Love Poems About Albatross or Albatross Love Poems
by Carolyn Devonshire |
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When the Tab Comes Due

Frail humans we are and mistakes are made, but there will be a time to pay for pain inflicted on others. Run swiftly from dark clouds hovering above, baggage like an albatross around our necks -- cast it aside. Commit to offering kind words, compassion to all, bestowing brotherly love. Make amends when possible for harmful acts, even negative thoughts, and promote harmony. When we stand at heaven’s gate, we’ll not be asked about material possessions, but how much love we gave. The prince and the pauper will be judged as equals when the tab comes due.
*Entry for Paula’s “How Due You Dew” contest Written September 8, 2011

by Gary Smith |
Categories: peace, silence, solitude,

My Magical Kite

I'd love to build a magical kite
Then find myself a steep hill,
Strap myself in, wait for a gust,
Oh just imagine the thrill.

Off I would soar, into the blue,
To mingle high with the clouds,
Free as a bird, no worries or cares,
Away from mind numbing crowds.

I'd fly high, over the briney
And glide like a lone albatross,
I'd steer towards the horizon,
Then over the ocean I'd cross.

In joyful abandon, up there in the sky
Soaring in rapturous mood,
But that I could, just for a day,
Be lost, in such blessed solitude.

by Jay Del Fierro |
Categories: hope, lost love, love,

Starcrossed Love Affair....

Path lost...starcrossed
on the wings of an albatross

Flying through such stormy weather
battle elements,but not together

Sun setting....upsetting
deprived of love they should be getting

Alone they walk on different oceans
stormy seas disrupting motion

Soulmates....never too late
two lovers fate as must they wait.... mind gets ahead of me
since you're the only one I see....

by Roy Pett |
Categories: break up, loneliness, lost love, missing you, sorry,

Self Pity

Looking through my tainted window of gloom

grey skies, rain falling, feeling sorrow

impatiently wanting  life to resume,

will things change, get better tomorrow, 

sure that  grass was greener the other side,

not walking a mile in your well trod shoes 

now ashamed looking for somewhere to hide

didn't realise how easily I would bruise,

underestimate this feeling of loss

an unidentifiable man anymore 

floundering like a wounded albatross,

indecent intentions, now I deplore

apologises are unheard, your not here

didn't know how so much I loved you dear.

by Mustofa Munir |
Categories: love,

Gray Silence

I have gotten the deepest meaning of 
Your pronounced words, 
Now then, remove your veil of gray silence,
Whisper to me or scream at me! 
I am longing to hear all your words—
Secret or revealed,
Not so long ago we jostled the crowd
To meet each other like
Big billows of the sea dashing over the rocks
With profound ruthlessness, 
Like blue water in a lagoon riddled by the 
Prolonged chorus of ducks,
Like echoes of shrieking albatross on
The belt of pines across the sea,
Like tempestuous wind of the north,
So, remove your veil of gray silence now and
Whisper to me or scream at me!

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: christian, faith, humanity, inspirational, spiritual, surreal, wisdom,

Divisions of Being

Love is thought
needing a subject 
and predicate

lover and object
blossom and voyeur
dreaming fond connections,
often crossing taboos 
of distance…
exchanging scents and feel,
the bow, rudder and keel
of relationship

Yet, that mystery remains

the lone whale basking
seeming above the ripples

the albatross on a still night
soaring on unseen current

a collapsed sail undisturbed
by bleeding sunlight

which will I be today?

God or His Man?

by Maureen Mcgreavy |
Categories: bird, dedication, love,

Love Letter To An Albatross

Lady Albatross
              Our love span long on the wing
                         My one and only


Composed for Viv Wigley's
"Love Letter"

by Kathryn Smith |
Categories: absence, betrayal, depression, heartbreak, lost love, passion, romance,


You're a myth that I cannot explain
Unheard of, perhaps
But the consequence is the same

The moments you care are what intrigue me the most
But loyalty is dead
A contrary anecdote

Fascination is key to lure the lamb in to stay
But this story is different
The lion is the prey

 I'm just an albatross that drives you insane
Your cannibalism for my soul
I soar through your veins

And when I try to push the burdens out of my mind
Lasty, you linger
From the strength I cannot find

So continue I will
“You aren’t real
You aren’t real.”

by Jean Murray |
Categories: beautiful, emotions, feelings, , cute,

Puppy Love

Looking back on my puppy love
I remember how cute he was.
Dancing at the disco to Albatross.
Body to teenage body.
Not long past puberty.
That pulsing bass beat.

That first kiss was French.
Down on the quay.
My father not too far away.
Taxi driver for the night.
Still we were enraptured.
Entwined in innocent embrace.
I will never forget those lips on mine.

