Love Poems About Accidents or Accidents Love Poems
by Jeffrey Lee |
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Imagine That

If there was no crime
No hurry for time
No genocide
No homicide
If there was no mothers burying their sons
If mankind didn't invent guns
If schools still had prayer
If everybody recognize Jesus Christ as our savior
If there was love and respect
No hate between white and black
No homeless
No loneliness
No wars
No rich or poor
No accidents or disasters
If man only served one master (God)
Imagining is good for all it's worth
Heaven is definitely not planet earth

by Stephen Pennell |
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Hope Not Hate

Its not the colour of your  skin
Or the place of your birth
Its the fire in your heart
And the love in  your soul

Your blood will run red
And your tears will be wet
All men are born equal
Never ever forget 

Cast of your chains
Stand tall and be proud
We are all accidents of creation
Not the place of our birth

Pick up your banners
Shout loud and be clear
Theres no place for hatred 
Lets Have hope not hate in your heart .

comp entry 29/10/2017

by Ayla Hughes |
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Waiting For Forever

we were always friends 
but as always it ends
i thought i was in love with you 
and i didn't know quite what to 
i dropped all kinds of hints
 but every time  felt like 
being friends was never enough
 And i knew life was  gonna 
be tough
 but i knew i what i wanted
im willing to wait for forever 
even if it ends-up meaning for 
you moved away 
and i really don't know what 
quite to say
now your gone 
and i am no longer so strong 

i need u 
but i can wait 
even if it means waiting,
 waiting for never

by Anne-Lise Andresen |
Categories: humorous, love,

- Work Accidents -

Drying its wings and held arrows chasing

As a racer, always on the move

Thinking of effect and cause ... everything has its price

Never shoot arrows in headwind

To beat the blue grass ~ the golden arrows

Work accidents with consequences

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

by Christa Brown |
Categories: urban

Gary, Indiana

Gary, Indiana is the town where I grew up
Aftermath of gang battles designed our streets
Rage, rap, and rivalry were the three R’s that we learned at school
Yet, this was my hometown, the town where I grew up

In the town where I grew up
Non-violence was considered a thing of the past
Drug dealers and female callers assembled at each corner as men back when 
gathered to march
In the town where I grew up
Adolescents were just first round picks for growing gangs
Neighborly love and peace was out of the question
Accidents and incidents were a regular occurrence in this town yet nevertheless this 
was my town, the town where I grew up

by Millard Lowe |
Categories: fate, heartbreak, irony, love, metaphor, pain, word play,

Life, Love, and Heartbreak

Love twisted my mind
and left my heart in shambles.
But whose fault was it?
Life is full of accidents;
can this be true of heartbreak?

by Jeremy Street |
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There Are No Accidents, Hagar

It always seems as though, the first line holds this key....
Creating a moment it's poetic course yet, rarely, be she thus
Adrift about his isles desert dunes like Ishmael, an outcast; tides
These ebbs in flows to scrutinize their Archer's bow ? Zodiac's montage.

by Victoria Cormier |
Categories: sad

Child Abuse

I've been hearing so much about child abuse;
  and it makes me feel so angry and sad,
  How could anyone hurt these little children;
  most of all, how could their Mom's and Dad's.
  These children must feel so lost and scared;
  not knowing what they've done wrong,
  all they want is to love and be loved;
  they can't fight back, you're too strong.

  So stop, please don't hurt them anymore;
  all they really want is to please you,
  Their little mistakes and accidents are bound to happen;
  They're not perfect, but neither are you!

by Masereka Amos |
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Nature of History

In time, days, months to years

Is the failure of relationships
In January to July to December

And the shallow of rivers
In July, August to September

The destruction by earthquakes
In January, February to December

The reshuffle of accidents
In lakes, roads and in air

The manufacture of acids, guns, and robots
In laboratories, industries and employment areas

The color of rainbows
Blue, green, grey

The personality of people
Conceited, gloomy, temperamental

The training of soldiers, students, and also religions
In academy, schools and institutes

The birth of children
Over years and years all over the world

The truth of lies
In homes, schools up to work places

by Tom Bell |
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Just One Or Two More Tiny Tidbits of Nonsense

