Love Poems About Adulation or Adulation Love Poems
by Valerie Staton |
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When We Found Love

I never imagined I’d feel this way,
Nor had I ever expected to see,
A gentle soul, one ordinary day,
Have, extraordinary love for me;

A mate I had asked the Savior to find,
After petitioning, He heard my plea,
Like stars in heaven, our hearts he aligned,
Adulation happened quite suddenly;

We conversed and began to realize,
Our meeting was not by happenstance,
We had prayed for love and God heard our cries,
Humbly implored and He gave us a chance;

We’d searched all over, except up above,
Sought help from the Lord, that’s when we found love.

by Ts Poetry |
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Outside the Webs of Reality

outside the webs of reality in mind, we weave interdimensional idiosyncrasies illusions of grandeur held taught freshly filtered in a clear blue sky I drown in your ointment pressed upon my forehead of knowledge bathing naked a scented candle of lust edging past the boundaries into your labyrinth carrying paradise becoming free inside the breeze a ballet of more than just a mirror we disappear into one another green meets blue refreshed and anew palms bow I pin you to the wall in adulation the cross about to fall

by Panagiota Romios |
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The Star That You Are

Seek ye not the adulation of the fickle crowd.

Seek ye first, your own soul's deep meaning.

Then, and only then will you be shining.

Like the star that you were meant to be,

All your love light, truly glimmering!

Panagiota Romios

by Mahtab Bangalee |
Categories: love, valentines day,

Valentine's Day

Let the birds of your soul fly in the continuous waves
With the wave after wave, let ultimate adulation come
Let the ark of tears be placed in the saintly white cloud
We're drawing our embraced in the blue blood of flowers 
So I want to hear again and again everyday - "I love you."

Long live our love in this everlasting Falguni day
Long live our love on this eternal spring day

Happy Valentine’s Day-2022

© Mahtab Bangalee
14 February, 2022

by Wilma Neels |
Categories: devotion, love

'merger of Hearts'

adulation our banner red little hearts and ribbons a carnival of our love a merger of hearts
Contest : Red HM

by Frederic Parker |
Categories: truth,

Man Needs Woman

Man needs woman to fill the empty space.
To comfort without hesitation.
To share gentle hands and their tender trace,
And love without wanton adulation.
To stand strong with their own thoughts, defiant
And be independent with their wishes.
Give their heart, never their soul compliant,
And end the soft lighted day with kisses.
Yes, man needs a woman of inner strength,
A companion to walk each road as one.
Travel the dire way no matter the length,
And measure each day under the sun.

To hold a woman of strength through time,
For her to find your love worthy, sublime.

contest Trashed 2 ..sponsor Broken Wings
Frederic Parker


by Muhadzis Ghafur |
Categories: lost love

Bring Me the Point of Being Adulation.

To love your lips, I earn some praise.
My tongue you dip, their laugh to raise.
Hunger without words, my feet drowned.
You strove in crowd; they left its frowned.
Consider me in bold revere.
Yet I have no gold heart severe.
For every jewel, you cover.
For beauty, I was not lover.

by Arijit Bhattacharya |
Categories: crush, emotions, fantasy, hyperbole, love, myth, sexy,

Your Body : My Beloved

Honey, I love you so much,
Your body is my beloved.
Your soft breasts filled with love and romance,
Go on alluring!
Your deep seductive curves
Steal my eyes all the time,
Are so so enthralling!
Your magical beauty which could even surpass that of Venus,
So so fascinating!
Your dark and deep eyes are so much enticing!
You are the queen of passion,
When you are bare breasted,
You just steal
My attention!

Your adulation is my strongest obsession,
Your broad hips and slender waist are my everlasting compulsion,
Oh Darling, you are my never-failing motivation.
You are so much loved,
Your body is the temple that is my beloved!

by Landor Angulo |
Categories: imagination, love, passion, me,

Dust Love


Awake at once and dismissing affection 
Your adulation, my crush-delight 
Idolatry, inclination, unfettered rapture 
I’m wild for worship 
Your light lashes move me, pull me in 
Anticipation, key 
Knots of wills and kiss me please 
Omission of echoes, inhale the ocean breeze 
Masked in bliss laced with vicious 
Black steel with harsh hot thrills and the 
Two barstools, waiting idly by

by Jan Harvey |
Categories: inspirational,

Wild, the Wind

A shooting star, glistening moon, and wild orchids....
Big hearts magnanimous of gesture and esteem
Winds subside with a moment of stillness.
Presage of dire restraint; beset these closed doors.
Allow a duration that spins above our heads.
Love transcends far beyond adulation and sullen affection.
Round the equation, exception its’ valor.
From a source of goodness, befalls true conquest.

