you corrupt,

these are dignities we divide,

they had no name before you arrived-

more cola now,

less socially sane,

yes please ignite the flame,

I said I loved you-
but in due course you became scarce,

the lizards re-arrived to show demise,

every ape was lionized,

I compounded the pedals lady,

they spun in pride,

I evoked medals baby,

I'm sorry they arrived.

by Dorian Petersen Potter |
Categories: angel, beautiful, love, sky,

Clouds - the Bell Style

~Clouds~ (The Bell) Clouds Are amazing Fluffy pillows Peeping in the sky Moving each day They take any shape See Angel or an ape There. Some Are white gray It seems all play All time everyday Not all look the same Clouds are amazing Love watch them play my shape Game. Dorian Petersen Potter aka ladydp2000 copyright@2011
February.21.2016 "The Bell" is a poetry style created by Dorian Petersen Potter, aka ladydp2000.

by Tom Arnone |
Categories: change, children, community, culture, earth, philosophy, society,

Bubble Branes

We float in spheres of loneliness
On pancake-branes so numerous.

Viewing down a sky-bound 'scape,
A microbial colony of working ape.

Trying to better our genetic canvass --
Or, devolving into primitive madness.

Schizophrenic species of love and hate
That builds, creates and burns to berate.

Our children the elders must engage,
To cool the world of its bubbling rage....

by Daniel Human |
Categories: life, lost love, people, poverty, sad,

The Garden Gnome

The man walked up the alley
A shepherd in a valley
Looking for that one lost sheep
When WhatsApp gives a beep
The man took our his phone
An ape picks up a bone
And uses it as a tool
To bash the brainless fool
The sheep had wandered off
As the feet on pavements scoff
Walking past the man seeking alms
Ignoring the poor lady selling charms
The man walked to his home
To his garden and its gnome
Expecting love and tea
And his baby on his knee
The sheep is out there cold
And the whino’s face is old
But not wizened or sagely
Merely worn out and agely
The Shepherd cries a tear
For the sheep so lost right here
In their homes
With garden gnomes
With eyes wide shut

by Shawn Silverside |
Categories: deep, high school, love,

No Replacement For Love

Its been a while,
Since iv'e smiled
You remind me of her.

That sounds bad, 
But don't be mad 
Because your heart is more pure.

Its hard to love 
the push and shove
and how it gets so much harder

but seeing your face 
and sharing your space,
makes me feel like it started.

This is different,
I feel strange. It's like my psyche has shifted.
Like an ape, all of the sudden becoming mathematically gifted.
My brain cells light up like charged tesla coils
My heart is aflame , and my blood starts to boil

But why? for who?
It's not her. It's for you.
No i can't explain it.
And i WONT detain it.

No rationalizations.
No words to describe it.
I love, therefore i am

by King-Galaxius Stravinsky |
Categories: slam

King Kong

I had a talk with a loved one.
You love Kool-Aid flavors of pink lemonade, cherry, lemonade, or grape.
He thinks you are ugly and referred to you as a prime mate ape.
Not wearing a wig. In stature you are big.
Never in your life have you lived in Hong.
You ex-father-in-law raised his shoulders in mock charade, comparing you to King 

by Peter Onyancha |
Categories: love, sad, war,

We Are Loving In Difficult Times

We are loving in difficult times
Better ape them
For though apes go to war, they go on –
They don’t die to kill, for unknown love
Yet we hunt our kin to kill for unknown love
How cold we can get
To leave them the cold
For love unknown?

We are loving in difficult times
Turn one page at the Hospice
You chop my head, I chop yours
That is how we bid each other
We kill, we are killed
We mourn ourselves
Bury ourselves

For Love unknown
Love of what,  Now?
Of tribe, of Pet,  of Soil, of seat, of what love
The Love of seat; My table!  
We are loving in difficult times!

by Jack Webster |
Categories: anxiety, faith, happy, nature, storm, teen love,

Angels In the Rain

Wings too wet to fly, he plucks 32 strands of rain,
singing songs of all the colors the storm will never stain.
Far below his holy robes huddle humble wrens
who fluff their feathers anxiously and wait for sky again. 

Uncommon skill imbues his hands with unearthly grace
as if he played with unknown notes that man could never ape.
Little by little,  drop by drop, the song begins to dry
and all the colors reemerge and all the colors fly.

June 23 2018

by Rajat Kanti Chakrabarty |
Categories: allegory,

Scribbles of Sullivano

Erotic as an ape —Karl Shapiro

I am not an ape
I am simply a ghost
I am not erotic
I am simply a ghost
Once I kissed Meenie
I love Meenie Okay
But I am not erotic
I am simply a ghost

by Liam Mcdaid |
Categories: deep, discrimination, feelings, god, heart, love, truth,

I Guess the Answer Lies In a Heart

A civilised mind has become the gem that glues this broken mould together 
it can identify each piece putting it properly in place of origin 
with the perfect picture hate attacks colouring around normal 
Attacking the source that painted this masterpiece vandalising the canvas 
criminal every alteration of the law drawn from the book of Wisdom 
direct approval of this deeply disturbing alteration carries a penalty 
sell your soul to the highest bidder right or wrong is where loyalty sits 
A tale of two paths where knowledge talks to the fool 
are you the ancestor of the ape or man this fence divides 
whom do you follow when you twist the truth with lies

by Olaoluwa Samuel |
Categories: abuse, conflict, cool, crazy, girl, hate, trust,

Innuendo of Love

I bade farewell to love with the experience with my ex
Who almost killed me with the pestering of sex
Left my past behind
As the search for love filled my mind

Then approach me an angel from above
Having the traits of a dove
Thought i had found the perfect match
As thoughts erupted in my mind to have found the biggest catch

On my breast i felt his torch
Sarcastically i said its not too much
At a stage it seemed like a rape
That moment he was more disgusting than a ape

I realised he loved to play rough
Then showed him the stuff i was made of
Pretended to give a ********
Only to bit him like an angry cub

by April Lee |
Categories: funny love,

Jenky Donkey

My donkey is Jenky 

I knew from the start. 

