Love Poems About Acclimation or Acclimation Love Poems
by Gerald Dillenbeck |
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Red Sky Dawning

We already can notice
dawn unfolds a warm greeting 
of renewing hope,
a liturgical invocation,
not just because that's the way our Earth revolves
around that Other,
too hot and terror-powerful burning Sun,
and not just because we feel this way inside
our polypathic minds,
but because of both
yang-yin bilaterally interdependent
creolizing languaged reasons
of Self with Other
nondual co-arising Earth's double-binding humane-divine acclimation,
natural-spiritual binomial balancing
revolutionary ego/ecologically systemic
EarthMind InspiringNature.

by David Waldrop |
Categories: baptism, character, courage, emotions, humanity, inspiration, perspective,

Matthew 18:20 Time and Eternity

Matthew 18:20
Time and Eternity.
"Eternity" represents an unending future of blessings, happiness and Love.
"Time" represents the countdown to choose Love or Hate which is the ultimatum of the Dove.
Yeshua our King & Abba Yah's names and the morality of their identity is the sanity of Love's Harmony.
The very location of the foundation within the Cornerstone of Creation is found within the spirits precipitation of spiritual illumination. Before every conversation Self-evaluation and examination provides the acclimation of Love's Hydration and Hate's Starvation.