Love Poems About Acclaiming or Acclaiming Love Poems
by Seren Roberts |
Categories: animal, words,

If I Were An Elephant

If I was an elephant
I would lift my head
Send the sound of trumpets worldwide
Acclaiming peace in the land.

My trumpeting sound would attract
My young friends to come and sit with me
Tell me their troubles and thoughts
Knowing my wise old head would steer them 

To be as I am
I tread carefully, so as not too destroy
I remember words of command to do my duty
To love and forgive, make the world a better place
To be able to sit and relax, reflecting all.

I remember that size doesn’t matter
The feelings inside you do
Love the world, help others to do so
This is how I would be…..if I was an elephant

penned 9/12/2016