I tried not to love him 

but he stole my heart. 

Every morning he smile, 

Gently kiss my forehead. 

Coming rite back,

Every morning he said. 

An hour'd pass by,

Then maybe two. 

No sign of my donkey,

Do what do I do?

I look out my window, text donkeys phone.

No sign of my donkey, could donkey be gone?

He gave me his word,

No reason to lie. 

But donkey don't show,

N ape starts to cry. 

My donkey Is Jenky,

He tells me sweet lies. 

Forever I'll love him. 

Til the day donkey dies.

by Andrew Fairchild |
Categories: appreciation, courage, for her, love, marriage, peace, wife,

Sonnet 38 'I Write So Often of My Wife, Because'

I write so often of my Wife, because
She was a fire-bringer to the World.
And everywhere she went, went Peace, like gauze
That wrapped those burned by furies at them hurled.
Extraordinary, she, who was unbent
By all the winds that blew against her face.
She thought each small delight, by Heaven sent,
And counted each ‘good’ day, as ‘twere a grace.
But I alone knew all her quiet shape,
Could trace on paper now, her puzzled brow,
And… all the things she said, I used to ape…
It hurts my heart to think upon them, now.
I think, that every man, for his dear Wife,
Does hold her benefit so ranked, as Life.


by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

Hot Chicks

Hot chicks have populated this big ole earth To drive us guys wild, attracted to our girth When we pimp and fuss They go ape and cuss Love diddling their skittles causing much mirth

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Mind and soul shape the way of quest,
Embrace the heart as senses move;
Delight the ape in moving zest,
Intent sculpts start in simple grooves;
Touch knows the thrill of sway and stay,
Align with truth that heals all wounds;
Taste how love feels within wordplay,
Instruct clear proof with blooming boon;
Outlive mere reach that cluster time,
Nature knows how you crave love here.
Discrete the pitch of precious chimes,
Expand right now the soul's swift spheres;
Choice offers poise in subtle flair,
Keep then cheer's voice that floods the air.

Leon Enriquez
04 April 2016

by Leon Enriquez |
Categories: change,


Lost is found
In still grounds

Sweep the vain
Stress and strain

Clear the mind
Seek bold finds

Know by heart
Love sparks art

Soul feels deep
Sad poise weeps

Form and shape
Mask the ape

Come and show
Pulse greets flow

Seed new wit
Pun wise bits

In the end
Life is spent

Surge and sway
End of play

Curtain call
Sure recall

Leon Enriquez
29 January 2016

by Lemayian Leksat |
Categories: 4th grade, betrayal, black love, character, conflict, inspirational, leadership,

The Cradle

The cradle-
That cradles civilization,
That saddles the rich of the land,
The home and strength of the richest sand,
Flowing with milk and honey no matter the wind,
An Eden of a kind.
The zeal of a might’s hand
The real apple of God’s eye
Mother of the might.

We just sit
We just eat
We just chat
Grow fat,
Tear homes apart.

They rape our innocence, we ape them.
They make us fight, we say they are right.
They buy our souls, we bargain for them
And our integrity erode, as we carry their load
In our motherland!

For how long?
We do not know.
But they do; only them.

by Dominique Webb |
Categories: culture, history, science,

From An Ape To a Human

Of kinds.

With acts

Has hope 
Can cope.


Get food
In mood.

When nice
No ice.

With love 
The glove.


Then rest.


The slip.

Mates play
All day.

I weigh.

by Unseeking Seeker |
Categories: introspection, spiritual,

Take No Prisoners

We take no prisoners, for if they escape, fears and desires may burrow deep in our mind and then in stupor we will foolishly ape suggestions proffered that grip us in their bind and before we know it, disfigured's our shape, so we nip in the bud, such thought forms unkind. May the garden of our mind be thus nurtured, lower mind censured and love and light treasured. 15-January-2023

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: longing,

Hot Chicks

Hot chicks have populated this big ole earth To drive us guys wild, attracted by our girth When we pimp and fuss They go ape and cuss Love diddling their skittles causing much mirth

by Patricia Sawyer |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, happiness, holiday, imagination

Too Soon I Wake Up.

I dream of a land
To where I love to escape.
There are lizards and unicorns
and a friendly ape.

I travel through this land
with a wink and a smile.
I can pass right through or
stay to visit a while.

A beautiful dream.
Too soon I wake up.

by Jack Ellison |
Categories: fun,

Hot Chicks

Hot chicks have populated this big ole earth To drive us guys wild, attracted to our girth When we pimp and fuss They go ape and cuss Love diddling their skittles causing much mirth

by Tom Wright |
Categories: change, love, marriage,

Valentine Sermon

Valentine Sermon By: Tom Wright 2-17-2019 Many sat in church that morning, A sermon about love & what a marriage should be. Some mused, I hope she is getting this, While others were thinking, boy, bet he's feeling guilty. Being visually challenged toward individual faults; They continued to ape a brain dead lizard, And nothing changed.