2.12.08, rev 8.31.11  J.L.H.

by Nicole King |
Categories: introspection,

I, the Leviathan

‘Twas all thy impropriety,
For, I hung upon your neck,
Desecrating and withering away;
Wrenching you to your cessation.

In your breathe, all I can be,
Is a repugnant, vile leviathan.
Something so contemptible,
I’m merited to tribulation.

Contrite, I could never feel;
Not for you. Not ever.
Heedless, there’s too much to spare,
Within thy tormented subconscious.

And love nor adulation,
Could ever I bestow,
To any such a human,
Within this world a’ low.

by Nicole King |
Categories: love, love,

Twas Only Ever For You

For, in love and adulation,
I hold in you with adoration.
And your eyes hold thy heart,
But feel fate tells you never part,
With any other, even the one that's her.
That love shall never be as it were.
For, whence I found thee, twas a night in the faire,
Filth from me a' taken and replaced by love's air.
Though our love holds complications,
Of our our other facaded relations,
Leave I shall if leave you do,
And for eternal light and even darkness hod true,
Ever after for love twas only ever for you.

by Priscilla Cruz |
Categories: love

Adulation Born For Despondency Part V

With an agitated glance behind...
Your mind began revealing...
Quite and exaggerated illusions...
Mercilessly stressing the horrible inability of acceptance...
Far beyond the hushed ever-green forest...
I long, I yearn for the hour...
The I will be able to stand at your side yet again...
Because Music has no Melody nor Harmony....
If you do not desire it to be...
Please just look at me...
And tell me... 
What do you see..?

Para el nino que tiene mi coarzon y es mi mejor amigo..... Te Amo

by Priscilla Cruz |
Categories: love

Adulation Born From Despondency Part Iii

Watch as the stars embers fade into streaks of color,,,
From the lightest to the darkest shade...
The skies face splits open into a wide-eyes smile..
As it cries joyously down on you...
The crimson tone of your laughter rings loud and clearly...
You watch the water caress the Earth...
And slowly we return to our underground...
Life with you is all I ask...

by Ts Poetry |
Categories: love,

When Forces Collide

an enigma of adulation captured before release dressed down desert sand paraded, in once forgotten land makeup off of the monkey and rising moonbeams put aside eyes daring, dying only to see out past the distance where the water runs so free I can taste her in the salt-tease drying out for me promises, no promises ponderance where one gazes a pill of "what's it gonna be" a lifetime of surrender where desert never meets the sea or a morning blowing in amid songs of the red dawn riding an endless soothing breeze

by Priscilla Cruz |
Categories: love

Adulation Born From Desponcdency Part Iv

Beyond here...
Across there...
I have journyed for a vastless time....
Stopping, searching for a place for me to remain...
So long have I searched and asked...
When will  you finally see...
All that I have for you..?
For there is no other that I wish to see...
More than anything in this human domain...
I long for your tender embrace...

by Line Gauthier |
Categories: fantasy, happy, joy, love, passion, surreal, uplifting,


It’s a dreary rainy day for everyone but she
Her heart overflows with joyful sunshine
An effervescence she cannot contain
She glows with giddy infatuation

The way she saunters on rainbow clouds
Thirsting hungering craving
All while bursting at the seams
Impossible to hide her exhilaration

Caught in a whirlwind of disarray
Undeniable the power he has over her
Her justifiably warranted adulation
An intensity that refuses to subside
Its sorcery exquisite and sublime