I used to be bisexual....but then I ran out of money and couldn't buy it anymore.
I just bought a 12 pack of cold pills- they should last forever!!  I can't open the 
da_m things!!
When all else fails, you're up sh_t's creek!
I "souped up" my van-  I wrote poetry all over it.  Caused 6 accidents in 2 days- 
seems others have lost concentration trying to read them at 60MPH.
Thanx to all the soup-freaks I've come to know and love-  keep up the good 
work...or, if ya can aford it, hire a ghost-writer.  Just make sure he's not merely 

by Joel Thornton |
Categories: loneliness, longing, lost love, lust, sorrow, endurance,


Love. Unrequited , unacted.
In torture
A prison of the soul
An endurance campaign
Cold war tactic
A bottomless hole
Juggernaut winds. Chaotic rain
My persistence, in text, now sent
Driven insane
Infinite distance
Confused -	no kiss	-	No answer
And still no end
No incidents or accidents
Not one happy coincidence
Just privacy
Lonesome sick sense
That this romance
A travesty
deny a first or last chance.

by Kristin Gregoire |
Categories: confusion, death, dedication, depression, devotion, friendship, girlfriend-boyfriend, life, loss, lost love, love, mystery, lost, lost,


I've fallen apart inside
          My saddness is hard to hide, 
        I got an overwhelming headache
      from my devestating heartbreak
        I feel sick and lost because I lost someone I love,
       Feeling like I'm living the worst nightmare you could ever think of.
                     It's critical the way I feel
          It's a deep pain that can never be healed
                         I just wanna runaway
           Somewhere very far to see a brighter day
                     Just know accidents causes heartbreaks
          I lost someone so real never fake.
           He's in heaven now because only the best God will take.

by Ts Lewis |
Categories: absence, class, father, feelings, sound,

Love Untold

In my father's eyes
 I see hope rise. 
Steps towards heaven
 taken on cloudy days
 Remembering  God
 still paves the way 
His hand brushing dirt
from my knees during 
tricycle accidents 
How did I not see 
all the love he's had for me? 
Now I understand
witnessing my own 
become men. 
In my father's eyes
 I see what I should've known 
all   along 
A father's love goes beyond 
what eyes can behold
and even the sentiments
 that he leaves unsaid. 
In my father's eyes, 
I see love untold...

by Johnny Rhinem |
Categories: art, baby, cancer, love,

Glimpsing Again Into Babylon

This child can barely stand it all these pathetic images of....
You and I know you were made such a way there is no accidents
Within your wayward design ? Although many other not so bright as
Fallon, are trying to capitalize upon their own blind eyes lost in long ago
Perceptions yet the irony may some how seem this light laced day ?
America, you are a disease

                                         ...."In Progress." *

by Kelly Iravo |
Categories: lost love,


This story is sad,
I never knew it might end, this bad,
Accepting all this I find it hard,
To the extend my fingers can't touch the pad.
Did this in my mind, ever ring?
Did I ever think, this you might bring?
All I knew is that we would cling,
And this we would, to our best, sing.

I thought I was that clever,
And this I knew we would take it to, forever,
And accidents I thought would be never,
But now I see, you are mine, never.

by Warren Curle |
Categories: addiction, blessing, dedication, encouraging, judgement, people, world,

Modern Knight

People Rarely see you protect us from the gangs
 the killers of the innocent 
People Rarely see you protect us from the drugs
the dealers or the pusher scum 

People Rarely talk of the accidents and carnage
People Rarely talk of your heroic rescue or deeds or 
The small child or mother you saved 

People love to talk about the murder, the mayhem, 
the loss of innocence
People love this talk but rarely but you in a good light 
or a positive way

People love to talk and whisper about a television made 
World of police and law and order
People love to talk but forget what you really mean, 
For you are the true Knight of the modern day.

by Matthew Anish |
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Lines Written While Watching Tv News

Keeping up with what is happening in the city 
Murders, car accidents continue to plague us 
  But there are some hopeful signs 
   The arts are flourishing 
Poetry, sculpture, paining, theater 
   are all coming forth 
These revive tge spirit 
    give us hope I the
face of darkness
    All ethnicities live through their cultures
      In New York city they blend together
And form an amalgam of peace and love

by Stacy Stiles |
Categories: husband, introspection, life, lost love, visionary,


Lucky for me,
fortunate for you.
We found our destiny,
intentions so true!

