Love Poems About Acclaimed or Acclaimed Love Poems
by Dalila Agtani |
Categories: love

Longing To See You


I’ve climbed patiently this far
Over the heap of piebald years
To have even a twinkling glimpse
Of your acclaimed effulgent face
A flitting moment to me bestowed
Enough to send my spirit leaping
Among the daisies in the morning sun
When time are short for squirt of joy.

by Brian Strand |
Categories: art, tribute,

Prb Visual Vanities

beauty acclaimed
  of love locked out
palettes in 
   meretricious effect
      the sensual
with intense
ethereal brilliance

   singleness of heart
in the truth
   beauty &symmetry
a gilded tapestry

image of woman
  a creative

         arts sake
in epic

by Olajide Shadipe |
Categories: love,

Ode To Nora


Never been encountered, 

desire so much desired

On the verge of being so wanted, 

attractiveness becomes attraction

Ravished at natures’ skills, 

compatibility made so compatible

Acclaimed with the right appeal, 

lust turns to love!

by Choene Alley Semenya |
Categories: first love,

First Date

Through the restaurant what joyous day,
Just because in the noonday
I’ve an enchanting first date to go!
I have got love to grow,
All as quick and all as cordial;
Yet everyone cares at all for my congenial
Girlfriend. She can drink but half a content,
Yet that slight thimbleful’s a moment
To all the drinks that I can drink,
In the shortest winter’s brink.
She cannot grimace, yet if she smiles
With imitating action out on tiles,
As if she thought she were best,
It’s acclaimed more than my topmost test.

by Jay Del Fierro |
Categories: forgiveness, hope

Why Hast Thou Forgotten...

Children of Adam...
why hast thou forgotten
reverential love besoughten ?

Upright ye walk,
but now downtrodden
foresaken art thou due allotted...

Material pleasures hamper thee
render thee,I so implore,
explore,absorb this natural splendor
temporary vanities beauty,
...memories acclaimed adore,
trees doth beareth fruit aplenty
water floweth wholesome freely
honey sweetened colors bloom
silken lustre natures loom....

What must be done
dear children of Adam,
why hast thou forgotten ?

by Joe Dimino |
Categories: devotion, faith, inspirational, introspection, poetry, wisdom, writing,

Come Clean

Come clean
even the wisest of us
at least once has made
wish to a star

even the most skeptical
has called to a god
when feeling lost
hopelessly adrift
from a path of truth
having strayed too far

even those surest of love
have felt a twitch of jealousy
doubted in one's own gleams,
too well knowing the attraction
of younger and seemingly
far brighter beams

even an acclaimed writer
has read other's marvelous verse
thinking better works inconceivable
no finer declarations achievable
and wondered
if poetry always a soaring soulful gift
or as much a spirit sinking curse

by Ts Lewis |
Categories: poetry, writing,

Acclaimed Poet

The unacclaimed poet broke it down like this: if your words cause their eyes to fill with tears and stretches their imagination beyond comprehension; if it promotes a desire to love as if they're carrying a Christ like burden and still makes them want to nail themselves against all that is wrong just to make it right; if  it creates a tingling way down where the soul sits snuggly on top of all that matters, then write. No other recognition is needed. Many books are written, but few words are shelved on the hearts of those you love like your words.

by Marissa Faries |
Categories: depression,

So Close, Yet So Faraway

Love that you found someone for yourself.
Hate that you're often becoming further away
From me instead of anyone else...

Why should I be there for others
When no one is here or there for me?
I have already acclaimed how lonely I am.

Yet nothing else, but this same path,
Is willing to change.
Not that I am incapable of making friends...

I just intuitively know who is genuine
By the sound of their voice and words.
A voice within a voice once had spoke to me.

Asked for something from me...
I've given it to you ever since:
A loyal, close-yet-faraway bond.

Same for you, same for me;
That eternal fondness is there.
Yet somedays it feels so scarce.

by Jarred Neibel |
Categories: love, beauty, beauty,

Who Is She

I wish a kiss upon your heart with unconditional love my compassionate part.
Dance oh beauty in my head as i sleep, awaken the power of destiny i seek.
Can i hold you closely and be your hero entirely?
Conversate honestly and laugh tirelessly.
- a miracle on mystery lane,her beauty un acclaimed ,destined by determinations 
i wish her here to conquer my pain.
Take my hand and walk away.

by Amber Moultry-Harrison |
Categories: conflict, desire, love,


You remind me of a time 
When our love was a treasure 
Like the finest aged wine 
Unsure of your intentions 
Because you failed to mention 
What we are to each other 
I know you don’t want to 
Just my big brother 
Where do we go from here 
I’ve been waiting for 
An entire two years
Your actions speaks 
Of a different circumstance 
When all I wanted you to do 
Is candidly take my hand 
But I see it’s not our season
And you keep giving me 
Vacated gestures 
Without any reason 
All of this is vanity 
Please give me back my sanity
So I can be free 
To go on with my life 
And obliterate the connection 
To the acclaimed forbidden tree

by Pat Adams |
Categories: conflict, fantasy, judgement, storm, violence, woman,


As raging seas reach a blustering boil
Gloomy, dark clouds construct a squall
Her eyes appear as furious fire
Stubbornly oblivious, to it all

So harshly evicted from her home
Burned into her a symbol and shamed 
For an evil bed of lies thrown forth
By he who's love, was once acclaimed

With a loaded musket, by her side
She prays her aim to be most true
Redemption in the form of blood
His demise, and naught else would do

He selfishly counts his ill gained bounty 
As she gives her wolf partner a nod
Her assailants demeanor will rightly change
When she exposes his blood and facade!

by Caren Krutsinger |
Categories: 10th grade, 11th grade, 12th grade, woman, women,

Lady T

Lady T is a wildly acclaimed peacock dancer, in gay Paree’
Most of us whistle and stamp as she writhes with glee
She is risqué and unique, and shows us lots of beautiful skin
It is 1923, so this tells you the kind of times we are in.

We love seeing this woman, she makes our blood rise.
Everyone is clamoring to get tickets, no big surprise.
Wait a second! One guy yells. I think I know Lady T.
It is his little sister, so he rushes the stage to cover thee.