AP: Honorable Mention 2020

Submitted on March 5, 2019 for contest FREE VERSE ON LOVE- 10 WORDS sponsored by LU LOO

by Priscilla Cruz |
Categories: lovestar, star,

Adulation Born From Despondency Part Ii

With every beat of my heart...
The rhythm of another soul matches the tempo...
As a song is born from two common people...
So shall their love withold...
I captured a star that danced by on a ribbon of light...
It's my gift to you...
So make a wish... 
And let that star shine through the Night...

by Priscilla Cruz |
Categories: love

Adulation Born From Despondency Part 1

I opened my arms and embraced the Moon...
I became intoxicated with the dream of the Arts...
Will anyone else share this life with me?
Tears of doubt trickle down from diamond eyes...
And the smile of an angel captures the last of my breath...
That beauty...
Is beyond mortal capabillity...

by Sneha Agarwal |
Categories: blessing, introspection, joy, vanity,

Fancy Free Soul

Glitzy and starry gets all the attention
Even the worth is no more a chaff
Everyone needs that loud attraction
Yet I sit here simply folding my arms
Holding myself from all pretension
Not to please one for false adulation
And I stand alone in this mad race
For I am a Fancy Free Soul…
Happy to be simply myself 
Wherever I go independence follows
No outer polish or decoration
The mirror of truth and satisfaction
I am a Fancy Free Soul…
Love me or Hate me I really don’t care
Fancy World can never understand
It’s difficult to be the one I am, I can
Living in a fancy world with fancy free smile.

For Fancy Free Contest.
Poem Title: "Fancy Free Soul" dates 3rd May 2017

by James Fraser |
Categories: love, passion


Shaped and pouting
In wanting touch
To join with he
Mm, touching such

Pink to red
Amidst blushes of desire
Her lips so sweet
Losing our attire

But still we meet
As our bodies mingle
Skin to skin
Undulations tingle

Surfing crests
Waves of sensation

To the shores we rock
Our sheets we roll
Lips in sync
Soul to soul

Our moment of relish
Loves sweet taste
Tongues rejoice
Face to face

by Arijit Bhattacharya |
Categories: kiss, love, lust,

Au Natural Ardour

Au Natural Ardour
We are in deep embrace,
Our lips deeply kiss each other,
Ah, fragrance emanating from your body so so seductive
This is oh
Au natural ardour!
Your caressing touch in my hair,
Slowly blowing the air
Whistles in my ear,
Love is in the air!
The sun sets in the far horizon,
Still I feel the soft touch of your breasts
Pressed against my chest,
Our hearts are filled with love and love,
Romance and adulation,
Against each other
No resentments we harbour,
This is our
Au Natural Ardour!!

by Adell Foster |
Categories: love, heart, heart, love,

He Sweetly-Chides.

Good-naturedly, he sweetly-chides 
His heart bears my flirtatious side 
With adulation, I’m well pleased.
My love, awaits I am at peace-

My soul, desires his special touch
I love his being very much.
Mine heart leaps with joy I’m at ease
My love, awaits I am at peace-

His love for me he never hides,
Yes, I will keep him by my side 
May his sweet kiss never decrease…
My love awaits I am at peace

Good-naturedly, he sweetly chides 
my love, awaits I am at peace-

by Sotto Poet |
Categories: allusion, appreciation, beauty, happiness, inspirational love,

Nature and Adulation

The petals had spread out in response to the light. Pay heed to the timberland in your mind for melodies. Glance at exquisite first light with a feeling of serenity. Feelings are akin to fluffy wings that can soar over the sky. The sight gleamed as if it were lauding itself anew. Our adoration center was quiet and warm in its sense.
Second Place Contest Winner Written: July 13, 2021 Bite Size Poem No12 Poetry Contest Sponsored by: Line Gauthier

by Lisa Parfiniuk |
Categories: love, passion, people,


The whispering cadence of a gentle breeze,
Over tawny mountains and twin peaks,
A plunging cleft opening to a sweet ravine,
Uncultivated landscapes of sensuous dreams,
There is a cosmic pause in time
At one climactic moment,
Where the sun meets the moon,
During their deliberate ascent and decline.
A lover’s knot is formed,
An abstract shadow undefined,
Embracing each eclipsing moment,
Reverent of primal forces that bind.
The tender stroke of temperate hands,
Over the pure and quaking earth,
This place deserving of clandestine worship,
A lover’s adulation finds rebirth.