Chances we took,
accidents on cue.
Caressing so cautious,
words misconstrued!

Our fate bound,
our luck running out.
Careless we whisper,
outcome in doubt!

Is this coincidence,
meeting by chance?
I never felt the karma,
of love at first glance!!

by David Smith |
Categories: addiction, age, angel, best friend, blessing, hope, love,

Ode To Spontaneity

Farewell spontaneity my friend,
You have served me well,
But alas it will soon be time for you to leave us.

With Spontaneous applause long dead to all but a few,
Unplanned trips accidents waiting to happen,
Visits even to friends unannounced, no guarantee of a boiling kettle,
And too long sitting on a couch making a spontaneous move unlikely,
Your future looks bleak indeed.

Before you go,
Could you do me one last favour,
And give me a second opinion on my grandson,
As I think I have noticed a spark within him you could still ignite,
So your farewell party can be put off once more,
As life would be too boring without you.

by Justin Debrosse |
Categories: caregiving

New Birth

Life springs unplanned
Her child 3 months resting
A glow in her eye, she reveals
The hidden destiny

What of love?
The birth is a problem
Doesn't fit this year's projections
Uneasy boyfriend shuffle and exchange
Rearrange, displace, and fret
What to do now?

Life continues unburdened 
Accidents all the same

by Enock Sang |
Categories: care, child, courage, hope, tribute, vanity, world,


Children are dying due to accidents,
Bomb blasts are taking precious souls at an early time,
Too many tears shed, 
Cries, mourning, weeping and lamentations,
Who are to defend those who need protection?
The world is harsh and the inhabitants are at a supremacy battle,
God, will a time of peace ad laughter come?
I yearn for love regardless of our origins,
My soul breaks since humanity is against each other.
Tell me of a better place where I can go and meditate,
A place where love and peace is universal,
A place where kindness heal those who are troubled,
For a moment, I'll hold onto that dream.

by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen |
Categories: character,

Driving Anger

Anger and love 
The two vehicles in traffic 
Taking the long route of life
Anger overtaking love the case 
That’s going to end up in accidents 
Love to proceed forward 
A safe incident

by Christopher Quigley |
Categories: poetry,

I Never Had Enough Hate For Myself

to waste it on anyone else
all the reflections
are just accidents
dust on mirrors
a finger swipe away
watching the numb eat its way through the pain
one jagged mouthful at a time
rowed rows of sorrowful sorrows
watch hope hop away
with an inflateable unicorn as its horse
Pity was spiteful as it spat in my face
Fear stood in the shadows
a glint of light
alley cats cheekbone
Slapped from love to love
right or wrong
is there a wrong choice
The ghosts i bring to the afterlife
will fill it to its limit
all my likes aren't human
death to all
hope the cats and dogs reign

by John Loving Iii |
Categories: epic

How I Do It

calm cool and collective
i'm the best there is
confident and proud
my God has made me
great at a few things
people admire
and i love being good
i learned from my mistakes
my car accidents
my almost burning the
house down
my words that hurt that 
i cant take back
my denial of God
when i was a child
but things are different now
i have courage
for i'm not afraid
to fight and lose
i have faith
the greatest weapon 
that i could use
i have love
the greatest gift
that man can give
and i have hope
in man and God
that this is how i'll 
always live

by Kaveh Afrasiabi |
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Love Corrects

We contemplated a future without fear and envy,
and now you're gone;
fear no longer the evils and the burdens of life;
love is stronger than death.

You taught me that life is fair and how to
walk ahead of it, keep my forehead high,
surrounded by your love.
We will live, we will die, triumphant in love;
You and I, without end and without remorse.

We never counted the dangers, faithful heart.
What did the sickness, accidents, and frosts matter?
Neither you nor I tried to correct life's mistakes.
Go now, hand in hand with God, who corrects all.