Love Poems About Acclamation or Acclamation Love Poems
by Stephen Pennell |
Categories: fun, love,


Bring your saucy smile that spark in your eye 
give me sanctuary from satans hell
just that smile and a twinkle in your eye
I'm sent soaring into seventh heaven 

conjure magic spells, and charms that you weave 
my imaginations dreams delivered
no magicians magic wands need waving 
just an acclamation of love desired 

succumb now and save my suffering soul
Raise a white flag and surrender your whole
don't be wondering should I show resolve
No harm in surrender love is the goal 

Surrender your body  your heart and soul
when cupids arrow hits body and soul

comp entry 05/08/2016

by John Freeman |
Categories: loveearth,

"love's Reign"

As former things must, they do, pass away
Thus heaven and earth created anew
Doves of peace soar above, forbidden fruit
Let truth soar, arise into celestial blue

Cut asunder clay forms, of serpent fiction
By fire of creation, fiction's formation
Equality, left of fact, new earth in balance
New life rejoice, in holy acclamation
Out of water's strife, new dedication of life
The city, serpent’s whore, shall be no more
City of light be in spite, of serpent's plight
Love sons for ever more sail, celestial shore

For: Phoenix Rising
Sponsored by: Carolyn Devonshire
Placed #2

by Mark King |
Categories: devotion, hope, life, love, sad,

To Be Us

You didn't answer
when I called,
but it didn't change
a thing.
I know 
you are there
stuck in your moments 
of dispair,
lost in the decadence
life throws at you.
I'm still here
gaining in my moments
of acclamation
found in the kudo's
life can give to you.
Time goes on
with or without you,
but its not enough
to keep love away.
Though it all
we wait
for a time
to be us.