True love has eluded me.
Although I search in vain.
I have been abused in every way.
So if I must make a choice,
Take me back to those teenage boys.
Send some puppy love my way.

by Orma Sullivan |
Categories: introspection,

A Many Splendored Thing

When you find that many splendored thing in you,
   you will know it.
But, do not confuse this knowing
   with any former time.

Cast your mind into it--as if you were
   the ancient mariner himself--
And let the line be carried deep
   and far from your sails of safety.

Listen for the voice of the albatross
   as it sings your love song homeward.

by David Brown |
Categories: humor, lost love, poets,

Pushkin's Shadow

She told me she loved Pushkin
and yet somehow, she loved me 
my gentle heart and purple prose
made her think of Mister P

Awash in florid idioms 
and romantic imagery,
my modest little poems
drew this blazing star to me

For her, I wrote of Helen
and the conquerors of Troy,
for her, I wrote of passion 
and of my unbridled joy

I poured my heart, my very soul
into each word and verse,
but genius is an albatross
of which I've not been cursed

Alas, I am no radical
and I'd never fought a duel,
so it wasn't long she saw my work,
provided little fuel

And so, the shadow of Eugene
eclipsed what I'd beguiled
and I retreated, as I would,
while Pushkin's ghost just smiled

by Dr. Upma A. Sharma |
Categories: betrayal, lost love,



Blackness in brimming day light
and heart sorely bled on my plight,
Abysmal love that I trusted found,
his pretense left me absolutely astound,

My thoughts are now so forlorn,
soul distressed and utterly torn,
Time swivelled joys to end in frown,
as whole world came toppling down,

As if drowning deep into lagoon of grief,
where empathy balm hurls no relief,
Yearning for one feigned embrace,
will evanesce every fraction of his image,

Flustered by the time's toss,
my esprit is merely an albatross.

Written Dec 2nd, 2015
For contest by Tommy boy

by Crystal Bellman |
Categories: life, love


This man is now the Albatross.
That hangs around my neck.
Into my life he came.
Now it`s a huge mighty wreck.
I don`t give him all the credit.
And take some of the blame.
While I was living my life.
He was playing a game.
He makes me rethink everything.
I have ever done.
Was I ever told the truth?
Or was it all pretend?
I feel so embarrassed.
I feel hurt and used.
I wonder what other women.
Knows what I've been through.
This man is now the Albatross.
That hangs around my neck.

by Kenneth Fordham |
Categories: adventure, fantasy, imagination

It Is Time

Looking in the mirror,
Who is it she sees?
Is it her?
No longer the young girl,
But someone more mature,
More grown up,
So very beautiful.
Loved by so many,
Love returned many times over,
Loves all with passion.
A crystal ball on her dresser,
Reflecting the past, the future, all.
A crystal vision, so clear,
But not for all to see.
The Albatross takes flight,
Wings spread wide open,
Drifting on winds currents,
A journey undertaken,
Coming for her.
It is time for a change,
Bring her to the one,
The one she is meant to be with.
They both have waited so long,

It is time

by Edward Babatunde |
Categories: angst, loss, philosophy, social, hate,


In our deepest despair,
When misfortune like an albatross
Swoops down on us,
We let them burn, 
All we love most...

When sore and unsure,
Separated from false strength
And all which gave false comfort,
We build brick walls...
Rather than bridges.

Yet we learn not
And hate that inborn impulse
To seek solace when hurt,
So we spurn true friends...
And hate our vulnerability.

by Mario Vitale |
Categories: anxiety, art,

A Flight of the Albatross

it starts as a baby alone
 then in no time it will roam
 searching for little minnows in its beak
 hunting and gathering
 in time spreading its wings
 taking flight at night to a distant land
 let me be the first to help you understand
 beautiful in it's colorization
 a break on a vacation
 flying ever higher then ever before

there a love does know
 how long of the flight of the Albatross
 this is no tragic loss
 drifting along the ocean shore flow
 lest i implore another opened door
 a loving bird as if you haven't heard
 higher and higher straight up will fly
 watch the Albatross soaring to ever new heights.
 forget the night and the day is far spent

by Catelyn Meeker |
Categories: absence, anger, betrayal, break up, conflict, dark, emotions,

Cold Girl

You are pretentious; I 
Am naive.

I don’t love you; I love
The idea of you that 
Arrests my throbbing brain.

Abuser, cheater, liar, snake.
You are rotten from the inside 
Out just like me. 

I buried myself six feet into the 
Dewy ground where worms crawl
Through the holes that once were 
Eyes, and I bang, bang against the 
Coffin because I forgot I’m
Still alive.

You albatross; you burden me 
With your incessant photographs
Of your precious, evolved life.

It could have been my life too.
I don’t love you...yet I do.

by Edward Babatunde |
Categories: introspection, life, people, philosophy, socialhate,


In our deepest despair
when misfortune's albatross
swoops down on us,
we let them burn... 
all we love most...

When sore and unsure
separated from false strength
and all which gave comfort,
We build brick walls...
Rather than bridges.

Yet we learn not
and hate that impulse
to seek solace when hurt,
we spurn true friends...
And hate our vulnerability.

by Tony Bush |
Categories: death, life, love, autumn,

The Solemn Wraith That Passes

The solemn wraith that passes, 
once a child whose life in stasis 
fell, cursed by the cruel kiss of fate, 
scuds as the Autumn clouds across 
the full moon of the grieving mind.

Disappearing as the Winter snows 
when Spring rain drills the grey repose, 
young victim of an adult hate, 
in memory you still bear the loss; 
each sorrowed thought serves to remind. 

The solemn wraith that passes, 
wept and shadowed like molasses, 
fixes at your throat an amulet 
and holds there fast the albatross, 
the cross-born love of womankind.

by Constance La France |
Categories: bird,

Albatross- An Effortless Flight With Barely a Wing Beat

Albatross An effortless flight with barely a wing beat, following ships for hours to eat. They love the windy swept sea, diving deep with glee. Protection, key direction. Stop spilled oil at sea! I send the whole world a plea, the fishing nets dragging, trap their feet. "an effortless flight with barely a wing beat" ___________________________ February 19, 2019 Poetry/Rhyme/Andaree/Albatross- An effortless flight with barely a wing beat Copyright Protected, ID 19-1116-387-02 All Rights Reserved. Written under Pseudonym. Andaree is a poetic form created by Andrea Dietrich of Poetry Soup.

by Freddie Robinson Jr. |
Categories: feelings, relationship, remember, sad love,

Regrets Unsaid

I wanted to say ... 
but I didn’t
Regrets unsaid
has my bowed head
leaving upon my barren ground
a trail of tears

I wanted to tell you ... 
but I foolishly didn’t
Contrition unsaid
is an albatross millstone
wrapped around my feeble legs
Pulling me to the depths
of a watery, unforgiven grave

I wanted to say ... 
but I didn’t
Regrets unsaid
are the mourning dove tears
of the living dead

by Hilo Poet |
Categories: analogy, beautiful, character, farewell, heart, inspiration, love,


At any proffered instant, implies love. Love stays consistent midst souls synergy. Offerings concerning depth, flights a dove. Heightens promptly per blazon glittery, Albatross compensation inwardly. Avarice charms enlighten, not consume, Lure some timeless, tempestuous heirloom. Wherein, the victor and victim cite one, Abreast wants, vies will and secure the Sun. Yonder Moon slides past where love must be sprung, Symptoms the seasons, love sheds age, e'er young. Format: ababb, ccddee Date: 08/16/2016

by Jane Vandoe |
Categories: appreciation, art, dream, fate, mentor, tribute, truth,

To Vincent

To Vincent... who will never know
The love I feel and cannot show
Of kaleidoscopes on linen snow

To Vincent... shaded as a fool
Whose isolation fractured rules
With genius crowned delusional

To Vincent... socially denied
Whose brilliance is immortalized
By majesty viewed through his eyes

To Vincent... dubbed an albatross
Who dwelled in dreams of splendor lost
Whose vision held a fatal cost

To Vincent... bathed in spectral light
Whose palette moved him to vast heights
Whose epic is A Starry Night

by Deb Wilson |
Categories: lost love

The Elegance of Not Knowing

There is something brewing
I can see it reflecting in the mirrors
Deep within all the smokescreens
I feel the albatross of inevitable conclusion
But you are still filling me up
Coloring my tightly contained world
With hungry words and intoxicating hope
I will paint up my face
Clothe myself in the best foot forward mode
And when you vanish without a trace
I'm likely to hear your voice in my dreams
See your face on my walls until
I know for sure what you really are
Know for sure who I am

by James Horn |
Categories: allegory, analogy,

Trump With No One and More

Trump With No One

He is hard to bare;
Trump with no one wants to share,
And is never fair.

James Horn

Jesus is without mildew or maybe much moss,
And even though might exist another albatross;
Even if being odd,
Still made by God; 
Many waves passed by which will turn and toss.

Jim Horn

Parrot grew up and then in teen 
Years having become obscene;
To our surprise,
Was really wise
Then got knocked on his bean.

Jim Horn

Were receiving child who was grieving,
And then after that had been leaving,
With all our love,
From high above;
God us to heaven He would be bringing.

Jim Horn